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Feb 14, 2018

4:17 am - Jimmy Kimmel: Omarosa Stuck In House Full Of Reality TV Stars – Just Like Melania (Deadline|Hollywood)

Feb 13, 2018

5:45 pm - FBI Chief Wray Nukes White House Timeline On Rob Porter Security Check (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:10 pm - Chris Rock Comedy Special Gets Netflix Premiere Date (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:00 pm - Melissa McCarthy To Star With Tiffany Haddish In New Line & DC’s ‘The Kitchen’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:00 pm - Michael Cudlitz To Star In ABC’s Tim Doyle 1970s Family Comedy Pilot (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:45 pm - Bai Ling To Star In First Chinese Feature In Over 20 Years – Berlin (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:41 pm - Jimmy Kimmel: Donald Trump Too Busy Defending Wife Beaters To Read Democrats’ Memo (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:21 pm - Chloe Kim Wins Gold & Olympics Ratings Steady With 2014 On 1st Monday (Deadline|Hollywood)

Feb 12, 2018

10:25 pm - NBC Takes Total Viewers Lead For 2017-18 Season With Super Bowl & Olympics (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:17 pm - Red Gerard Booked On Jimmy Kimmel After Winning Olympic Gold (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:22 pm - Chrissy Teigen, Kim Kardashian And More Look Like They Had a Blast at Ellen DeGeneres' Birthday Party (Cinema Blend)

5:54 pm - Obama Makes History Unveiling Official Portraits For Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:30 pm - 2018 WGA Award Winners Keep the Love Going for ‘Get Out’ and ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ (Slashfilm)

1:18 am - 2018 Writers Guild Awards: Full Winners List — Updated Live (Indiewire)

Feb 10, 2018

4:20 pm - Captain America Photobombs Avengers Reunion Photo (Screen Rant)

2:18 am - Pete Hammond’s Notes On The Season: ‘Three Billboard’s Martin McDonagh On Directing “Snub”; Senior Moments; Oscar Vets Return To Battle (Deadline|Hollywood)

Feb 8, 2018

5:21 pm - ‘Big Brother’ Ratings Solid With ‘Celebrity Edition’ Debut, ‘Riverdale’ Hits Low (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:07 pm - Donald Trump Touts ‘Apprentice’ And Mark Burnett On Way To National Prayer Breakfast (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:40 am - Jimmy Kimmel Begs Donald Trump To Meet With Robert Mueller: “You’ll Run Circles Around These Clowns” (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:40 am - ‘Hedwig’ Producer David Binder Named BAM Artistic Director (Deadline|Hollywood)

Feb 7, 2018

9:01 pm - 15 Secrets Behind Friends You Had No Idea About (Screen Rant)

2:28 pm - Kim Possible Casting Begins for Live-Action Movie (Coming Soon)

Feb 6, 2018

4:35 pm - ‘Ugly Delicious’ Trailer: In David Chang’s Netflix Series, Food Doesn’t Have to Be Pretty to Be Good — Watch (Indiewire)

1:00 pm - The Morning Watch: ‘I, Tonya’ Anatomy of a Scene, 16-Bit ‘The Last Jedi’ Lightsaber Fight & More (Slashfilm)

2:01 am - Oscar Luncheon Brings Out Nominees And Good Vibes, While AMPAS President Reinforces A Changing Academy (Deadline|Hollywood)

Feb 5, 2018

11:56 pm - ‘Life Of The Party’ Trailer: Melissa McCarthy Goes Back To School In College Comedy (Deadline|Hollywood)

Feb 4, 2018

9:30 pm - The Square Circle: 15 BTS Shots That Prove WWE Superstars Are Huge Dorks (CBR)

Feb 2, 2018

7:59 pm - ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Scores 3-Year Ratings High With Michelle Obama (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:16 pm - Billy Eichner Is Making Voting Sexy With ‘Glam Up the Midterms’ Campaign — Watch (Indiewire)

3:52 pm - Jamie Dornan Wore A 'Wee-Bag' When Filming Fifty Shades Freed (Cinema Blend)

2:30 pm - ‘Black Panther’ Clip: Danai Gurira’s Okoye Kicks Ass (Slashfilm)

5:09 am - Jimmy Kimmel Blasts Donald Trump “Lap Dog” Devin Nunez; “Perverted Circus” Ringmaster Paul Ryan (Deadline|Hollywood)

Feb 1, 2018

8:21 pm - At The Oscar Nominees Luncheon, Watch For ‘Punxsutawney Streep’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:37 pm - ‘9-1-1’ Wins Top Spot Wednesday While ‘X Files’ Unearths New Series Low (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:31 pm - Danai Gurira Shares New Black Panther Clip on Jimmy Kimmel (Coming Soon)

1:08 pm - Stephen Colbert Interviews “Melania Trump” About State Of Her Union With Donald (Deadline|Hollywood)

12:47 pm - Former ABC Reality Chief Launches Spinnaker Chaos, Ties With Kinetic (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:17 am - Tomi Lahren Apologizes For Disparaging Remarks Made Against Kennedy (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:19 am - Stephen Colbert Interviews “Melania Trump” About State Of Her Union With Donald (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:58 am - Jimmy Kimmel: Donald Trump State Of Union Address Sent 4 Fact Checkers To Hospital With Nervous Breakdowns (Deadline|Hollywood)

Jan 31, 2018

7:11 pm - Fox News Tops Cable & Big 4 With Donald Trump’s State Of The Union Speech (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:01 pm - Jimmy Kimmel’s Stormy Daniels Booking Dominates Demo Post-SOTU, Stephen Colbert Tops Total Viewers (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:18 pm - Stormy Daniels Might Skip ‘The View’ After S.E. Cupp Dis; Whoopi Doesn’t Care (Deadline|Hollywood)

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