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Jan 16, 2018

3:02 pm - Creed 2 Has Cast Ivan Drago’s Son (Cinema Blend)

3:18 am - These Black Panther Fan Posters Are Better Than the Real Ones (Screen Rant)

3:08 am - Creed 2 Officially Casts Ivan Drago’s Son (Screen Rant)

2:46 am - ‘Creed 2’ Lands Romanian Boxer Florian Munteanu As Ivan Drago’s Son (Slashfilm)

2:19 am - Creed 2 Casts Romanian Boxer Florian Munteanu as Ivan Drago’s Son (Coming Soon)

1:52 am - Black Panther: T’Challa’s ‘Entourage’ Takes Center Stage in TV Spot (CBR)

Jan 15, 2018

9:04 pm - First Trailer For HBO's Fahrenheit 451 Is Super Intense, Check It Out (Cinema Blend)

7:36 pm - The Best Sundance Films of All Time — IndieWire Critics Survey (Indiewire)

12:00 pm - King Of Dankanda: 15 Black Panther Memes (CBR)

Jan 14, 2018

6:57 pm - Guns are So Primitive in the New Black Panther Spot (Coming Soon)

Jan 13, 2018

6:29 pm - New Black Panther Video Highlights The Dora Milaje (Cinema Blend)

Jan 12, 2018

10:41 pm - Marvel’s Black Panther Introduces Warriors of Wakanda in New Video (CBR)

7:30 pm - Black Panther: Dora Milaje Video Spotlights Wakanda’s Warriors (Screen Rant)

7:15 pm - ‘Black Panther’ Featurette Introduces Okoye and Nakia, Warriors of Wakanda (Slashfilm)

5:47 pm - Meet the Dora Milaje in New Black Panther Featurette (Coming Soon)

4:05 pm - Fahrenheit 451 Trailer: Michael B. Jordan Burns Books (Screen Rant)

3:30 pm - ‘Fahrenheit 451’ Teaser Trailer: Ray Bradbury’s Dystopian Future Is Coming to HBO (Slashfilm)

Jan 11, 2018

10:32 pm - Fahrenheit 451 Teaser is Ready to Light It Up (Coming Soon)

10:31 pm - Don’t Blame Donald Trump Because ‘Fahrenheit 451’ Dystopia Is Now, Director Says – TCA (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:00 pm - /Film’s 25 Most Anticipated Movies of 2018 (Slashfilm)

Jan 10, 2018

9:08 pm - Black Panther Star Unable to Get Tickets For Opening Night (CBR)

8:22 pm - Black Panther Sets MCU Record for First Day Tickets Sold (Coming Soon)

5:33 pm - 'Black Panther' Had the Biggest One-Day Advanced Ticket Sales in MCU History (Screen Crush)

5:23 pm - Black Panther Crowdfunding Campaign For Harlem Kids Triples Its Goal (Screen Rant)

4:42 pm - ‘Black Panther’ Sold More Advanced Tickets in One Day Than Any Marvel Movie in History (Indiewire)

4:01 pm - Black Panther Ticket Pre-Sales Outpacing Captain America: Civil War (CBR)

2:30 pm - ‘Black Panther’ Poised To Pounce On B.O.: Advance Ticket Sales Beating ‘Captain America: Civil War’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

Jan 9, 2018

4:03 pm - How Marvel’s Black Panther Fights Superhero Fatigue (CBR)

3:30 pm - ‘Black Panther’ Director Ryan Coogler Talks James Bond Influences (Slashfilm)

2:54 pm - Black Panther’s Killmonger Has ‘Real World Sensibility’ (Screen Rant)

2:30 pm - The New 'Black Panther' Trailer Is Sleek and Sharp (Screen Crush)

4:41 am - ‘Black Panther’ TV Spot: Long Live The King (Slashfilm)

3:56 am - Black Panther Lives (for the Beat) in the Latest TV Spot (CBR)

3:28 am - ‘Black Panther’ Trailer: Chadwick Boseman Rules As The King In New Look At Comic Book Blockbuster (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:16 am - A War is Coming in New Black Panther Trailer (Screen Rant)

3:14 am - New Black Panther Preview from the CFP National Championship (Coming Soon)

3:10 am - Black Panther Will Have Certain Scenes Specifically Formatted for IMAX (CBR)

12:21 am - Marvel’s Black Panther: Select Scenes Specially Formatted For IMAX (Coming Soon)

12:00 am - Watch: Jay-Z’s ‘Family Feud’ Music Video, Directed by Ava DuVernay (Slashfilm)

Jan 8, 2018

11:38 pm - Black Panther Tickets Are Now on Sale (CBR)

3:00 pm - Something Wicked: 17 Terrifying Supervillains Coming To Screens In 2018 (CBR)

2:15 pm - Every Marvel Movie Coming in 2018 (Screen Rant)

Jan 7, 2018

8:00 pm - What Time Does The New Black Panther Trailer Release Tomorrow? (Screen Rant)

Jan 6, 2018

7:12 pm - National Society Of Film Critics: Daniel Kaluuya, Sally Hawkins Win Acting Awards (Deadline|Hollywood)

Jan 5, 2018

4:01 am - 9 MCU Movies Currently In Development (And 6 That Are Rumored) (Screen Rant)

Jan 4, 2018

10:15 pm - ‘Black Panther’ is a “Goliath,” But “Doesn’t Feel Out of Control” Says Angela Bassett  (Slashfilm)

10:02 pm - ‘Golden Exits’ First Trailer: Alex Ross Perry is Back For Another Round of Indie Film Dysfunction (Indiewire)

10:01 pm - 15 Disney Movies You Didn’t Know Were Coming in 2018 (Screen Rant)

9:58 pm - ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 4 Probably Won’t Premiere Until 2019 Either (Indiewire)

9:43 pm - The Weinstein Company Is Close to Being Sold for Less Than $500 Million (Indiewire)

9:35 pm - Michael B. Jordan’s Outlier Society Sets Alana Mayo To Head Production & Development (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:32 pm - Woody Allen’s 57-Year Personal Archive Has Been Opened, and It’s ‘Full of Misogyny’ and an ‘Obsession With Young Girls’ (Indiewire)

9:00 pm - 8 Superheroes Who Changed 2017 For The Better (And 8 Who Made It Worse) (CBR)

5:50 pm - Big Action in Black Panther Behind-the-Scenes Featurette (Coming Soon)

5:33 pm - Kendrick Lamar to Produce Marvel's 'Black Panther' Soundtrack (Screen Crush)

4:52 pm - Kendrick Lamar to Produce Black Panther: The Album, Releases First Track (CBR)

3:46 pm - Kendrick Lamar to Curate and Produce Black Panther: The Album (Coming Soon)

2:31 pm - Tiffany Haddish’s 18-Minute NYFCC Acceptance Speech Steals Show at Forward-Looking Awards Event (Indiewire)

Jan 3, 2018

6:59 pm - Black Panther Team Explains His Comics History & MCU Debut (Screen Rant)

6:30 pm - ‘Black Panther’ Character Bios Reveal New Details About Villain Erik Kilmonger & More (Slashfilm)

2:00 pm - HBO’s ’Game of Thrones’ and Anti-Netflix Strategy Ruled 2017; Here’s What’s Ahead for 2018 (Indiewire)

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