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Sep 23, 2017

10:18 pm - ‘Star Wars’: Ron Howard Shares “Dangerous And Desperate” Photos From Han Solo Movie Set (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:23 pm - Ron Howard Teases ‘Desperate and Dangerous Times’ in Han Solo Pic (Coming Soon)

Sep 22, 2017

11:05 pm - Arnold Schwarzenegger Says the Next 'Terminator' Will Ignore 'Genisys' Completely (Screen Crush)

8:02 pm - 15 Han Solo Movie Rumors That Will Blow You Away (Screen Rant)

3:50 pm - Han Solo: Warwick Davis’ Role Reportedly Revealed (Screen Rant)

3:41 pm - Terminator 6 Will Ignore A Prior Movie, According To Arnold Schwarzenegger (Cinema Blend)

Sep 21, 2017

1:42 am - New Han Solo Photo May Tease Millennium Falcon’s Kessel Run (CBR)

12:29 am - ‘Star Wars’: Ron Howard Teases “Spicey” Set From Han Solo Film (Deadline|Hollywood)

Sep 20, 2017

11:19 pm - Ron Howard Tweets a Han Solo Kessel Run Tease (Coming Soon)

4:18 pm - ‘Game of Thrones’ Spinoffs: Fifth Prequel Series in Works at HBO From Long-Time Writer and Producer (Indiewire)

12:30 pm - Linda Hamilton Returning to the ‘Terminator’ Franchise to Play Sarah Connor in New Sequel (Slashfilm)

5:45 am - The New Terminator Movie Is Bringing Back Another One Of The Original Stars (Cinema Blend)

4:06 am - Terminator 6: Linda Hamilton Returning as Sarah Connor (Screen Rant)

Sep 19, 2017

8:42 pm - Star Wars: Darth Vader Reportedly Part of Han Solo Spinoff Film (CBR)

8:41 pm - One Way Game Of Thrones' Emilia Clarke Is Going The Extra Mile For Its Final Season (Cinema Blend)

8:20 pm - Game of Thrones: Emilia Clarke Dyes Her Hair for Season 8 (Screen Rant)

7:42 pm - Finally! Emilia Clarke Dyes Her Hair for Game of Thrones Season 8 (Coming Soon)

4:01 pm - Emilia Clarke Goes Blonde (For Real) as 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Gears Up (Screen Crush)

1:19 am - What Will Game of Thrones’ Endings Be – And Which One Will Be Real? (Screen Rant)

Sep 17, 2017

1:56 pm - Paul Bettany Wraps Filming on the Han Solo Movie (Coming Soon)

Sep 16, 2017

10:44 pm - Paul Bettany Is Already Done With His Han Solo Role (Screen Rant)

1:54 pm - Han Solo Movie May Feature Two Classic Star Wars Planets (Screen Rant)

Sep 14, 2017

8:23 pm - Game of Thrones Season 7 Digital, Blu-ray and DVD Details (Coming Soon)

3:19 pm - Game of Thrones Will Film Multiple Endings to Maintain Secrecy (CBR)

2:55 am - Star Wars: Harrison Ford Would ‘Rather Not’ Return (CBR)

Sep 13, 2017

9:21 pm - ‘Game of Thrones’ Is Shooting Different Misleading Versions of the Series Finale to Guard Against Leaks (Indiewire)

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