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Nov 22, 2017

7:31 pm - Deathstroke Is Comic Book Perfect in Justice League BTS Photo (CBR)

7:31 pm - Could A Justice League Unlimited Reunion Happen? Kevin Conroy Is Ready For It (Cinema Blend)

7:23 pm - The Biggest Lesson DC Can Learn From Justice League (Cinema Blend)

6:57 pm - Batman Animated Series Black Canary & Catwoman Episode Was Rejected (Screen Rant)

6:38 pm - Why Coco’s Opening Scene Was Changed, According To The Director (Cinema Blend)

6:26 pm - Nightwing Movie Won’t Be Like LEGO Batman, Says Director (Screen Rant)

6:19 pm - Rumor: Joss Whedon No Longer Directing Batgirl (Screen Rant)

6:16 pm - 5 Reasons Why ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Deserves an Oscar Nomination (Indiewire)

6:01 pm - Justice League’s Biggest Problem Is Its Lack of Impact (CBR)

5:53 pm - There’s One Justice League Trick James Wan Definitely Isn’t Using In His Aquaman Movie (Cinema Blend)

5:39 pm - Shazam Director’s Snarky Response to Rumor the DCEU Is Ending (CBR)

5:20 pm - Smallfoot Trailer: The Animated Yeti Movie Coming in 2018 (Coming Soon)

5:00 pm - What Future DC Movies Are Actually Coming Out? (Screen Rant)

4:37 pm - One Force Awakens Question That Will Be Answered With Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Cinema Blend)

4:26 pm - ‘Coco’ Sings $2.3M Tuesday Night; ‘Justice League’ Soars To $10.6M (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:51 pm - 7 DC Villains Who Are Most Likely To Join Lex Luthor's New Team (Cinema Blend)

3:47 pm - Yet Another Justice League Collaborator Calls For Zack Snyder’s Cut Of The Film (Cinema Blend)

3:46 pm - 'Justice League' Could Lose Warner Bros. $50-$100 Million (Screen Crush)

3:29 pm - The Nightwing Director Has Advice For Anyone Looking To Play The Hero On The Big Screen (Cinema Blend)

3:25 pm - Does Justice League Break Wonder Woman’s DCEU Timeline? (Screen Rant)

3:07 pm - Fox Rejected a Batman: TAS Episode Starring Black Canary & Catwoman (CBR)

3:02 pm - Thor: Ragnarok's Taika Waititi Is Trolling Justice League In A Hilarious Way (Cinema Blend)

3:01 pm - Why Was Justice League Marketed (Mostly) Without Superman? (CBR)

2:30 pm - INTERVIEW: Paul Dini Goes Creepy & Cartoony with Boo & Hiss (CBR)

2:25 pm - The Flash References Justice League of America Villain Starro (Screen Rant)

2:22 pm - Superman Joins the Justice League in New Movie Banner (CBR)

2:15 pm - What We Need To See In Justice League 2 (Screen Rant)

2:00 pm - Justice League is Basically The Same As The Avengers (Screen Rant)

2:00 pm - The 8 Best Thor Looks (And 7 Fan Designs That Are WAY Better) (CBR)

1:35 pm - Aquaman’s Movie Powers Are Better Than The Comics (Screen Rant)

1:34 pm - Coco Leading Justice League In Fandango Holiday Weekend Sales (Screen Rant)

12:30 pm - JLArt: 15 Insane Pieces Of Justice League Concept Art (CBR)

12:01 pm - Justice League: 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Deathstroke (Screen Rant)

12:00 pm - Superhero Bits: Doomsday Clock Reviews, What’s Up with Mother Boxes & More (Slashfilm)

11:18 am - When Did the Justice League First Fight Darkseid? (CBR)

4:57 am - Watch Justice League Stars React to Their Mattel Action Figures (Screen Rant)

4:10 am - Justice League: Exclusive Art from the Film (Screen Rant)

3:52 am - Aquaman: Wan Promises No ‘Air Bubbles for Dialogue’ in His Movie (CBR)

3:49 am - Why Blade Runner 2049 Struggled At The Box Office, According To The Director (Cinema Blend)

3:21 am - Will Coco Top Justice League At This Weekend's Box Office? (Cinema Blend)

3:20 am - The Flash Drops Justice League of America Reference (CBR)

2:30 am - Justice League of America #19 (CBR)

1:20 am - How Justice League Sets Up Flashpoint (Screen Rant)

1:20 am - Shazam! Director Hilariously Responds to DCEU Cancellation Rumor (Screen Rant)

12:30 am - Daily Podcast: John Lasseter Allegations, Tarantino, Fox, Justice League, VR & More (Slashfilm)

12:13 am - Denzel Washington ‘Never Heard’ He Was Eyed to Play Lex Luthor (CBR)

Nov 21, 2017

11:56 pm - How Much Money Warner Bros. Might Lose Over Justice League (Cinema Blend)

11:46 pm - Justice League Cinematographer Wants a Zack Snyder Director’s Cut (CBR)

11:19 pm - Justice League Cinematographer Also Wants Snyder’s Original Cut (Screen Rant)

11:03 pm - One Justice League Scene That Kevin Smith Is Bonkers Over (Cinema Blend)

10:38 pm - ‘Coco’ Will Beat ‘Justice League’ Over Thanksgiving, but That’s Not Great Box-Office News (Indiewire)

10:30 pm - /Filmcast Ep. 442 – Justice League (Slashfilm)

9:35 pm - Aquaman Won’t Feature Underwater Dialogue Like in Justice League (Screen Rant)

8:51 pm - How Does Justice League Set Up a Sequel? (Screen Rant)

8:26 pm - Official Justice League Banner Now Includes Superman (Screen Rant)

8:01 pm - 16 Things You Didn’t Know About Lois Lane (Screen Rant)

8:00 pm - ‘Justice League’ Projected to Lose Warner Bros. $50-100 Million (Slashfilm)

8:00 pm - Can The Aquaman Movie Save Justice League’s Weakest Character? (Screen Rant)

8:00 pm - Fishin’ Forward: 15 Aquaman Looks, Ranked From Worst To Best (CBR)

7:09 pm - ‘Justice League’ is a ‘Masterpiece’ and the ‘Epic We Deserve,’ According to Armond White (Indiewire)

7:01 pm - Justice League Superman Posters Released (Coming Soon)

7:01 pm - Justice League’s Post-Credits Tag Is Actually Better Than Marvel’s (CBR)

6:47 pm - Jaw-Dropping Justice League Video Shows Every Way The Movie Copies The Avengers (Cinema Blend)

6:15 pm - How Justice League's Box Office Might Impact Future DC Movies (Cinema Blend)

6:05 pm - ‘Kedi’ Filmmakers Explain How Cats Can ‘Unite People in Joy’ (Indiewire)

6:00 pm - ‘The Alienist’ New Trailer: Cary Fukunaga’s Serial Killer Show Looks Like a 19th Century ‘True Detective’ (Indiewire)

5:58 pm - Parts of Justice League Made Kevin Smith’s ‘Heart Soar’ (CBR)

5:56 pm - CJ 4DPLEX Continues Euro Expansion With Switzerland’s Kitag Cinemas; INTV Conference Sets Speakers – Global Briefs (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:45 pm - How Pedro Almódovar Pushed Argentina’s Greatest Filmmaker to Make Her Best Movie Ever (Indiewire)

5:40 pm - China's 'Justice League' Posters Are Insane (Screen Crush)

5:19 pm - Justice League May Cost Warner Bros. Up To $100 Million (Screen Rant)

5:01 pm - Super Sons: The Fortress of Attitude Changes the Duo’s Status Quo (CBR)

5:01 pm - How Justice League Sets Up The Flash: Flashpoint (Cinema Blend)

5:00 pm - Futures End: 15 Post-Justice League Theories For The DCEU (CBR)

4:31 pm - Where Henry Cavill Wants Superman To Go After Justice League (Cinema Blend)

4:30 pm - Batman Confirmed to Appear in 'Flashpoint' Movie (Screen Crush)

4:30 pm - Justice League Could Lose $50M to $100M For Warner Bros. (CBR)

4:19 pm - ‘Justice League’ Flies Past $101M; ‘Wonder’ Sparks $31M+ As Thanksgiving Week Warms Up (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:13 pm - Why It's Okay Aquaman's Backstory Was Cut From Justice League, According To Jason Momoa (Cinema Blend)

4:07 pm - Nightwing Director Holding Open Casting Call For Role (Screen Rant)

4:06 pm - What Justice League 2017 Borrowed From George Miller’s Failed JL: Mortal (Screen Rant)

3:53 pm - The Raid’s Gareth Evans Developing TV Drama Gangs of London (Coming Soon)

3:34 pm - Justice League: Batfleck Stunt Double Wants Snyder’s Original Cut (Screen Rant)

3:31 pm - 5 Reasons To Be Optimistic About the Future of the DC Extended Universe (Screen Crush)

3:30 pm - 16 Sadistic Killers Who NEVER Should Have Been In Kids Cartoons (CBR)

3:21 pm - Here’s Jason Momoa’s Blunt Reaction To The Bad Justice League Reactions (Cinema Blend)

3:01 pm - Justice League Shows Why Batman Belongs on the Team (CBR)

2:36 pm - How Harvey Weinstein Used NDAs And Personal Bank Accounts To Silence Accusers: Report (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:27 pm - Justice League: Jason Momoa Explains Why So Many Aquaman Scenes Were Cut (CBR)

2:27 pm - Kevin Smith Says Justice League ‘Made My Heart Soar’ (Screen Rant)

2:06 pm - Justice League Movie Podcast – Total Geekall #46 (Screen Rant)

1:58 pm - Coco May Top Justice League Over Thanksgiving Box Office Frame (Screen Rant)

1:45 pm - What Happens To Wayne Manor in Justice League? (Screen Rant)

1:00 pm - The Morning Watch: Justice League Easter Eggs, Stranger Things 2 Shot References & More (Slashfilm)

12:01 pm - 16 Embarrassing Roles Justice League Actors Want You To Forget (Screen Rant)

4:01 am - 8 British Stars Who Are Secretly Jerks (And 7 Who Are Sweethearts) (Screen Rant)

3:54 am - How Justice League Subtly Set Up Green Lantern Corps (Cinema Blend)

2:50 am - Justice League International Poster Takes DC/Marvel Rivalry to Extremes (CBR)

2:18 am - Why Did Damon Lindelof Sign On for HBO's 'Watchmen' TV Series? (Screen Crush)

2:07 am - Harley Quinn Animated Series Ordered by DC Digital Service (Screen Rant)

1:30 am - Superhero Bits: Justice League Kills Marvel Characters, New Harley Quinn Animated Series & More (Slashfilm)

1:00 am - Daily Podcast: Assessing The Justice League Aftermath, Box Office, Zack Snyder’s Cut, Reshoots & End Credit Scenes (Slashfilm)

12:57 am - ‘Coco’ Review: Pixar Does It Again With Dazzling New ‘Toon (Deadline|Hollywood)

12:44 am - LEGO Launches DCEU Justice League-Themed BrickHeadz (CBR)

12:23 am - Justice League Poster Features DC Heroes Killing Marvel Characters (Screen Rant)

12:19 am - Can ‘Coco’ Whip ‘Justice League’ For The Top Spot Over The Thanksgiving Stretch? – Box Office Preview (Deadline|Hollywood)

12:06 am - Jason Momoa Says Justice League ‘Could Have Been Two Movies’ (Screen Rant)

12:00 am - Dark Nights: Metal’s Teen Titans Reunion Teases Rebirth Continuity Shift (CBR)

Nov 20, 2017

11:48 pm - What One Major DC Comics Creator Thinks About Justice League's Post-Credits Scene (Cinema Blend)

11:30 pm - Batman Will Appear in the ‘Flashpoint’ Movie, Geoff Johns Confirms (Slashfilm)

11:09 pm - Justice League: Mother Boxes Explained (Screen Rant)

11:00 pm - 8 MCU Villains Who Could Destroy The Justice League (And 7 That Would Be Smashed) (CBR)

10:38 pm - Supergirl: Martian Manhunter’s Reunion With His Dad Will Be a Bumpy Road (CBR)

10:30 pm - These ‘Justice League’ Reshoots Drastically Altered The Final Film (Slashfilm)

10:23 pm - How Justice League Sets Up The Aquaman Solo Movie (Cinema Blend)

10:06 pm - Warner Bros Sets Up Sci-Fi Feature ‘Red Star’ With Hot British Writing Duo (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:44 pm - Justice League: All Of The Deep Cut DC References That We Caught (Cinema Blend)

9:19 pm - Is Justice League Worse Than Batman v Superman? (Screen Rant)

9:00 pm - ‘Justice League’: Fans Petition For a “Zack Snyder Cut,” and What Joss Whedon’s Writing Credit Means (Slashfilm)

8:39 pm - Justice League Actually Made Less Money Over The Weekend Than We Thought (Cinema Blend)

8:38 pm - Denzel Washington ‘Never Heard’ Anything About Playing Lex Luthor (Screen Rant)

8:23 pm - Justice League Post-Credits Scene Approved By [SPOILER]’s Creator (Screen Rant)

8:06 pm - The 13 Most Badass Movie Teams (Coming Soon)

8:02 pm - ‘One Day She’ll Darken’: Connie Nielsen Cast In Patty Jenkins’ TNT Series (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:01 pm - What We Want From Aquaman’s Solo Movie, Post-Justice League (CBR)

7:59 pm - DC Heroes Battle Their Evil Selves in Full Crisis On Earth-X Trailer (Screen Rant)

7:54 pm - How Similar Are 'Justice League' and 'The Avengers'? (Pretty Similar.) (Screen Crush)

7:39 pm - Ben Affleck Swiped a Batarang From Justice League Set (and Had to Pay) (CBR)

7:30 pm - Zack Snyder Hasn’t Seen Justice League (CBR)

7:09 pm - One Huge Problem With Modern Superhero Movies, According To Damon Lindelof (Cinema Blend)

7:05 pm - Quentin Tarantino’s New Film Among 11 Features Awarded Latest CA Tax Credits (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:01 pm - Who Is the Taped Up Figure in Batman Who Laughs #1? (CBR)

6:55 pm - The Justice League Moments That DC Fans Love (Screen Rant)

6:54 pm - How Do Film Critics Decide Which Films Are Worth Covering in the Age of Netflix? — IndieWire Critics Survey (Indiewire)

6:06 pm - DC Fans Petition Warner Bros. to Release Zack Snyder Cut of 'Justice League' (Screen Crush)

5:49 pm - Justice League Made $72 Million Less Than Batman V Superman in Its Opening (Screen Rant)

5:34 pm - Henry Cavill Is Contracted to Play Superman in One More Film (CBR)

5:26 pm - Why Superman Behaves The Way That He Does In That Pivotal Justice League Scene (Cinema Blend)

5:08 pm - Justice League Justifies the DCEU’s Darker Past (Screen Rant)

5:01 pm - Does Justice League Do Justice to Wonder Woman? (CBR)

4:41 pm - What Does Superman Think Is The Best Thing About Planet Earth? Henry Cavill Answers That Question (Cinema Blend)

4:09 pm - Justice League Actual Weekend Result Lower at $94 Million (Coming Soon)

3:30 pm - 15 Things Batman V Superman Did Better Than Wonder Woman (CBR)

3:15 pm - Henry Cavill is Contracted to Play Superman One More Time (Screen Rant)

3:14 pm - Zack Snyder Spoiled Justice League’s Post-Credits Scene Last Year (Screen Rant)

3:00 pm - ‘Justice League’ Spoiler Review: The DCEU Stumbles Again (Slashfilm)

2:36 pm - ‘Justice League’ Underperforms at the Box Office: What Does This Mean for the DCEU? (Slashfilm)

2:35 pm - Justice League’s Biggest Unanswered Questions (Screen Rant)

2:22 pm - Watch SNL’s Wayne Thanksgiving Batman Parody Sketch (Screen Rant)

2:06 pm - Arrow’s Deathstroke Praises DCEU Version, Says He Wants a TV Spinoff (CBR)

2:00 pm - Thor Ragnarok: 17 Major Problems Fans Don’t Want To Admit (CBR)

1:29 pm - Justice League Movie Parody Recruits the B Team (Screen Rant)

12:30 pm - Crisis Of Infinite Scripts: 15 Justice League Plot Holes Too Big To Ignore (CBR)

12:01 pm - 20 Savage Avengers VS Justice League Memes Only True Fans Will Understand (Screen Rant)

9:29 am - 2017 Top 100 Comic Book Storylines: #55-51 (CBR)

8:37 am - Doomsday Clock Reunites The WATCHMEN To Find Dr. Manhattan (Screen Rant)

4:00 am - Justice League (Almost) Delivers The True Superman (Screen Rant)

2:59 am - Every Justice League Trailer Scene That Wasn’t In The Actual Movie (Cinema Blend)

2:48 am - Detailed Justice League International Box Office Opening Results (Screen Rant)

2:00 am - 15 Times Marvel And DC Broke The Internet (CBR)

1:38 am - ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ Trailer Includes New Fantastical Footage From Disney’s Ava DuVernay-Directed Adaptation (Deadline|Hollywood)

12:31 am - 9 Funniest Moments In Justice League (Cinema Blend)

12:31 am - 8 Funniest Moments In Justice League (Cinema Blend)

12:01 am - Justice League: 15 Things You Need to Know About Darkseid’s Home, Apokolips (Screen Rant)

Nov 19, 2017

11:00 pm - 15 Reasons The DCEU Is Better Than The Arrowverse (CBR)

9:50 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Passes $700 Million At Worldwide Box Office (Screen Rant)

9:19 pm - Your Guide to CBR’s Justice League Features (CBR)

9:17 pm - Don’t Expect a Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League (Screen Rant)

9:01 pm - Which Justice League Trailer Scenes Don’t Appear in the Movie? (CBR)

8:40 pm - Justice League Mortal: Who Did George Miller Originally Want To Cast? (Screen Rant)

8:34 pm - Watchmen: Lindelof Praises Moore, Calls Series ‘Dangerous,’ ‘Timely’ (CBR)

8:22 pm - ‘Justice League’ Box Office: Why a $96-Million Opening Means Trouble (Indiewire)

8:00 pm - Extra Lives: 15 Superhero Video Game Cameos You Forgot About (CBR)

7:15 pm - Justice League Box Office: The DCEU Takes A Hit, While Wonder Surprises (Cinema Blend)

7:11 pm - How ‘Wonder’ Turned Wonderful At The Box Office With A $27M Opening Against Superhero Movie ‘Justice League’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:07 pm - Damon Lindelof Adapting Watchmen Because ‘We Need Dangerous Shows’ (Screen Rant)

7:00 pm - What to Expect From a Justice League Sequel (CBR)

6:57 pm - ‘It’ Director Andrés Muschietti Shares a Spooky Sketch of Pennywise the Clown (Indiewire)

6:51 pm - How Justice League Sets Up Ben Affleck’s Eventual Exit From The DCEU (Cinema Blend)

6:31 pm - ‘Parks and Rec’ Producer Mike Schur Says Kevin Spacey Was ‘The Most Open Secret That’s Ever Existed’ (Indiewire)

6:30 pm - The 15 Most Offensive Roles That DCEU Actors Want You To Forget (CBR)

6:29 pm - ‘Roman J. Israel, Esq.’ and ‘Mudbound’ Vie Against Fall Box Office Hits (Indiewire)

6:26 pm - Guillermo del Toro: ‘Antiques Roadshow’ Almost Kept Me from Pitching ‘The Shape of Water’ Star Sally Hawkins (Indiewire)

6:21 pm - HBO ‘Night Of Too Many Stars’ Sees Host Jon Stewart Spar With Stephen Colbert (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:01 pm - Is Justice League Too Short? (CBR)

6:00 pm - Harvey Weinstein Had a ‘Secret Hitlist’ of 91 Names to Prevent From Speaking Out About Him — Report (Indiewire)

5:56 pm - ‘Roman J. Israel, Esq.’ Bows OK; ‘Three Billboards’ & ‘Lady Bird’ Extend Robust Runs – Specialty Box Office (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:49 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Thunders Past $700M at Worldwide Box Office (CBR)

5:42 pm - Jim Lee Reviews Justice League in Lengthy Social Media Post (CBR)

5:39 pm - Russell Simmons Accused Of Forcing Sex On Model While Brett Ratner Watched (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:28 pm - ‘SNL’ WikiLeaks Cold Open Is Further Proof That Eric Trump Is Its Funniest Character — Watch (Indiewire)

5:26 pm - Justice League’s Domestic Opening Is Worst of the DCEU (Screen Rant)

5:11 pm - Weekend Box Office Wrap-up: November 19, 2017 (Screen Rant)

5:07 pm - ‘Saturday Night Live’ Ratings Steady With Host Chance The Rapper & Eminem (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:00 pm - Justice League: 15 Cameos You Absolutely Can’t Miss (CBR)

4:41 pm - ‘SNL’ Vs Al Franken: Weekend Update Takes On A Former Writer (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:39 pm - ‘Justice League’ Lassos $185.5M Overseas, $281.5M WW; ‘Thor’ Rocks To $738M Global – International Box Office (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:24 pm - Justice League Takes $96M Domestic and Reaches $185.5M Overseas (Coming Soon)

4:12 pm - Justice League Falls Short of $100M Its First Weekend at the Box Office (CBR)

4:01 pm - How Justice League Signals Darkseid’s Arrival in the DCEU (CBR)

3:38 pm - Justice League Fans Petition for Release of Zack Snyder’s Original Cut (Screen Rant)

3:30 pm - In A Flash: The 15 Most Paused Moments In The Arrowverse (CBR)

3:19 pm - Justice League: Petition Launches for Zack Snyder’s Director’s Cut (CBR)

3:01 pm - How Justice League Establishes Green Lanterns in the DCEU (CBR)

12:01 pm - 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Joss Whedon’s Canceled Wonder Woman Movie (Screen Rant)

10:28 am - 2017 Top 100 Comic Book Storylines: #60-56 (CBR)

4:01 am - 17 Times Superman Came Back From The Dead (Screen Rant)

2:24 am - Damon Lindelof on Why We Need a New ‘Watchmen’ Now: ‘What We Think About Superheroes is Wrong’ (Indiewire)

2:15 am - Justice League Reshoots Erased Aquaman’s Mythology (Screen Rant)

2:12 am - Leaked Justice League Deleted Scenes Feature Iris West & Cyborg VR (Screen Rant)

12:30 am - Channel Surfers: 15 Actors Who Appeared On Both Marvel And DC TV (CBR)

Nov 18, 2017

10:01 pm - How Justice League Confronts the Biggest Aquaman Stereotype (CBR)

10:01 pm - 15 Superpowered Kids WAY Stronger Than Their Parents (Screen Rant)

9:41 pm - New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Video Features Way More Finn (Cinema Blend)

9:35 pm - Ben Affleck Was Billed by WB After Stealing a Batarang (Screen Rant)

9:19 pm - Danny Elfman Wants DC Movies To Maintain its Rich ‘Musical Heritage’ (Screen Rant)

8:37 pm - Jim Lee Calls Justice League a ‘Move in the Right Direction For the DCEU’ (Screen Rant)

8:01 pm - 15 Burning Questions We Had After Justice League (Screen Rant)

8:01 pm - Justice League: What’s That Song Playing in The Flash’s HQ? (CBR)

7:35 pm - Can Justice League’s Aquaman Speak To Fish? Here’s What Jason Momoa Says (Cinema Blend)

7:05 pm - Justice League Scores a B+ CinemaScore (Screen Rant)

7:01 pm - Justice League Brings Hope to the DCEU (CBR)

7:00 pm - Justice League Legends Revealed (CBR)

6:39 pm - Ben Affleck Got Billed For Stealing Justice League Props (Cinema Blend)

5:51 pm - 7 Major Questions We Have After Justice League (Cinema Blend)

5:39 pm - How DC Could Replace Ben Affleck As Batman (Cinema Blend)

5:27 pm - ‘The Incredibles 2’ Trailer: Baby Jack-Jack Has Powers of His Own in the Long-Awaited Sequel — Watch (Indiewire)

5:27 pm - The Funny Batman Joke Justice League Cut Out, According To Ezra Miller (Cinema Blend)

5:25 pm - What Jake Gyllenhaal Would Look Like as Batman (Screen Rant)

5:01 pm - Do Justice League’s Post-Credits Tease a Sequel — Or Something Else? (CBR)

5:00 pm - ‘Call Me by Your Name’: Read the First Chapter of Andre Aciman’s Book Before Seeing the Movie (Indiewire)

4:27 pm - Justice League Grosses $82.1 Million Globally on Friday (Coming Soon)

4:10 pm - Do You Need To See Batman V Superman To Understand Justice League? (Screen Rant)

4:07 pm - Justice League: Is The Flash Faster Than Superman? (Screen Rant)

4:01 pm - Justice League’s Ending, Explained (CBR)

3:44 pm - Why Was Superman’s CGI-Erased Mustache So Bad in Justice League? (Screen Rant)

3:37 pm - One Star Wars Actor Who’s Definitely Returning For Episode IX (Cinema Blend)

3:30 pm - 15 Justice League Easter Eggs You Totally Missed (CBR)

2:58 pm - The Batman: Rumored Continuity, Casting Details Emerge (CBR)

2:30 pm - Justice League’s Biggest Spoilers & DCEU Reveals (Screen Rant)

2:01 pm - Justice League (Finally) Gets Superman Right (CBR)

2:00 pm - The 15 Worst Looking On-Screen Justice League Members (CBR)

1:20 pm - Was That Really Zeus in Justice League’s Flashback? (Screen Rant)

12:56 pm - How Does Co-Creating Wonder Woman Not Warrant a ‘Thanks’ in Justice League? (CBR)

10:02 am - 2017 Top 100 Comic Book Storylines: #70-61 (CBR)

6:14 am - Ezra Miller Reveals One Justice League Joke That Was Cut (Screen Rant)

3:30 am - Justice League: The 10 Most Embarrassing Members (And The 10 Best) (CBR)

3:01 am - 15 DC Concept Art Designs Better Than What We Got (Screen Rant)

1:30 am - Superhero Bits: Justice League Box Office, The New Kick-Ass, Infinity War Trailer Rumor & More (Slashfilm)

1:23 am - Why Justice League Cut One Key Side Character, According To Jason Momoa (Cinema Blend)

1:00 am - ‘Justice League’ Post-Credits Scene Explained (Slashfilm)

1:00 am - Matt Reeves’ Batman Rumor: It’s Not A Prequel Or Reboot (Screen Rant)

1:00 am - Justice League’s Parademons, Explained (CBR)

12:30 am - Justice League: Cyborg’s Origin And Movie Powers Explained (Screen Rant)

12:30 am - Daily Podcast: What DCEU Needs To Do Going Forward, Star Wars, Tarantino, Cinefamily, Catch-22 & More (Slashfilm)

12:30 am - 15 Justice League Stories Way Too Controversial For The DCEU (CBR)

12:24 am - Line it is Drawn: Lesser Known Justice League Teams! (CBR)

Nov 17, 2017

11:39 pm - ‘Justice League’: Why Joss Whedon is Only Receiving a Credit for Writing, Not Directing (Indiewire)

11:31 pm - Laurence Fishburne ‘Fantasized’ About Joining the MCU (Screen Rant)

11:31 pm - Zack Snyder Spoiled Justice League’s Post-Credits Scene Over A Year Ago (CBR)

11:01 pm - Justice League: The Most Brutal Reviews (Screen Rant)

11:00 pm - Justice League Reshoots: Every Change Whedon Made To Snyder’s Film (Screen Rant)

11:00 pm - Justice League Teases The Arrival of a New Team Member (CBR)

10:58 pm - Momoa Reveals, Can the DCEU’s Aquaman Talk To Fish? (CBR)

10:53 pm - Justice League Now Projected to Open Below Wonder Woman (Screen Rant)

10:44 pm - This Justice League Spoof Has Batman Creating The B-Team Out Of Howard The Duck And More (Cinema Blend)

10:36 pm - Ezra Miller Explains Why Justice League Cut A Batman Joke (CBR)

10:12 pm - Liza Koshy To Star In New YouTube Red Comedy Series ‘Liza On Demand’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:10 pm - Justice League’s Deleted Scenes Include Cyborg Flashback (Screen Rant)

10:07 pm - In Celebration of Justice League, Amazon Has These DC Movies Cheap Today (Cinema Blend)

10:07 pm - ‘Let It Fall’ Director John Ridley: Racial Progress Reversing Under Trump (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:06 pm - ‘All The Money In The World’ Posters: Severed Ear, No Spacey (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:01 pm - Paramount Pictures Taps Writer Barbara Curry For Dating App Killer Feature ‘Gasp’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:01 pm - Wendi McLendon-Covey Joins Voice Cast Of Open Road’s ‘Playmobil’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:00 pm - ‘The Four’ Fox Reality Competition Sets Sean Combs, DJ Khaled, Meghan Trainor & Charlie Walk As Stars, Gets Premiere Date (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:00 pm - ‘Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond’: Inside the Life of Andy Kaufman and his Spiritual Connection With Jim Carrey (Indiewire)

9:57 pm - White House Celebrates Donald Trump For Not Acknowledging Sexual Assault Claims (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:52 pm - ‘Brimstone & Glory’ Review: A Euphoric Documentary About Fireworks from the People Behind ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ (Indiewire)

9:52 pm - Trump’s FCC May Turn Local TV News Right-Wing: What To Know About the Sinclair-Tribune Merger (Indiewire)

9:51 pm - Justice League Opening Weekend Box Office Estimate Adjusts Way Down (CBR)

9:50 pm - ‘Justice League’ Currently Stumbling With $97M+ Opening: Is ‘Wonder’ & ‘Thor’ Cutting Into Business? (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:41 pm - ‘Suits’ Spinoff: Simon Kassianides Joins Potential Gina Torres-Toplined Offshoot (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:40 pm - ‘Mudbound’: Editing Dee Rees’ Complex Shifting Narrative Was an Award-Worthy Challenge (Indiewire)

9:39 pm - Andy Serkis On Directing ‘Breathe’ And A New ‘Jungle Book’; His Tips From Peter Jackson; And Oscar Talk For ‘Apes’ – Behind The Lens (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:38 pm - Box Office Prediction – Justice League vs. Thor: Ragnarok (Screen Rant)

9:33 pm - Justice League: Superman’s Resurrection Explained (Screen Rant)

9:31 pm - Fox And Viacom Lead Media Stock Rally Sparked By Merger Speculation (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:31 pm - Kat Dennings To Star In Hulu Pilot ‘Dollface;’ ‘I, Tonya’s Margot Robbie, Bryan Unkeless Producing (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:23 pm - AFI FEST Announces 2017 Winners: ‘The Insult,’ ‘Bodied,’ ‘What Will People Say,’ and More (Indiewire)

9:01 pm - How Justice League Changes Cyborg’s Origin (CBR)

8:44 pm - Ezra Miller Has A New Name For The DCEU, In Connection With Flashpoint (Cinema Blend)

8:39 pm - Zack Snyder Hasn’t Seen Justice League (Screen Rant)

8:26 pm - Cyborg’s Mother Was Originally Part of Justice League’s Story (CBR)

8:13 pm - Justice League: Jason Momoa Explains Why Vulko Scenes Were Cut (Screen Rant)

8:01 pm - Is Justice League Appropriate for Children? (CBR)

8:00 pm - Justice League: Steppenwolf’s Movie Powers Explained (Screen Rant)

7:53 pm - What's Happening With Wayne Manor At The End of Justice League? Let's Discuss (Cinema Blend)

7:25 pm - 'Justice League' Proves That 'Wonder Woman' Needs Patty Jenkins (Screen Crush)

7:21 pm - Justice League’s Post-Credits Scenes, Explained (CBR)

7:16 pm - How Much Justice League Made On Opening Night (Cinema Blend)

7:02 pm - Justice League: How Superman Returns From the Dead (CBR)

6:52 pm - Justice League: Why Willem Dafoe’s Vulko Was Cut From Film (CBR)

6:47 pm - Spielberg, Paul Thomas Anderson and ‘Star Wars’: Why We’re Excited For the Last Few Films of 2017 (Screen Talk Episode 173) (Indiewire)

6:30 pm - Gods Among Us: 15 Justice League Members Who Are Scarier Than Their Villains (CBR)

6:11 pm - Fans Are Already Petitioning For Zack Snyder's Cut Of Justice League (Cinema Blend)

6:06 pm - Justice League Adds $18 Million Overseas on Thursday (Coming Soon)

6:00 pm - Martian Manhunter Movie Could Happen, Says ‘Justice League’ Producer (Slashfilm)

5:57 pm - World’s Greatest Dad Designs Down Syndrome Comic Book Hero For His Son (Screen Rant)

5:50 pm - Justice League’s Green Lantern Tease Explained (Screen Rant)

5:41 pm - Justice League’s Thursday Box Office Bigger Than Wonder Woman (CBR)

5:35 pm - Fandango Reports Sensational Advance Group Ticket Sales For ‘Wonder’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:32 pm - Warner Bros Launches China Exchange Program With Casting, Management Focus (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:27 pm - Every Live-Action Marvel TV Series, Ranked (Screen Crush)

5:24 pm - Ben Affleck Calls Harvey Weinstein “Sleazy”, Admires Rose McGowan (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:21 pm - How The Justice League Movie Nods At Steve Trevor (Cinema Blend)

5:00 pm - Justice League: Why They Gave Up On ‘Unite the Seven’ (CBR)

4:58 pm - What’s After Justice League? Here’s Every DC Film in Development (Coming Soon)

4:55 pm - To 3D Or Not To 3D - Buy The Right Justice League Ticket (Cinema Blend)

4:20 pm - Justice League: 30 Easter Eggs & Secrets You Completely Missed (Screen Rant)

4:16 pm - Jake Gyllenhaal Has Already Revealed His Batman Voice (CBR)

4:07 pm - Timothée Chalamet and Sam Rockwell Set for PSIFF Honors, Lois Smith Gets Lifetime Achievement Award, and More (Indiewire)

4:05 pm - Justice League Tops Wonder Woman’s Thursday Box Office Debut (Screen Rant)

4:04 pm - 10 Moments From the 'Justice League' Trailers That Aren't in the Movie (Screen Crush)

3:40 pm - 33 'Justice League' Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed (Screen Crush)

3:37 pm - Henry Cavill Posts Heartfelt Thank You To Justice League Fans (Screen Rant)

3:32 pm - How Much Does Justice League Need to Earn to Break Even? (CBR)

3:30 pm - Justice League: What Was Steppenwolf’s Plan? (Screen Rant)

3:30 pm - Super Speed Bumps: 15 DCEU Plot Holes Justice League Needs To Fix (CBR)

3:28 pm - Justice League Opens to $13 Million at Thursday Previews (Coming Soon)

3:27 pm - Justice League Must Earn $600 Million To Break Even (Screen Rant)

3:10 pm - ‘Doctor Strange’ Co-Writer: Rotten Tomatoes’ Latest Move Proves Its Bias — Exclusive (Indiewire)

3:09 pm - 2017 Superhero Movies, Ranked By Oscar Potential (Cinema Blend)

3:01 pm - Justice League: Mother Boxes Explained (CBR)

3:00 pm - ‘Justice League’ Finally Gets Superman Right (Slashfilm)

2:55 pm - Is Justice League Too Dark For Kids? (Screen Rant)

2:37 pm - Justice League’s Rotten Tomatoes Score Is Dropping Lower & Lower (CBR)

2:32 pm - What Justice League 2 Needs to Do To Earn Better Reviews (Screen Rant)

2:30 pm - Danny Elfman Would Love To Score Justice League Solo Films (CBR)

2:14 pm - Stephen Colbert Puts Ben Affleck in the Hot Seat, Asks About Groping Accusation — Watch (Indiewire)

2:04 pm - Injustice 2 Releases Justice League Movie Gears & Skins (CBR)

1:30 pm - Cool Stuff: Mondo’s ‘Batman Returns’ and ‘Ratatouille’ Vinyl Soundtracks (Slashfilm)

1:00 pm - Justice League’s Ending Explained (Screen Rant)

1:00 pm - Justice League’s Post-Credits Scenes Explained In Detail (Screen Rant)

11:14 am - 4 Things Justice League Does Right, And One Thing It Did Wrong (Cinema Blend)

6:32 am - Justice League: Is The Post-Credits Scene Worth Waiting For? (Screen Rant)

4:38 am - Is Justice League OK For Kids? (Cinema Blend)

4:01 am - 15 Dark Secrets Batman Keeps From His Allies (Screen Rant)

3:30 am - 15 Scandalous Justice League Hook-Ups DC Wants To Keep Hidden (CBR)

2:41 am - Will Batman Appear In The Flashpoint Movie? Here's What Geoff Johns Says (Cinema Blend)

2:30 am - ‘Justice League’ Powering To $11M-$12M Thursday Night – Early Estimate (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:04 am - Justice League End Credits Scenes: What Happens, And What They Mean (Cinema Blend)

2:00 am - Somebody Save Meme: The 15 Funniest Smallville Memes (CBR)

1:47 am - Everything You Need To Know Before Seeing Justice League (Cinema Blend)

1:27 am - Geoff Johns Teases New Shazam! Comics (CBR)

1:17 am - Justice League Reviews – What Did You Think?! (Coming Soon)

1:00 am - Superhero Bits: Black Lightning Premiere Date, Deadpool 2 Easter Eggs & More (Slashfilm)

1:00 am - Check Out the Justice League Movie Gear & Skins in Injustice 2 (Screen Rant)

12:30 am - DC-EWW: 15 Controversies That Nearly Destroyed The DCEU (CBR)

12:30 am - Daily Podcast: Best Movie Trailers That Don’t Show The Movie, Justice League, MoviePass, Fantastic Beasts & More (Slashfilm)

12:29 am - Quentin Tarantino and the Fate of ‘#9’: 6 Questions Studios Should Ask Before Signing Hollywood’s Hottest Free Agent (Indiewire)

12:01 am - Justice League: Is the Post-Credits Scene Worth Waiting For? (CBR)

Nov 16, 2017

11:55 pm - The Flash’s Flashpoint Film Will Explore ‘the Batman Story of It All’ (CBR)

11:53 pm - The DCEU Will Be ‘Torn Asunder’ By Flashpoint (Screen Rant)

11:39 pm - Who The Batman Movie May Be Eyeing To Replace Ben Affleck (Cinema Blend)

11:17 pm - Amber Heard Throws Away Scripts That Use The Word Beautiful (Cinema Blend)

11:01 pm - How Superman Returned From the Dead in the Comics (CBR)

11:00 pm - Unite The Facts: 15 Things You Need To Know Before Seeing Justice League (CBR)

10:41 pm - Ben Affleck’s Future as Batman: The Mystery of Whether or Not He’ll Leave the DCEU Deepens (Indiewire)

10:40 pm - RUMOR: Gyllenhaal Eyed to Replace Affleck as Batman (CBR)

10:33 pm - Watch the Trailer for Season 2 of Netflix’s Frontier Starring Jason Momoa (Coming Soon)

10:15 pm - Marvel vs. DC at the Box Office: One Comes out on Top — but Not by Much (Indiewire)

10:00 pm - Justice League: Significance of Red Skies in DC Comics (CBR)

10:00 pm - Joss Whedon Likes Tweet Dissing ‘Justice League’ Villain, But the Tweet is Right (Slashfilm)

9:53 pm - Flashpoint: Geoff Johns Says ‘Batman Story’ Will Be a Big Part (Screen Rant)

9:35 pm - ‘Justice League’ Review: DC Superhero Mashup Proves That More Isn’t Necessarily Better (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:30 pm - The Justice Weak: 15 Justice Leagues Way Stronger Than The Movie Version (CBR)

9:27 pm - Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Reportedly Coming Early December (Screen Rant)

9:27 pm - Rumor: Matt Reeves Wants Jake Gyllenhaal for 'The Batman' (Screen Crush)

9:23 pm - Rampage Trailer: Watch The Rock Battle Giant Monsters (Screen Rant)

9:22 pm - Injustice 2: How To Unlock The Justice League Movie Gear (Screen Rant)

9:07 pm - The Batman Rumor: Jake Gyllenhaal Eyed to Replace Ben Affleck (Screen Rant)

8:56 pm - How Rotten Tomatoes’ New Facebook Show Is Holding Film Criticism Hostage (Indiewire)

8:12 pm - 8 Big Questions We Have After Watching 'Justice League' (Screen Crush)

8:00 pm - ‘Dietland’: Adam Rothenberg Set As Male Lead In AMC Drama Series (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:00 pm - Under The Memes: 15 Hilariously Dank Aquaman Memes (CBR)

8:00 pm - Facebook Offers New Tools For Creators (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:00 pm - Steve Harvey To Host New Year’s Eve Special For Fox (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:00 pm - Streaming Service BritBox Launches Xmas Specials and Simulcasts UK Shows (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:59 pm - Despite Privacy And Cost Fears, FCC Backs Next-Generation TV Standards (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:43 pm - Danger Girl Comic Book Series is Becoming a Movie and TV Show (Screen Rant)

7:41 pm - ‘The Royals’ Star Elizabeth Hurley Calls Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Mark Schwahn “Shocking Surprise” (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:30 pm - ‘Search Party’ Review: Season 2 is a Taut, Brooding, Heart Attack-on-TV That’s Just as Funny as Before (Indiewire)

7:30 pm - Iowa Movie Theater Refuses To Show Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Screen Rant)

7:30 pm - ‘The Chi’ Trailer: Lena Waithe & Common’s Gritty Personal Look At Chicago’s South Side (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:18 pm - ‘Step’ Documentary Competes For Oscar Attention As Director Amanda Lipitz Plans Fictional Adaptation (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:17 pm - ‘Dunkirk’ Wants to Be the Oscar Frontrunner, Sets Awards Season Re-Release in IMAX and 70mm Theaters (Indiewire)

7:15 pm - DCEU Producer: Ben Affleck ‘Planning’ To Star in The Batman (Screen Rant)

7:15 pm - Shea Whigham Cast In Dick Cheney & Neil Armstrong Movies (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:14 pm - Rumor: ‘The Batman’ Director Has a Back-Up Batman in Mind If Ben Affleck Bails (Slashfilm)

7:04 pm - Chiller Going Dark As NBCUniversal Axes Horror-Centric Channel (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:01 pm - ‘Dunkirk’ Marches Back Into Theaters With Imax & 70MM Runs During Thick Of Awards Season (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:01 pm - Can The DCEU Finally Elevate Kirby’s New Gods To A-Level Status? (CBR)

7:00 pm - ‘Cocaine Godmother’ Trailer: Catherine Zeta-Jones is History’s Most Notorious Female Drug Lord (Indiewire)

7:00 pm - ‘Cocaine Godmother’: Lifetime Lines Up Trailer & Premiere Date For Catherine Zeta-Jones Telefilm; 2 Other Pics Dated (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:58 pm - ‘The Royals’ Female Cast & Crew Members Speak Out, Accuse Showrunner Mark Schwahn Of Sexual Harassment (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:53 pm - In Landmark 3-2 Vote, FCC Relaxes Rules Limiting Local-Media Consolidation (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:52 pm - Universal Books Rights To Riley Sager Thriller Novel ‘Final Girls’ For Anonymous Content & Sugar23 (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:45 pm - ‘Black Lightning’ Gets Premiere Date, Post-‘Flash’ Time Slot By the CW (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:33 pm - Justice League Sets Brazil Box Office Opening Record (Screen Rant)

6:26 pm - ‘Shoot The Messenger’: Trailer, Premiere Date Set For WGN America Crime Thriller (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:17 pm - ‘Empire’ Posts Best Post-Premiere Ratings On Wednesday (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:14 pm - Henry Cavill Thanks DCEU Fans For Their Support (CBR)

6:09 pm - DCEU Producer Wants To Make Martian Manhunter Movie (Screen Rant)

6:02 pm - John Malone Says He Doesn’t Know What Antitrust Regulators Are “Smoking” (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:00 pm - ‘Messiah’: Netflix Orders Second Coming Of Jesus Drama Series From Mark Burnett & Roma Downey (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:00 pm - ‘Take Two’ Procedural From ‘Castle’ Creator Starring Eddie Cibrian & Rachel Bilson Gets Straight-To-Series ABC Order (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:00 pm - Constantin Film Lands Rights To Comic Series ‘Danger Girl’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:52 pm - Ben Affleck is ‘Certainly Planning’ to Star in The Batman (CBR)

5:50 pm - ‘Frontier’ Trailer: Netflix Unveils Look At Jason Momoa Series’ Season 2 (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:36 pm - ‘Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation’ Teaser: First Look At Monsters’ Holiday Clip, Photos & Poster (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:34 pm - Does Justice League Have a Post-Credits Scene? (Screen Rant)

5:33 pm - James Franco, Simon Kinberg, ‘Wonder Woman’ Scribe Allan Heinberg Team On Fox’s Marvel Mutant ‘Multiple Man’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:32 pm - Weinstein Company Wants Harvey Weinstein’s Email Account Suit Trashed (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:30 pm - NBC Buys Medical Drama From ‘Body Of Proof’ Creator Chris Murphey & Timberman/Beverly (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:27 pm - ‘Justice League’ Bats Out $8.5M On Day One At International Box Office (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:25 pm - Justice League International Box Office Numbers Coming In (Coming Soon)

5:16 pm - Mitch McConnell Calls For Ethics Committee To Investigate Sen. Al Franken (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:15 pm - TV Land Cancels ‘Lopez’ & ‘Throwing Shade’ As ‘Nobodies’ Moves To Paramount Network (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:09 pm - Gal Gadot Was Pregnant And Worked Out A System For Vomiting On The Justice League Set (Cinema Blend)

5:01 pm - Justice League Producer On Wonder Woman 2, Snyder & Affleck’s DC Futures (CBR)

5:00 pm - ABC Developing Missing Plane Drama ‘Flight 410’ From ‘The Last Ship’ Writer (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:52 pm - Zack Snyder Holds Justice League Screening For Disabled Kids (CBR)

4:24 pm - Joss Whedon Liked A Comment Hating On Justice League's Villain And Now Some Fans Are Mad (Cinema Blend)

4:15 pm - Batman Director May Already Have Ben Affleck’s Replacement In Mind (CBR)

4:01 pm - Justice League: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Parademons (Screen Rant)

3:35 pm - 'Justice League's Delayed Rotten Tomatoes Score Is Finally Here (Screen Crush)

3:22 pm - Whedon Angers DC Movie Fans By Liking Tweet Criticizing Justice League (CBR)

3:00 pm - ‘Justice League’ Review: A Safer (and Far Less Interesting) DC Superhero Movie (Slashfilm)

2:30 pm - Justice League: What Happened To ‘Unite The Seven?’ (Screen Rant)

2:13 pm - Joss Whedon Likes Tweet Bashing Justice League Villain (Screen Rant)

2:00 pm - REVIEW: Superman Mesmerizes, But Uneven Justice League Stumbles (CBR)

2:00 pm - 16 Unbelievable DCEU Cosplays Compared To The Real Thing (CBR)

1:12 pm - Justice League’s Rotten Tomatoes Score Officially Revealed (Screen Rant)

1:12 pm - Justice League’s Rotten Tomatoes Score Officially Revealed (It’s Not Good) (CBR)

1:00 pm - Justice League Review: DC Films Rebirth Has Begun (Screen Rant)

1:00 pm - Justice League Spoilers Discussion (Screen Rant)

12:01 pm - 15 Superhero Movies You Didn’t Know Were Coming In 2018 (Screen Rant)

5:39 am - Flash is the Best of the Best in Justice League TV Spot (Screen Rant)

5:07 am - The Batman Director Rumored to Have Someone in Mind if Affleck Departs (Screen Rant)

4:13 am - CinemaSins Reveals Everything Wrong With Wonder Woman (Screen Rant)

4:01 am - Every Adaptation Of Superman, Ranked From Best To Worst (Screen Rant)

3:50 am - Watch Batman Forever Get Ripped Apart In New Honest Trailer (Cinema Blend)

3:30 am - The Dork Knight: 15 Shameful Images Of Batman You Can’t Unsee (CBR)

2:16 am - Rampage: Dwayne Johnson Debuts Monstrous First Poster (CBR)

1:00 am - Superhero Bits: Jack Black’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Challenge, Marvel’s Phase 4 & More (Slashfilm)

12:57 am - ‘Wonder’ Review: Heartwarming Julia Roberts-Jacob Tremblay Family Movie Puts Bullies In Their Place (Deadline|Hollywood)

12:30 am - Daily Podcast: Should Our Feelings About The Filmmaker Taint The Movie? Justice League, Tom Cruise, LotR & More (Slashfilm)

12:13 am - Justice League Mortal: Armie Hammer ‘Glad’ Film Never Happened (CBR)

Nov 15, 2017

10:47 pm - Zachary Levi Says Shazam! is ‘Big, But With Superpowers’ (Screen Rant)

9:50 pm - ‘Justice League’ Post-Credits Scenes: What They Are and Why They Give Us Hope for the DC Extended Universe (Indiewire)

9:30 pm - Reel Steel: 16 Times Movies And TV Ruined Superman (CBR)

9:12 pm - How Much Justice League Could Make At The Worldwide Box Office This Weekend (Cinema Blend)

9:10 pm - ‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Jenna Elfman Cast As Series Regular For Season 4 (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:01 pm - ‘Wonder’ Filmmaker Stephen Chbosky Attached To Disney’s ‘Prince Charming’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:00 pm - Tom Sizemore Staying On Indie Movie ‘Made Vicious’, Producers Say (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:00 pm - /Answers: Our Favorite Movie Teams (Slashfilm)

8:56 pm - Hayley Mills Heads Off-Broadway; Encores! Off-Center Names New Artistic Directors: NY Briefs (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:35 pm - Armie Hammer ‘Relieved’ Justice League Mortal Never Happened (Screen Rant)

8:30 pm - FX Developing ‘Crimetown’ Based On Podcast; Ted Melfi To Direct & Executive Produce (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:30 pm - Opening Weekend ‘Justice League’ Box Office Tracking Higher Than ‘Wonder Woman’, Lower Than ‘BvS’ (Slashfilm)

8:18 pm - Justice League Opening Not Expected To Top Thor: Ragnarok (Screen Rant)

8:17 pm - Oscars 2018: Pete Hammond Breaks Down The Winners And Losers Of The Fall Festivals (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:15 pm - ‘The X-Files’ & New ‘9-1-1’ Get Premiere Dates On Fox (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:00 pm - Justice League Needs to Prove Cyborg Is an A-List Hero (CBR)

7:55 pm - The 'Justice League' Rotten Tomatoes Score May Have Leaked Early (Screen Crush)

7:43 pm - Why Armie Hammer's Glad He Didn't Get To Play Batman In That Failed Justice League Movie (Cinema Blend)

7:34 pm - Why DC Characters Can’t Get Reviews as Good as Marvel’s (Screen Rant)

7:20 pm - Gal Gadot Addresses Sexual Harassment in Hollywood (Screen Rant)

7:00 pm - ‘Justice League’ Rotten Tomatoes Score Leaked Early and It’s Surprising (Slashfilm)

6:46 pm - Justice League’s Rotten Tomatoes Score Leaked By App (Screen Rant)

6:42 pm - Warner Bros. Wins ‘Paddington 2’ Bidding War (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:42 pm - Warner Bros. Wins ‘Paddington 2’ Bidding War (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:34 pm - 5 Things To Know About Justice League's Villain (Cinema Blend)

6:30 pm - Aquaman Had an Offscreen Meeting With Superman in ‘Man of Steel’ According to Jason Momoa (Slashfilm)

6:00 pm - Injustice 2’s Hellboy, Raiden & Sub-Zero Endings Are Amazing (CBR)

5:38 pm - Justice League Amazon Actors Defend Costumes (Screen Rant)

5:24 pm - Rotten Tomatoes Delays ‘Justice League’ Score, But Flixster Reveals the ‘Rotten’ Truth (Indiewire)

5:13 pm - What Actually Happened With The Gal Gadot And Brett Ratner Situation (Cinema Blend)

4:43 pm - Justice League Reviews Are In, Here's Where The Critics Stand (Cinema Blend)

4:40 pm - 'Justice League' Reviews Call the Movie More of an Injustice (Screen Crush)

4:37 pm - ‘Wonder Woman 2’ Star Gal Gadot Clarifies Brett Ratner Boycott Story: ‘Everyone Knew What Was the Right Thing to Do’ (Indiewire)

4:34 pm - Gal Gadot Clears Up Rumors About ‘Wonder Woman 2’ & Brett Ratner (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:28 pm - Justice League’s Rotten Tomatoes Score Revealed By Movie App (CBR)

4:13 pm - Zack Snyder Movies Ranked from Worst to Best (Indiewire)

4:01 pm - Justice League: 15 Things You didn’t Know About The Watchtower (Screen Rant)

3:56 pm - How It Felt For One Amazon To Wear A Skimpier Costume In Justice League Than In Wonder Woman (Cinema Blend)

3:47 pm - Who’s Really Responsible For Delaying Justice League’s Rotten Tomatoes Score? (Screen Rant)

3:41 pm - ‘Justice League’ Actress Defends Skimpy Amazon Costumes: ‘I Have Never Felt More Empowered’ (Indiewire)

3:32 pm - Justice League Is Already Outperforming Wonder Woman In One Big Way (Cinema Blend)

3:30 pm - 15 Perfect Superhero Movie Castings That Turned Out Awful (CBR)

3:11 pm - Those Expensive 'Justice League' Reshoots Made Up About 15-20% of the Movie (Screen Crush)

2:41 pm - Justice League Eyes $325 Million Global Opening (CBR)

2:35 pm - The Merc With the Mouth Gets Artistic in New 'Deadpool 2' Teaser (Screen Crush)

2:15 pm - ‘Deadpool 2’ Teaser Trailer: Ryan Reynolds Reminds Us Why the World Needs an R-Rated Superhero (Indiewire)

2:00 pm - ‘Batman Forever’ Honest Trailer: The Worst Movie You’ve Seen 30 Times (Slashfilm)

1:49 pm - Ben Affleck Jokes About Sexual Harassment in Hollywood During ‘Justice League’ Interview — Watch (Indiewire)

1:32 pm - Justice League’s Metacritic Score is Better Than BvS So Far (Screen Rant)

1:00 pm - Justice League: What the Critics Are Saying (CBR)

1:00 pm - The Morning Watch: Batman & Superman Edition – Moms DVD Commentary, Costume History & More (Slashfilm)

12:09 pm - Netflix Orders Italian Teen Prostitution Drama ‘Baby’ From Fabula Pictures (Deadline|Hollywood)

12:01 pm - 16 Superheroes You Never Knew Defeated Thor (Screen Rant)

9:55 am - What Will Justice League’s Rotten Tomatoes Score Be? (Screen Rant)

8:03 am - Justice League Early Reviews: A Fun But Flawed DC Rebirth (Screen Rant)

7:50 am - ‘Justice League’ Review: D.C.’s Epic Action Showdown is a Wannabe ‘Avengers’ Movie (Indiewire)

7:50 am - 'Justice League' Review: Another DC Movie Disappointment (Screen Crush)

7:49 am - Justice League Review (Coming Soon)

7:22 am - Justice League Review (Cinema Blend)

6:21 am - Justice League Projected For Highest DCEU Opening Weekend (Screen Rant)

5:57 am - Justice League Hot Toys Now Available for Pre-Order at Sideshow (Screen Rant)

4:48 am - Shazam & Billy Batson Actors Meet in New Photo (Screen Rant)

4:17 am - Man of Steel: Aquaman Fan Theory Confirmed by Jason Momoa (CBR)

4:01 am - Justice League: 17 Things You Didn’t Know About Aquaman (Screen Rant)

3:40 am - Justice League Actor Speaks Up on Amazon Costume Controversy (CBR)

3:14 am - ‘Justice League’ To Prevail Around The World With $325M+ Start – Box Office Preview (Deadline|Hollywood)

1:44 am - Jason Momoa Just Confirmed A Cool Man Of Steel Theory (Cinema Blend)

12:42 am - 14 DC Characters The DCEU Should Introduce Next (Cinema Blend)

12:41 am - Jason Momoa Confirms Man of Steel/Aquaman Fan Theory (Screen Rant)

12:30 am - 15 Superhero Actors Who Showed More Than We Could Handle In Other Movies (CBR)

12:30 am - Daily Podcast: Justice League, Galaxy Quest, Paul Scheer, Scorsese, Mario Bros, Get Out, Pinocchio & More (Slashfilm)

Nov 14, 2017

11:20 pm - Why Ben Affleck Ultimately Decided To Play Batman (Cinema Blend)

11:01 pm - 15 Things Marvel Movies ‘Stole’ From DC (Screen Rant)

11:00 pm - 15 On-Screen Batman Ranked From Worst To Best (CBR)

10:25 pm - DC's Shazam Has Met His Billy Batson, Check It Out (Cinema Blend)

10:04 pm - ‘Marvel’s Runaways’ Review: Super-Powered Teen Angst Pays Off For Hulu (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:01 pm - 9 Superhero Shows Canceled Too Soon (And 6 That Need To Go) (Screen Rant)

9:26 pm - Quentin Tarantino Receiving Wild Pitches From Studios to Buy New Movie, From Classic Cars to Mock Posters (Indiewire)

9:26 pm - Which Villains Should Be In DC's Cyborg Movie, According To Ray Fisher (Cinema Blend)

9:18 pm - Women and People of Color Directed More TV Than Ever This Season, and It Didn’t Cost White Men Any Work (Indiewire)

9:10 pm - Wonder Woman 2: Gadot & Jenkins Clarify Brett Ratner Situation (Screen Rant)

8:57 pm - ‘mother!’: Download Darren Aronofsky’s Most Polarizing Screenplay for Free (Indiewire)

8:45 pm - ‘Mindhunter’ Visual Effects Video Reveals David Fincher’s Obsessive Attention to Detail — Watch (Indiewire)

8:31 pm - George Takei Apologizes For Sexual Assault Comment on Howard Stern, Says He Was Playing A ‘Naughty Gay Grandpa’ (Indiewire)

8:30 pm - ‘Justice League’ Reshoots Make Up 15-20% of the Movie (Slashfilm)

8:15 pm - Wonder Woman 2: Gadot & Jenkins Clarify Ratner’s Involvement (CBR)

8:01 pm - 15 Most Worthless Justice League Members, Ranked (Screen Rant)

8:01 pm - Doomsday Clock Trailer, Team, Release Date, And Every Update We Know (CBR)

7:59 pm - Justice League Producer Suggests Whedon May Have Shot 15-20 Percent of Film (CBR)

7:24 pm - Watch The Trailer For Jimmy Kimmel And J.J. Abrams' Hilarious Comic Book Movie Idea (Cinema Blend)

7:14 pm - Why Rotten Tomatoes Is Delaying The Justice League Score (Screen Rant)

7:00 pm - Dark Nights: Metal – Hal Jordan Just Proved He’s The League’s Best (CBR)

6:55 pm - Batman: Gotham by Gaslight Box Art, Special Features Revealed (CBR)

6:28 pm - Rotten Tomatoes Delays Justice League Score (CBR)

6:00 pm - Ben Affleck and More Star in a J.J. Abrams-Directed Trailer for a Superhero Comic Written By 10-Year-Old Jimmy Kimmel (Slashfilm)

5:41 pm - 7 Things We Want To See In 'Justice League' (Screen Crush)

5:33 pm - What's Happening With Man Of Steel 2, According To One DC Producer (Cinema Blend)

5:30 pm - Rotten Tomatoes is Delaying the ‘Justice League’ Score to the Day Before Release (Slashfilm)

5:29 pm - Batman: Gotham by Gaslight Release Date Set for February 2018 (Coming Soon)

5:16 pm - Jason Momoa Is Super Pumped To Start Filming The Crow Reboot, Check It Out (Cinema Blend)

5:14 pm - Justice League Has Screened, Here's What James Wan Thinks (Cinema Blend)

5:08 pm - Ben Affleck Plays Batman For His Son (Screen Rant)

4:53 pm - You Won't See 'Justice League's Rotten Tomatoes Score Until Thursday Morning (Screen Crush)

4:52 pm - Batman Recruits Aquaman in New Justice League Promo (CBR)

4:51 pm - Ben Affleck & Matt Damon Auditioned For Robin In Tim Burton’s Batman (Screen Rant)

4:30 pm - Ben Affleck & Matt Damon Auditioned to Play Robin in Tim Burton’s Batman (CBR)

4:24 pm - Will Affleck Return As Batman? Producer ‘Can’t Really Say For Certain’ (CBR)

4:07 pm - J.J. Abrams Adapts Jimmy Kimmel’s Childhood Comic Book (Screen Rant)

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2:54 am - Why Justice League Is So Important For Superman, According To Henry Cavill (Cinema Blend)

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Nov 13, 2017

11:26 pm - Justice League: Reportedly 15-20% Is From Joss Whedon’s Reshoots (Screen Rant)

11:25 pm - Watch the Justice League Red Carpet World Premiere Live Stream (Coming Soon)

11:02 pm - Here's Why Wonder Woman 2 Was Probably Moved Up (Cinema Blend)

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10:14 pm - Gadot’s Wonder Woman Ultimatum Over Ratner Might Not Have Happened (CBR)

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9:42 pm - DC Comics Fires Eddie Berganza Following Sexual Assault Scandal (Screen Rant)

9:30 pm - 8 Characters That Are OP In The DCEU (And 7 They Made Weaker) (CBR)

8:54 pm - DC Rebirth’s Aquaman Design Was Almost Inspired by Momoa’s DCEU Version (CBR)

8:43 pm - Justice League Will Feature the ‘True’ Superman, Cavill Says (CBR)

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1:01 am - 17 Times Superman Totally ABANDONED The Justice League (Screen Rant)

Nov 12, 2017

11:29 pm - Justice League Fan Trailer Gives the Heroes An ’80s Style Intro (Screen Rant)

11:01 pm - Prepare for Superman’s Rebirth With Road to Justice League Recap Video (Screen Rant)

10:40 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Already Beat Logan & Wonder Woman at Int’l Box Office (Screen Rant)

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9:08 pm - ‘Thor’ Reigns as ‘Daddy’s Home 2’ and ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ Score — Box Office (Indiewire)

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Nov 11, 2017

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8:39 pm - Amy Adams Receives American Cinematheque Award, and Michael Shannon Stands in for Meryl Streep (Indiewire)

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Nov 10, 2017

11:39 pm - Box Office Prediction – Thor: Ragnarok vs. Murder on the Orient Express (Screen Rant)

9:43 pm - Ben Affleck Explains How Zack Snyder & Joss Whedon Are Complimentary (Screen Rant)

9:37 pm - Why Jason Momoa Was Hired As Aquaman, According To Zack Snyder (Cinema Blend)

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6:35 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Holds Off New Releases at Thursday Box Office (Screen Rant)

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5:39 pm - ‘Justice League’ First Reactions Agree Zack Snyder’s Superhero Epic is ‘Flawed’ But ‘Better Than Expected’ (Indiewire)

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2:38 pm - Justice League: Smiling Superman Joins The Cast in BTS Photo (CBR)

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1:00 pm - Gods A-Meme Us: 15 Hilarious Injustice 2 Memes (CBR)

12:04 pm - How Aquaman Will Evolve From Justice League To His Solo Film, According To Jason Momoa (Cinema Blend)

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1:00 am - Superhero Bits: Deadool’s Turkey Tips, RIP Mjolnir, New Justice League Score Preview & More (Slashfilm)

Nov 9, 2017

10:13 pm - Which DC Heroes Justice League's Cast Wants To Join For A Sequel (Cinema Blend)

10:00 pm - Workplace Accidents: 15 Times Teammates Killed Each Other (CBR)

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8:30 pm - Meme Of The Crop: 15 Hysterical Justice League Memes (CBR)

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6:01 pm - 8 Most Powerful (And 7 Lamest) Justice League Villains, Ranked (Screen Rant)

5:30 pm - Modern Marvels: 15 IRL Inventions You Won’t Believe Started In Comic Books (CBR)

4:56 pm - Kevin Feige Thinks the Animosity Between MCU and DCEU Fans Is 'Ridiculous' (Screen Crush)

4:23 pm - New Punisher Video Reveals A Badass Fight In A Stairwell (Cinema Blend)

3:44 pm - Justice League Is Not A Comedy, Says Producer (Screen Rant)

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1:39 am - Orville’s Palicki Was ‘Devastated’ Over Failed Wonder Woman Series (CBR)

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Nov 8, 2017

11:30 pm - Teen Titans: 15 Embarrassing Members That Brought Shame To The Team (CBR)

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