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Nov 21, 2017

12:30 pm - The 15 Biggest, Unavoidable Plot Holes In The Punisher (CBR)

12:01 pm - 16 Embarrassing Roles Justice League Actors Want You To Forget (Screen Rant)

Nov 20, 2017

9:01 pm - Marvel: 15 Crazy Fan Redesigns Way Better Than The Movies (Screen Rant)

8:30 pm - Who’s Who On Marvel’s Runaways (CBR)

7:38 pm - Review: Runaways May Be Marvel’s Most Faithful TV Adaptation Yet (CBR)

4:00 pm - Genius: Cartel #4 (CBR)

3:30 pm - 15 Things Batman V Superman Did Better Than Wonder Woman (CBR)

3:09 pm - More Jumanji Character Posters Arrive Out of the Jungle (Coming Soon)

2:31 pm - Amazon To Launch All Episodes Of ‘Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams’ On Jan 12 (Deadline|Hollywood)

12:01 pm - 20 Savage Avengers VS Justice League Memes Only True Fans Will Understand (Screen Rant)

1:27 am - ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Trailer: Ava DuVernay’s Fantasy Film Looks Truly Divine (Slashfilm)

1:26 am - A Wrinkle in Time Trailer #2 Teases Ava DuVernay’s Sci-Fi Adventure (Screen Rant)

Nov 19, 2017

4:01 pm - 15 Power Rangers Fan Theories That Completely Change The Show (And The Movie) (Screen Rant)

Nov 18, 2017

8:01 pm - 15 Burning Questions We Had After Justice League (Screen Rant)

2:00 pm - The 15 Worst Looking On-Screen Justice League Members (CBR)

3:30 am - Justice League: The 10 Most Embarrassing Members (And The 10 Best) (CBR)

Nov 17, 2017

11:30 pm - ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ Sequel Has a Villain: ‘The Square’ Star Claes Bang (Slashfilm)

10:00 pm - ‘Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond’: Inside the Life of Andy Kaufman and his Spiritual Connection With Jim Carrey (Indiewire)

8:01 pm - 15 Actors You Never Knew Turned Down Roles In The MCU (Screen Rant)

7:52 pm - Here's What Daniela Vega Will Do If She Becomes the First Trans Actress Nominated for an Oscar (Screen Crush)

6:56 pm - The Best Animated Films of the 21st Century Ranked, From ‘Anomalisa’ to ‘Spirited Away’ (Indiewire)

6:01 pm - Star Wars: 15 Things You Never Knew Happened Between Episodes 3 And 4 (Screen Rant)

4:01 am - 15 Dark Secrets Batman Keeps From His Allies (Screen Rant)

2:01 am - 15 Secrets From Property Brothers You Had No Idea About (Screen Rant)

2:00 am - Somebody Save Meme: The 15 Funniest Smallville Memes (CBR)

12:30 am - DC-EWW: 15 Controversies That Nearly Destroyed The DCEU (CBR)

Nov 16, 2017

11:01 pm - Once Upon A Time: 15 Major Problems Fans Don’t Want To Admit (Screen Rant)

9:09 pm - Val Kilmer Tells Great Stories From A Terrific Career: Q&A (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:30 pm - 10 Villains The MCU Completely Ruined (And 10 It Nailed) (CBR)

5:00 pm - 15 Things You Need To Remember Before Binging The Punisher (CBR)

4:00 pm - Ron Howard Will Teach You Directing, In Case There’s a ‘Star Wars’ in Your Future — Watch (Indiewire)

2:00 am - 15 Totally Inappropriate Out Of Context Cartoon Screen Grabs (CBR)

1:00 am - Broadway Review: John Leguizamo’s Scorching ‘Latin History For Morons’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

Nov 15, 2017

10:01 pm - 15 Dark Theories Nintendo Fans Will Hate (Screen Rant)

5:24 pm - Rotten Tomatoes Delays ‘Justice League’ Score, But Flixster Reveals the ‘Rotten’ Truth (Indiewire)

5:00 pm - ‘Godless’ Review: Merritt Wever Gets a Gun in Netflix’s Grand Ol’ Feminist Western (Indiewire)

5:00 pm - Nat Geo Greenlights Silicon Valley-Themed Limited Series From Matthew Carnahan & Arianna Huffington (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:37 pm - ‘Wonder Woman 2’ Star Gal Gadot Clarifies Brett Ratner Boycott Story: ‘Everyone Knew What Was the Right Thing to Do’ (Indiewire)

4:08 pm - Rob Liefeld’s Thoughts (and Art) on the Deadpool 2 Teaser (Screen Rant)

2:45 pm - New Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Character Posters (Coming Soon)

Nov 14, 2017

11:37 pm - ‘The Breadwinner’: How Nora Twomey Made an Animated Oscar Contender About Female Empowerment with Help from Angelina Jolie (Indiewire)

11:13 pm - Congress Mandates Anti-Harassment Training After Being Shocked – Shocked! – To Find Harassment Is Going On (Deadline|Hollywood)

11:00 pm - Geraldine Viswanathan, Jon Bass, Karan Soni Join TBS Comedy ‘Miracle Workers’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

11:00 pm - ‘The French Detective’ Light Drama Starring Jean Dujardin From Luc Besson & James Patterson Set At ABC As Put Pilot (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:01 pm - 6 Terrible CGI Costumes That Ruined Movies (And 9 That Are Amazing) (Screen Rant)

3:53 am - The Gifted’s Trask Industries Connections Explained (Screen Rant)

3:01 am - The Incredible Hulk Returns: 15 Things You Never Knew About The Failed Hulk/Thor Crossover (Screen Rant)

2:29 am - Supergirl Just Teased a Direct Connection to Smallville’s Continuity (CBR)

1:33 am - How DP Dan Laustsen Bent The Light For Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘The Shape Of Water’ – Crew Call Podcast (Deadline|Hollywood)

1:01 am - 16 Times Power Rangers Was WAY Too Dark For Kids (Screen Rant)

Nov 13, 2017

11:44 pm - After Amazon’s Huge Investment In Tolkien’s Middle Earth, Shouldn’t Peter Jackson Be On Jeff Bezos’ Call Sheet? (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:13 pm - Star Trek: Discovery Midseason Premiere Trailer Raises New Questions (Screen Rant)

4:00 pm - ‘Deadwood’ Movie Stares Down a Fall 2018 Start Date (Slashfilm)

Nov 12, 2017

2:00 am - Heavy Machinery: 20 Of Iron Man’s Armors, Ranked (CBR)

1:16 am - ‘Long Strange Trip’ Director: Childhood Trauma Drove Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia (Deadline|Hollywood)

Nov 11, 2017

6:00 pm - Voltron: Legendary Defender Is Netflix’s Star Wars (CBR)

5:00 pm - How The Flash Got Back On Track In Season 4 (Screen Rant)

4:01 pm - 15 Biggest Mistakes In Spider-Man: The Animated Series You Never Noticed (Screen Rant)

1:00 pm - 8 Things Goku Can Do That Superman Can’t (And 7 Things He Can’t) (CBR)

4:01 am - 10 Incredible MCU Casting Choices (And 10 That Were TERRIBLE) (Screen Rant)

3:18 am - CS Interview: Kenneth Branagh on Orient Express, Thor & More! (Coming Soon)

12:01 am - 20 Things Wrong With DC Movies That We All Choose To Ignore (Screen Rant)

Nov 10, 2017

11:01 pm - 15 Things You Never Knew About Starship Troopers (Screen Rant)

7:03 pm - Supergirl Just Added Roseanne Vet Laurie Metcalf For A Sweet Role (Cinema Blend)

7:00 pm - 15 Overpowered Superheroes The Punisher DESTROYED (CBR)

6:49 pm - ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’: Watch The New Ronettes-Inspired ‘Maybe She’s Not Such a Heinous Bitch After All’ Video — Exclusive (Indiewire)

6:32 pm - Bryan Cranston on 'Last Flag Flying' and What Makes Richard Linklater a Great Director (Screen Crush)

4:28 pm - One Black Panther Character Who's Basically Tony Stark (Cinema Blend)

4:00 pm - What We’d Like to See in Rian Johnson’s ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy (Slashfilm)

2:46 pm - The Orchard No Longer Moving Forward With Release Of Louis C.K.’s ‘I Love You, Daddy’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:44 pm - BBC Drops Ed Westwick Drama ‘Ordeal By Innocence’, Halts Appearance In ‘White Gold’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:30 pm - 15 X-Men Characters That Looked Better In The ‘90s Than They Do Today (CBR)

1:43 am - New Runaways Poster Showcases the Team’s Powers (CBR)

1:00 am - The 15 Worst Things To Happen To Women In The MCU (CBR)

12:50 am - ‘Baby Driver’: How Edgar Wright’s Sound Team Choreographed Squealing Brakes Against Pop Classics (Indiewire)

Nov 9, 2017

12:01 pm - Star Wars: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Bounty Hunters (Screen Rant)

4:00 am - ‘Mr. Robot’ Creator and Cinematographer Reveal What It Took to Make Episode 5 Look Like One Long Take  (Indiewire)

Nov 8, 2017

11:03 pm - Black Panther Is ‘A Scientist And A King’ (Screen Rant)

10:51 pm - NBC Sets January Return Dates For Scripted Series, Slates ‘Taken’ Season 2 (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:01 pm - The 8 Best (And 8 Worst) Original MCU Characters (Screen Rant)

4:00 pm - REVIEW: Murder on the Orient Express is Among the Year’s Worst Films (CBR)

4:00 pm - Movie Mixtape: 6 Movies to Watch With ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ (Slashfilm)

2:30 pm - Bad At Being Good: 15 Dangerous Villains Marvel Ruined By Making Them Heroes (CBR)

4:01 am - 15 Popular MCU Fan Theories That Make NO Sense (Screen Rant)

Nov 7, 2017

7:01 pm - 15 Things Boruto Can Do That Naruto Can’t (Screen Rant)

5:34 pm - ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ Review: Kenneth Branagh’s Star-Studded Agatha Christie Adaptation Loses Steam Fast (Indiewire)

5:30 pm - The 15 Most Iconic Marvel Superhero Symbols, Ranked (CBR)

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