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Nov 19, 2017

11:11 pm - New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Covers and Photos (Coming Soon)

8:17 pm - Luke Pushes Rey Towards Kylo Ren In The Last Jedi (Screen Rant)

8:05 pm - Star Wars: First Order Firepower, Cast & More Get the Spotlight In New Photos (CBR)

8:00 pm - New ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Photos & Details Reveal More About Kylo Ren and Rey (Slashfilm)

7:22 pm - Star Wars 8: Millennium Falcon Is ‘Filled With Ghosts’ For Luke (Screen Rant)

6:00 pm - ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ TV Spot: Finn Awakens and Has Only One Question (Slashfilm)

12:31 pm - Star Wars: The Last Jedi Heroes Spot and Hamill’s Star Tours Surprise (Coming Soon)

2:10 am - Negativity Surrounding Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Hurting EA Stock Prices (Screen Rant)

Nov 18, 2017

9:41 pm - New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Video Features Way More Finn (Cinema Blend)

9:09 pm - Finn Wakes Up In New Star Wars 8 TV Spot (Screen Rant)

6:16 pm - Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Space Battles Were So Challenging, According To Rian Johnson (Cinema Blend)

4:05 pm - Star Wars: The Last Jedi Officially Rated PG-13 (Screen Rant)

3:37 pm - One Star Wars Actor Who’s Definitely Returning For Episode IX (Cinema Blend)

12:03 am - Why Rian Johnson's New Trilogy Is The Key To Star Wars' Future (Cinema Blend)

Nov 17, 2017

10:32 pm - Watch the New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Extended TV Spot (Coming Soon)

9:13 pm - The Wild Way Star Wars Actors Are Transported Around Set (Cinema Blend)

8:23 pm - Star Wars 9: [SPOILER] Confirmed To Return (Screen Rant)

6:47 pm - Spielberg, Paul Thomas Anderson and ‘Star Wars’: Why We’re Excited For the Last Few Films of 2017 (Screen Talk Episode 173) (Indiewire)

6:44 pm - ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Will Be the Longest Movie in Franchise History (Indiewire)

5:32 pm - Finn is a ‘Space Terrorist’ in Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Screen Rant)

4:58 pm - New 'Last Jedi' TV Spot Teases Kylo Ren's Failure, Plus Lengthy Runtime Revealed (Screen Crush)

4:44 pm - ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Will be the Longest ‘Star Wars’ Movie (Slashfilm)

4:11 pm - The Star Wars News Roundup for November 17, 2017 (Coming Soon)

4:07 pm - Rian Johnson Confirms The Last Jedi’s Runtime (Screen Rant)

3:13 pm - Rey Won’t Fail Luke In New Last Jedi TV Spot (Screen Rant)

Nov 16, 2017

11:00 pm - ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Images Show Off Two New Characters (Slashfilm)

6:33 pm - Justice League Sets Brazil Box Office Opening Record (Screen Rant)

3:53 pm - Leaked Images from Avengers: Infinity War Trailer (Screen Rant)

3:47 pm - Why One Movie Theater Is Refusing To Show Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Cinema Blend)

1:30 pm - New Star Wars Collectibles Line Revealed by Hasbro (Screen Rant)

Nov 15, 2017

8:32 pm - Star Wars: The Last Jedi TV Spots Soar in With New Footage (CBR)

7:53 pm - Yes, Sebastian Stan Knows He Looks Like Luke Skywalker, And He'd Love To Join Star Wars (Cinema Blend)

5:44 pm - New 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' TV Spots Will Burn the First Order to the Ground (Screen Crush)

5:07 pm - Has This Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Shot Been Changed? (Screen Rant)

4:32 pm - Daisy Ridley Loves Porgs, But Rey Doesn't Feel The Same Way (Cinema Blend)

4:22 pm - ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi ‘ TV Spots: Rey Spars, Poe and Leia Banter (Slashfilm)

2:54 pm - Sebastian Stan Would Be ‘Happy’ To Play Luke Skywalker (Screen Rant)

2:48 pm - 4 New Star Wars: The Last Jedi TV Spots Bring New Footage (Coming Soon)

1:57 pm - Mark Hamill Surprises Fans at Star Tours (Screen Rant)

4:00 am - Star Wars: Rey Sees Red in New Last Jedi Poster (CBR)

2:55 am - First Look at Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s Star Tours Attraction at Disney Parks (Screen Rant)

12:00 am - Star Wars Bits: Daisy Ridley Misses John Boyega, Rian Johnson is as Charming as Ever, and a Potential Padme Amidala Novel is Revealed (Slashfilm)

Nov 14, 2017

9:50 pm - The Last Jedi’s Kelly Marie Tran Never Saw A Star Wars Movie (Screen Rant)

9:26 pm - New Look at Planet Crait from Disney Parks’ Star Tours (Coming Soon)

7:15 pm - Will the Star Wars TV Show Revive George Lucas’ Failed Underworld Series? (Screen Rant)

7:00 pm - ‘Star Wars: Battlefront II’ Reveals More About Luke Skywalker’s Journey to the Jedi Temple on Ahch-To (Slashfilm)

6:30 pm - How The Future Of ‘Star Tours’ Could Be Completely Different, First Look At New Ride Scenes Revealed (Slashfilm)

3:15 pm - The New Star Wars: The Last Jedi IMAX Poster (Coming Soon)

2:50 pm - What Rian Johnson's New Star Wars Trilogy Should Be About (Cinema Blend)

2:00 pm - Why Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Trilogy Won’t Be Set After Episode 9 (Screen Rant)

5:28 am - Here’s Your First Look at Marvel’s Thrawn Prequel Comic Series (Screen Rant)

Nov 13, 2017

8:53 pm - Padmé Amidala Subject Of New Star Wars YA Novel (Screen Rant)

6:30 pm - Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy Set For ADG Awards’ Highest Honor (Deadline|Hollywood)

Nov 11, 2017

4:00 pm - Could a Star Wars Live-Action TV Series Resurrect Underworld? (CBR)

5:42 am - Star Wars: The Last Jedi TV Spot Teases Plenty of Action (Screen Rant)

Nov 10, 2017

9:49 pm - Lucasfilm Is Very Confident In Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Screen Rant)

9:11 pm - Where The New Star Wars Trilogy Should Be Set (Cinema Blend)

9:02 pm - The Star Wars Live Action TV Series Should Star Doctor Aphra (CBR)

8:49 pm - Will Netflix Lose Their Marvel Shows to Disney’s Streaming Service? (Screen Rant)

8:46 pm - Rian Johnson’s Trilogy Will Finally Liberate Star Wars (Screen Rant)

8:00 pm - Star Wars Bits: A New Look at Rose Tico, Carrie Fisher’s Final Contribution, and Could Porgs be the Perfect Balance of the Force? (Slashfilm)

7:00 pm - Does Daisy Ridley Have a Future Beyond ‘Star Wars’? ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ Suggests Yes (Slashfilm)

5:00 pm - ‘Comeback’ Movie Coming From ‘Colossal’ Director Nacho Vigalondo (Slashfilm)

5:00 pm - Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Trilogy Should Be Set in Old Republic Period (CBR)

4:15 pm - Star Wars News: A New Trilogy, Live-Action Series and More! (Coming Soon)

4:00 pm - What We’d Like to See in Rian Johnson’s ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy (Slashfilm)

3:00 pm - Why It’s Good Star Wars Is Moving Past the Skywalker Saga (CBR)

2:57 pm - What The Last Jedi Tells Us About Rian Johnson’s New Star Wars Trilogy (Screen Rant)

2:00 pm - Is Star Wars Done With The Skywalkers? (Screen Rant)

3:23 am - What Will Rian Johnson’s New Star Wars Trilogy Be About? (Screen Rant)

3:13 am - Everything We Know About Rian Johnson’s New Star Wars Trilogy (Screen Rant)

1:46 am - Rian Johnson Should Set His New Star Wars Trilogy in The Old Republic (Screen Rant)

1:08 am - Emergency Podcast: New Star Wars Trilogy and TV Series Announced (Slashfilm)

12:52 am - Will Lucasfilm And Disney Move Towards 2 Movies Per Year? (Screen Rant)

12:19 am - Can We Figure Out The Release Date of Rian Johnson’s New Star Wars Trilogy? (Screen Rant)

12:16 am - Rian Johnson Tweets Response to His New Star Wars Trilogy Announcement (Screen Rant)

Nov 9, 2017

11:51 pm - Is Rian Johnson’s New Star Wars Trilogy Part of the Skywalker Saga? (Screen Rant)

11:42 pm - Star Wars Live-Action TV Series, More to Launch on Disney Streaming Service (Coming Soon)

11:28 pm - Disney Is Making A New Marvel Show And More For Its Standalone Streaming Service (Cinema Blend)

11:15 pm - Rain Management Group Hires Veteran Literary Rep Lucy Stutz (Deadline|Hollywood)

11:05 pm - Sandra Bullock Attached To Play Filibustering Texas Pol Wendy Davis In ‘Let Her Speak’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

11:03 pm - Disney Developing Star Wars, Monsters Inc. TV Series For Streaming Service (Deadline|Hollywood)

11:00 pm - ‘Broad City’: Abbi Jacobson On How Donald Trump’s Election Changed Their Standout Episode ‘Witches’ — Watch (Indiewire)

10:54 pm - Louis C.K.: Michael Ian Black, Rachel Bloom, Jason Alexander, and More React to Sexual Misconduct Accusations (Indiewire)

10:50 pm - AFI Fest 2017 Thinks Globally, Acts Locally as It Brings the Year in Cinema to an End (Indiewire)

10:47 pm - Hollywood, Comics React To Louis C.K. Allegations: “Doesn’t Get A Pass”, Says Jason Alexander (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:47 pm - Live Action ‘Star Wars’ TV Show Confirmed By Disney, Will Be Available on the Company’s New Streaming Service (Slashfilm)

10:42 pm - 'Star Wars' Live-Action TV Series, New Marvel Set for Disney Streaming in 2019 (Screen Crush)

10:33 pm - Rian Johnson Is Developing a New 'Star Wars' Trilogy With Brand New Characters (Screen Crush)

10:32 pm - ‘Hostiles’ Official Trailer: Scott Cooper’s Bloody Western Sends Christian Bale Into the Awards Race (Indiewire)

10:25 pm - ‘Hostiles’ Trailer: Exclusive First Look At Christian Bale In Stark Western (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:23 pm - Star Wars: Live-Action TV Series Coming to Disney Streaming Service (CBR)

10:10 pm - New Star Wars Trilogy Being Directed by Rian Johnson (Screen Rant)

10:08 pm - Rian Johnson Will Create a Whole New ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy (Slashfilm)

10:08 pm - Rian Johnson Writing and Directing a New ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy (Indiewire)

10:04 pm - Star Wars: New Film Trilogy from Rian Johnson Announced (CBR)

10:04 pm - Star Wars Just Announced A Whole New Trilogy Of Movies (Cinema Blend)

10:01 pm - BREAKING: Rian Johnson Developing New Star Wars Trilogy (Coming Soon)

9:52 pm - Rian Johnson To Create New ‘Star Wars’ Universe Film Trilogy (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:29 pm - Kirkman, Vigalondo Team To Adapt The Comeback To Film (CBR)

4:04 pm - Star Wars: Millennium Falcon Is Stored Near An English Golf Course (CBR)

Nov 8, 2017

8:54 pm - One Issue With Creating Your Own Star Wars Backstory, According To Mark Hamill (Cinema Blend)

7:26 pm - Someone Ruined The Force Awakens For Josh Gad, But It Wasn't Daisy Ridley (Cinema Blend)

7:00 pm - Here’s Your First Look at the Baby Porgs from ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ (Slashfilm)

3:02 am - The Last Jedi’s Baby Porgs Revealed In New Merchandise (Screen Rant)

Nov 7, 2017

7:44 pm - Paul Thomas Anderson is a Big ‘Dunkirk’ Fan: ‘Its Wordless Structure Was So Exciting to Me’ (Indiewire)

6:40 pm - What Happened Luke Skywalker Between Episodes 6 and 7 is “Not Important” in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ (Slashfilm)

5:34 pm - Star Wars: Adam Driver Calls Kylo Ren ‘Juvenile’ (Screen Rant)

5:00 pm - ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Will Not Answer All Your Questions (Slashfilm)

4:49 pm - Luke’s Backstory ‘Not Important’ To The Last Jedi (Screen Rant)

Nov 6, 2017

9:55 pm - Star Wars: The Last Jedi ‘Doesn’t Answer All The Questions’ (Screen Rant)

5:30 pm - Will Luke Skywalker Join the Dark Side in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’? Mark Hamill Responds (Slashfilm)

2:38 pm - Mark Hamill Clarifies Dark Side Luke in The Last Jedi (Coming Soon)

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