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Feb 14, 2018

3:02 pm - Jason Statham In Talks For Action/Thriller Killer’s Game (Screen Rant)

4:53 am - Shazam Movie Trailer, Cast, Every Update You Need To Know (Screen Rant)

3:24 am - Wonder Woman Earns HBO Its Best Film Premiere Ratings in Two Years (Screen Rant)

Feb 13, 2018

6:34 pm - The New Rampage Trailer Lets Dwayne Johnson Team Up With The Giant Ape (Cinema Blend)

6:24 pm - ‘Rampage’ Trailer: Dwayne Johnson Brings Big Arms and Big Monsters to the Big Screen (Slashfilm)

5:30 pm - The New Rampage Trailer Featuring Dwayne Johnson (Coming Soon)

5:23 pm - 'Rampage' Trailer: Dwayne Johnson Wants to Save His Friend, A Giant Skyscraper-Climbing Ape (Screen Crush)

5:19 pm - Rampage’s Spoiler-Filled Trailer Explains Monsters’ Origins (CBR)

5:08 pm - Dwayne Johnson Battles a Flying Wolf in New Rampage Trailer (Screen Rant)

2:30 am - Lobo Screenwriter Hopes to Capture Comic Character’s Spirit (Screen Rant)

1:02 am - Lobo Screenwriter Teases Which Comic Book Run the Film Will Adapt (CBR)

Feb 12, 2018

5:01 pm - Shazam! Is the DCEU’s Perfect Chance to Perfect Its ‘Fun’ Formula (CBR)

1:01 pm - Asher Angel Shares New Photo From Shazam Set (Screen Rant)

Feb 11, 2018

4:39 pm - Fifty Shades Climax Tops Global Box Office with $136.9 Million (Coming Soon)

2:03 am - Arrow’s Colton Haynes Might Be Teasing DCEU Nightwing Role (Screen Rant)

Feb 10, 2018

7:01 pm - 15 Unbelievably Bad TV Spinoffs (Screen Rant)

12:49 pm - Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Digital and Blu-ray Release Details (Coming Soon)

Feb 9, 2018

9:10 pm - Universal Lands ‘Red Notice’ in Fierce Bidding War, Earning Star Dwayne Johnson a $20 Million Payday (Slashfilm)

8:49 pm - Dwayne Johnson Action/Comedy Red Notice Lands at Legendary (Screen Rant)

4:58 pm - Prepare for Another Dwayne Johnson Action Thriller With 'Red Notice' (Screen Crush)

4:36 pm - Universal, Legendary Nab Red Notice with Dwayne Johnson (Coming Soon)

3:26 pm - Universal, Legendary Land ‘Red Notice’ After Ferocious Auction For Dwayne Johnson Vehicle (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:34 pm - Michael Bay Actually Wants to Cut Lobo Movie’s Budget (CBR)

12:30 am - Daily Podcast: Joker Casting, Fast & Furious Director, Annihilation Reactions, Venom Trailer & More (Slashfilm)

12:18 am - Michael Bay Can Only Direct Lobo If High Production Budget Is Cut (Screen Rant)

Feb 8, 2018

8:59 pm - Michael Bay Being Considered to Direct DC’s Lobo Movie (Screen Rant)

8:44 pm - Michael Bay Circling Warner Bros.’ Lobo Movie (CBR)

3:28 pm - Dwayne Johnson Eyes Big Payday for Action/Comedy Red Notice (Screen Rant)

3:00 pm - Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Fast and Furious’ Spin-Off Eyes ‘Deadpool 2’ Director David Leitch (Slashfilm)

2:01 am - The Fast And The Furious Spinoff May Have Found Its Director (Cinema Blend)

1:29 am - Dwayne Johnson’s Fast & Furious Spinoff Eyeing Deadpool 2 Director (CBR)

12:54 am - Deadpool 2 Director David Leitch in Talks for Fast & Furious Spinoff (Coming Soon)

12:50 am - ‘Deadpool 2’ Director David Leitch Frontrunner For ‘Fast And Furious’ Spinoff (Deadline|Hollywood)

Feb 7, 2018

9:27 pm - ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Worldwide Opening Weekend Will Steam Franchise Past $1 Billion – B.O. Preview (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:46 pm - Rob Gronkowski May Retire From the NFL to Act in Movies (Screen Rant)

4:02 am - The Girl in the Spider’s Web Casts Stephen Merchant (Screen Rant)

3:53 am - Science Nerds Shred The Rock’s Skyscraper Movie Poster Jump (Screen Rant)

Feb 6, 2018

11:21 pm - Dwayne Johnson Will Show Off Muscles In New TV Show, Watch His Inspiring Announcement (Cinema Blend)

9:42 pm - The Internet Is Having A Lot Of Fun With Dwayne Johnson's Impossible Skyscraper Jump (Cinema Blend)

8:34 pm - Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Sequel Already in the Works (CBR)

7:30 pm - ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ Sequel Enlists ‘Venom’ Screenwriters (Slashfilm)

6:38 pm - 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle' Writers – and Everyone Else – Returning for Sequel (Screen Crush)

6:16 pm - A Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle Sequel Is In The Works (Cinema Blend)

5:29 pm - Jumanji 3 Enlists Writers Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinker (Coming Soon)

4:56 pm - Scott Rosenberg & Jeff Pinkner To Write ‘Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle’ Sequel (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:52 pm - Dwayne Johnson Still Involved With Shazam! Movie, At Least As a Producer (CBR)

2:43 pm - The 'Shazam' Movie Is Officially in Production, Without Dwayne Johnson (Screen Crush)

12:16 am - Shazam! Gets Official Synopsis; Dwayne Johnson Executive Producing (Screen Rant)

12:07 am - Conan the Barbarian TV Series From Ryan Condal, Miguel Sapochnik & Warren Littlefield In Works At Amazon (Deadline|Hollywood)

Feb 5, 2018

11:55 pm - Production Begins on New Line Cinema’s Shazam! (Coming Soon)

7:17 pm - The Biggest Sony Franchises That Could Go Up For Sale (Screen Rant)

6:34 pm - Jumanji Just Matched Impressive Titanic Box Office Record (Screen Rant)

3:22 pm - NBC to Launch The Titan Games with Dwayne Johnson (Coming Soon)

2:30 pm - The Best Super Bowl LII Trailers & Promos, Ranked (CBR)

2:09 pm - YouTube Super Bowl Ad Views Up 16%, With Amazon Alexa Most Watched (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:01 pm - Weekend Box Office: 'Jumanji' Topples a 'Titanic' Box Office Record (Screen Crush)

7:19 am - ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Spurs Chatter; ‘Jurassic World’ Hooks Most Views: Super Bowl Movie Spots On Social Media (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:33 am - ‘The Titan Games’ Physical Competition Series With Dwayne Johnson Set At NBC (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:32 am - ‘This Is Us’ Cast On Secrecy Surrounding Jack Pearson Episode: ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:25 am - Jimmy Fallon Channels Bob Dylan In Live Post-Super Bowl Show: “#TimesUp, Our Silence We’re Breaking” (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:19 am - Watch the Skyscraper Trailer Featuring Dwayne Johnson! (Coming Soon)

3:30 am - 17 Actors Made Younger With Crazy CGI (Screen Rant)

3:22 am - Super Bowl LII: Eagles Beat Patriots, 41-33, Win Their First Lombardi Trophy (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:40 am - Jeff Goldblum Recreates Iconic ‘Jurassic Park’ Scene in Jeep’s Super Bowl Ad — Watch (Indiewire)

2:30 am - ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Review: ‘The War Without, the War Within’ Sets the Stage for A Potentially Insane Season Finale (Indiewire)

2:28 am - Dwayne Johnson Literally On The Edge In ‘Skyscraper’: Super Bowl Spot (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:13 am - ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Super Bowl Trailer: There Sure Are a Lot of People in This Damn Movie — Watch (Indiewire)

12:25 am - Yes, Dwayne Johnson Leaps Into a Burning Building In New Skyscraper Trailer (CBR)

12:21 am - Dwayne Johnson's Skyscraper Super Bowl Trailer Comes With A Fun Twist (Cinema Blend)

12:20 am - Dwayne Johnson's Super Bowl 'Skyscraper' Spot Is Friggin' Nuts (Screen Crush)

12:16 am - Dwayne Johnson is Fired Up in Skyscraper Super Bowl Spot (Coming Soon)

12:15 am - Skyscraper Super Bowl TV Trailer: The Rock Must Save His Family (Screen Rant)

12:13 am - ‘Skyscraper’ Trailer: The Rock Totally Isn’t to Blame for That Very Tall Building Catching Fire — Watch (Indiewire)

12:12 am - ‘Skyscraper’ Super Bowl Spot: The Rock vs. Big Buildings (Slashfilm)

Feb 4, 2018

8:05 pm - Jumanji Box Office: Holy Crap, Welcome To The Jungle Is Number One Again (Cinema Blend)

6:33 pm - ‘Jumanji’ Raises Game To $856M WW, $503M Overseas; ‘Greatest Showman’ Tops $150M – International Box Office (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:31 pm - Jumanji Recaptures First Place and Winchester Opens in Third (Coming Soon)

3:01 am - 15 Superhero Movies You Didn’t Know Were Confirmed For 2020 (Screen Rant)

1:59 am - Deadpool 2 Writer Confirms No Super Bowl Ad (Screen Rant)

Feb 3, 2018

7:01 pm - 16 Stars Who Turned Their Castmates Against Them (Screen Rant)

3:15 pm - Super Bowl 2018’s Most-Likely Trailer Debuts (CBR)

1:48 am - New Rainbow Six: Siege Season 3 Content Is Out Of This World (Cinema Blend)

Feb 2, 2018

11:00 pm - Shots Fired: 15 BTS Feuds That Almost Ended Blockbuster Franchises (CBR)

9:35 pm - Is It Too Late To Make This Tom Cruise And Dwayne Johnson Team Up Movie Happen? (Cinema Blend)

8:00 pm - Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Skyscraper’ Poster is Glorious and Utterly Ridiculous (Slashfilm)

6:20 pm - Dwayne Johnson Leaps Into a Burning Building in 'Skyscraper' Poster (Screen Crush)

5:08 pm - Dwayne Johnson in the Skyscraper Poster and Trailer Tease (Coming Soon)

3:58 pm - Watch Dwayne Johnson Tease Horrible Destruction In Skyscraper Footage (Cinema Blend)

3:49 pm - ‘Winchester’ Loads $615K On Thursday Night (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:30 pm - Watch Every Super Bowl 52 Movie & TV Trailer (Screen Rant)

Feb 1, 2018

6:57 pm - Driver Mows Down Cop 'Reenacting' Fast And Furious Scene (Cinema Blend)

4:55 pm - 'Skyscraper' Teaser: Something Tells Me This Building Won't Last Long (Screen Crush)

3:09 pm - Dwayne Johnson’s Skyscraper Teaser Confirms Super Bowl Sunday Trailer (Screen Rant)

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