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Sep 21, 2017

4:25 pm - Brian Kilmeade Whines Jimmy Kimmel “Attacked Me” After Being Called “Phony Little Creep” In Health Care Fracas (Deadline|Hollywood)

1:14 pm - ‘Murder On The Orient Express’ Trailer: Kenneth Branagh Helms Star-Studded Agatha Christie Adaptation (Indiewire)

7:00 am - The Ultimate David Lynch Art Exhibition Opens in November, Featuring 400 Original Works (Indiewire)

4:57 am - Jimmy Kimmel: Senator Bill Cassidy “Got Caught With His GOPenis Out” In Obamacare Replace Bill (Deadline|Hollywood)

Sep 20, 2017

7:14 pm - Senator Calls Jimmy Kimmel Claims “Absolute Garbage”; Obama Calls GOP Efforts “Aggravating” (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:02 pm - Hillary Clinton Gives Stephen Colbert Ratings Boost In Post-Emmy ‘Late Show’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:03 pm - Jimmy Kimmel Rallies Critics Of Obamacare Repeal; Republican Senator Says Kimmel “Doesn’t Understand” (Deadline|Hollywood)

12:00 pm - The Morning Watch: Andie MacDowell Got a Raw Deal in the 1990s, Netflix Is a Joke & More (Slashfilm)

5:06 am - ‘Tomb Raider’ Trailer: Alicia Vikander Leaps, Fights, Slides, And Raids In Reboot (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:50 am - Linda Hamilton Set To Return To ‘Terminator’; Reuniting With Cameron And Schwarzenegger For Planned Trilogy (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:47 am - Stephen Colbert Doubles Down On Emmy Joke About John Oliver (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:31 am - ‘Late Show’: Hillary Clinton Calls Putin A Manspreader; Says She’s “Paula Revere” (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:55 am - Conan O’Brien Visits Jerusalem; Shares Trump’s Peace Plan Which Includes A Hotel Casino & Hummus Fountain (Deadline|Hollywood)

Sep 19, 2017

11:45 pm - ‘Cook Off!’ Trailer: Melissa McCarthy Comedy Reheated Ten Years Later (Deadline|Hollywood)

Sep 18, 2017

6:44 pm - How Sean Spicer’s Surprise Emmys Cameo Came To Be, And What He’s Doing For An Encore (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:41 pm - It Was Stephen Colbert's Idea to Put Sean Spicer on Stage at the Emmys (Screen Crush)

1:55 pm - Emmy Awards Ratings Hit Low On Trump Bashing Night; ‘Sunday Night Football’ Dips (Deadline|Hollywood)

12:00 pm - The Morning Watch: Animated ‘Game of Thrones’ History, Comparing ‘Black Swan’ and ‘The Wrestler’ & More (Slashfilm)

11:01 am - Emmys: From Nicole Kidman To Sean Spicer, From Networks To Streamers This Show Had Something For Everyone – Hammond Analysis (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:11 am - Emmys TV Review: Trump Overkill Stains Stephen Colbert’s Hosting Debut (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:06 am - How Stephen Colbert Did As The 2017 Primetime Emmys Host (Cinema Blend)

2:41 am - Riz Ahmed Reps ‘The Night Of’, Thanks James Gandolfini, As He Wins Emmy For Best Actor, Limited Series (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:38 am - John Oliver’s ‘Last Week Tonight’ Wins Best Variety Talk Series; Stephen Colbert And Jimmy Kimmel Drink (Deadline|Hollywood)

12:25 am - Stephen Colbert Fires Shots at Trump in His 2017 Emmys Opening Monologue (Screen Crush)

12:21 am - 2017 Emmy Awards: Winners Updated Live (Cinema Blend)

12:00 am - 2017 Emmy Winners: Updated Live (Slashfilm)

12:00 am - 2017 Emmys Winners List (Updating Live) (Indiewire)

Sep 17, 2017

11:53 pm - 2017 Emmy Winners: Live Updates on All the Big Awards! (Screen Crush)

11:51 pm - Deadline’s Emmy Awards Live Blog (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:03 pm - The 69th Annual Emmy Awards Winners (Coming Soon)

12:42 am - Everything You Need To Know About This Year’s Primetime Emmy Awards (Indiewire)

Sep 15, 2017

4:53 pm - Larry Offends Barbers and Bribes Ushers in First 'Curb' Season 9 Synopses (Screen Crush)

2:48 pm - ‘mother!’: The 10 Most WTF Moments Everyone Will Be Talking About (Indiewire)

2:45 pm - Stephen Colbert Envies Jimmy Kimmel’s Interview With Sean Spicer (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:37 pm - Attention, ‘Twin Peaks’ Fans: Here’s Your Chance to Eat Cherry Pie With David Lynch and Sheryl Lee (Indiewire)

Sep 14, 2017

11:32 pm - ‘Broad City’ Season 4 Premiere Up With Best Ratings Delivery Since Series Debut (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:07 pm - Trevor Noah Will Remain Our 'Daily Show' Host Through 2022 (Screen Crush)

5:32 pm - ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Used the ‘Dick in the Box’ Emmys Strategy for ‘We Tapped That Ass’ (Indiewire)

5:20 pm - Sean Spicer A Ratings Magnet For Jimmy Kimmel, As Donald Trump Forecast (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:46 pm - Anthony Scaramucci To Co-Host ‘The View’ On ‘Guy Day Friday’ In Pursuit Of Media Career (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:09 pm - Why The Preacher Finale's Big Cliffhanger Death Happened Like That, According To One Star (Cinema Blend)

2:30 pm - Sean Spicer Came Around on Melissa McCarthy's 'SNL' Impression (And Wants Her Emmy) (Screen Crush)

3:19 am - Donald Trump Says “Crooked Hillary” Has “Lost Her Direction” A Day After The Release Of Her Book (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:30 am - Sean Spicer Talks Inauguration Crowd And Press Corp On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

Sep 13, 2017

7:10 pm - ‘Stranger Things’ For The Win: IFC’s ‘Documentary Now’ Directors Reveal Their Emmy Ballot Picks (Indiewire)

3:24 pm - Jimmy Kimmel Clears Ted Cruz In Twitter Porn Scandal: “He Masturbates To Pics Of Poor People Without Health Care” (Deadline|Hollywood)

11:01 am - 15 Dark Secrets The Duck Dynasty Stars Don’t Want You To Know (Screen Rant)

Sep 12, 2017

2:39 am - Xavier “X” Atencio Dies: Legendary Disney Animator And Imagineer Was 98 (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:33 am - Preacher's Season Finale Was Full Of Crazy Deaths And Big Reveals (Cinema Blend)

2:33 am - Preacher's Season Finale Was Full Of Crazy Deaths And Big Reveals (Cinema Blend)

2:18 am - Santa Monica Pier Evacuated After Bomb Threat, Remains Closed (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:17 am - Cable Networks Reveal Plans For A Non-Sports Skinny Bundle — Report (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:17 am - Preacher Season 2 Finale Explained (Screen Rant)

2:15 am - Preacher Recap: Season 2 Ends with Several Major Cliffhangers (CBR)

2:15 am - ‘Preacher’ Season 2 Finale: When God Can’t Help, Ask Gran’Ma (Deadline|Hollywood)

Sep 11, 2017

2:09 pm - Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 Trailer Wants You to be Happy Elsewhere (Coming Soon)

2:40 am - Larry Battles 'Grave Injustice,' PDA in First 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Season 9 Trailer (Screen Crush)

2:07 am - ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Trailer: Larry David Returns For Season 9 And Nothing Has Changed (Deadline|Hollywood)

Sep 10, 2017

12:34 am - James Corden’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Drowns Out Politics To Take Best Variety Special Emmy (Deadline|Hollywood)

Sep 9, 2017

11:53 pm - Creative Arts Emmy Awards Winners: LIVE (Deadline|Hollywood)

Sep 8, 2017

11:30 pm - ‘The Machine’ Pilot Not Going Forward At Syfy (Deadline|Hollywood)

11:21 pm - ‘The Greatest American Hero’ Reboot With Female Lead Gets Big ABC Commitment (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:45 pm - ‘The Death of Stalin’ Review: ‘Veep’ Goes to the Soviet Union With Armando Iannucci’s Hilarious Satire — TIFF (Indiewire)

10:25 pm - ‘Wrath of Khan’ Director Nicholas Meyer: ‘Art Is A Dictatorship,’ but Without Fans, There’s No ‘Star Trek’ (Indiewire)

10:05 pm - Stephen Colbert To Be Jimmy Kimmel’s Guest On Thursday Night (Deadline|Hollywood)

11:01 am - 16 Stars Who’ve Had Crazy Paranormal Experiences (Screen Rant)

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