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Feb 13, 2018

7:04 pm - Rumor: Quentin Tarantino’s 1969 Movie In Trouble At Sony (Screen Rant)

5:32 pm - Rumor: Quentin Tarantino's Manson Murders Movie on Thin Ice With Sony (Screen Crush)

4:33 pm - Anonymous Oscar Ballot: Costume Designer Loves ‘Three Billboards,’ Thinks ‘Lady Bird’ is ‘Overrated’ (Indiewire)

Feb 12, 2018

2:01 am - 20 Weird Facts About Will Smith And His Family (Screen Rant)

Feb 11, 2018

4:39 pm - Fifty Shades Climax Tops Global Box Office with $136.9 Million (Coming Soon)

Feb 10, 2018

12:21 am - Reg Cathey Dies: ‘The Wire’ Actor Who Also Played BBQ Joint Owner On ‘House Of Cards’ Was 59 (Deadline|Hollywood)

Feb 9, 2018

12:51 am - Why the DCEU Is Leaning So Hard Into Its Villains (CBR)

Feb 8, 2018

11:00 pm - Brawn And Beauty: 15 Absolutely Stunning Superhero Stunt Doubles (CBR)

10:20 pm - Winter Olympics: 10 Reasons the PyeongChang Games Will Either Hit or Flop for NBC, and What’s New This Time (Indiewire)

3:30 am - Harley Quinn Animated Series Cast Includes Poison Ivy, King Shark & More (CBR)

3:30 am - 15 Superhero Fan Art Designs That Wouldn’t Make It Past The Censors (CBR)

1:16 am - ‘Peter Rabbit’ Review: Grab The Family And Hop To It (Deadline|Hollywood)

Feb 7, 2018

11:27 pm - DC’s Animated Harley Quinn TV Show Character Descriptions Revealed (Screen Rant)

10:13 pm - Why Danny McBride's Fake Dundee Movie Should Totally Become A Real Thing (Cinema Blend)

8:59 pm - Where'd You Go, Bernadette (Cinema Blend)

4:30 pm - 8 Exhilarating Winter Olympics Movies, From ‘I, Tonya’ to ‘Cool Runnings’ (Indiewire)

4:27 pm - How That Fake Dundee Movie Ended Up Happening (Cinema Blend)

3:27 am - Matt Smith Officially Cast as Charles Manson in Charlie Says (Screen Rant)

1:56 am - Chris Hemsworth ‘Open to’ Starring in Real Crocodile Dundee Reboot (Screen Rant)

12:10 am - Chris Hemsworth Would Be Open To Joining A Real Crocodile Dundee Reboot (Cinema Blend)

Feb 6, 2018

11:12 pm - ‘Ready Player One’ Star Tye Sheridan To Star In Michael Cristofer’s ‘The Night Clerk’ – Berlin (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:30 pm - 2018 Oscar Nominated Documentary Shorts Review: A Mixed Bag of Social Issue Films With Two Stunners (Indiewire)

8:25 pm - Jean-Pierre Jeunet Accuses Guillermo Del Toro of Plagiarizing ‘Delicatessen’ Dance Scene in ‘The Shape Of Water’ (Indiewire)

8:09 pm - ‘Once Upon A Time’ To End With Season 7 (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:09 pm - Andy Kaplan, Sheraton Kalouria & Man Jit Singh Exit As Presidents In Major SPE Restructuring, Keith Le Goy Promoted (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:00 pm - ATX Television Festival Sets David Simon Panel, ‘Queen Sugar’ & ‘Drunk History’ Screenings And More (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:00 pm - David Simon, ‘Drunk History’ Panels Join 2018 ATX Television Festival Lineup (Indiewire)

8:00 pm - Tribeca Will Open 17th Edition With CNN Films’ Gilda Radner Documentary (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:00 pm - Tribeca Film Festival Set to Open With Gilda Radner-Focused Documentary ‘Love, Gilda’ (Indiewire)

7:42 pm - Kate Bosworth, Alfred Molina Join Edward James Olmos’ ‘The Devil Has A Name’ – Berlin (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:41 pm - Viacom Lays Off About 100 Support Staff: Reports (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:31 pm - ‘Late Night’: 30WEST & FilmNation Team On Mindy Kaling, Emma Thompson Comedy – Berlin (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:31 pm - Joel Kinnaman Regrets Letting Will Smith Give Him a ‘SKWAD’ Tattoo (CBR)

6:50 pm - DC Could Release Three Movies In 2019 (Screen Rant)

5:59 pm - Listen to Quentin Tarantino's Gross Defense of Roman Polanski in 2003 (Screen Crush)

4:00 pm - ‘Beyond’ Producer Automatik Ramps Up TV Push With Justin Levy Hire (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:24 pm - There's Already A Petition To Make That Fake Dundee Movie Happen (Cinema Blend)

1:00 pm - The Morning Watch: ‘I, Tonya’ Anatomy of a Scene, 16-Bit ‘The Last Jedi’ Lightsaber Fight & More (Slashfilm)

12:07 am - The Oscar Class Photo for 2018: Timothee Chalamet, Saorise Ronan, Margot Robbie, and 202 More (Indiewire)

Feb 5, 2018

1:30 pm - Final ‘Dundee’ Trailer Gives Up the Gag, But There’s More to Come with Danny McBride Down Under (Slashfilm)

1:20 am - ‘Crocodile Dundee’ Sequel Trailers With Danny McBride, Chris Hemsworth Finally Explained During Super Bowl (Deadline|Hollywood)

Feb 4, 2018

7:31 pm - Peter Rabbit Review (Cinema Blend)

Feb 3, 2018

11:00 pm - 10 Superhero Movies Currently In Development (And 10 That Are Rumored) (CBR)

2:00 am - DCPee-Ew: 15 DCEU Moments Diehard Fans Wish They Can Usee (CBR)

Feb 2, 2018

11:00 pm - Shots Fired: 15 BTS Feuds That Almost Ended Blockbuster Franchises (CBR)

8:11 pm - Why Suicide Squad 2 Is Taking Its Time And Not Rushing, According To Joel Kinnaman (Cinema Blend)

7:01 pm - DCEU: 15 Behind The Scenes Secrets WB Doesn’t Want You To Know (Screen Rant)

6:38 pm - Oscar Race 2018: 5 Editing Contenders Experiment with Unusual Storytelling (Indiewire)

5:52 pm - Getting Suicide Squad 2 ‘Right’ is a Big Priority Says Joel Kinnaman (Screen Rant)

5:30 pm - Roman Polanski Will Be a Key Character in Quentin Tarantino’s Next Movie (Slashfilm)

4:11 pm - Cruise’s Role Revealed in 9th Tarantino Film, Roman Polanski Character Part of Cast (Coming Soon)

4:06 pm - Yes, Roman Polanski Will Be Featured in Quentin Tarantino's Manson Murders Movie (Screen Crush)

3:00 pm - France’s Cesar Awards Lavishes Nominations on Robin Campillo’s ‘BPM (Beats Per Minute)’ and Julia Ducornau’s ‘Raw’ (Indiewire)

1:51 am - Quentin Tarantino’s New Movie Will Reportedly Have Roman Polanski In A Key Role (Cinema Blend)

Feb 1, 2018

10:54 pm - Roman Polanski Is A Key Character In Tarantino’s 1969 Movie (Screen Rant)

10:47 pm - Quentin Tarantino Will Make Roman Polanski a Key Character in Manson Movie (Indiewire)

8:39 pm - Suicide Squad 2 Will Likely Be ‘More Grounded’ (CBR)

4:27 pm - Suicide Squad 2 Will Be ‘More Grounded’ Than Original (Screen Rant)

4:00 pm - ‘I, Tonya’ Bodyguard Explains Why He Was Kicked Out of Alamo Drafthouse in Funny PSA — Exclusive (Indiewire)

1:00 pm - The Morning Watch: ‘I, Tonya’ VFX Breakdown, ‘Star Wars: Episode 9’ Opening Crawl & More (Slashfilm)

Jan 31, 2018

10:01 pm - Alexandra Loewy To Head Working Title’s US Film Operations As New President (Deadline|Hollywood)

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