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Feb 14, 2018

3:51 pm - Apparently, Spider-Man Tried To Use The Vulture In A Much Earlier Movie (Cinema Blend)

2:36 pm - Michael Keaton in Talks to Star in What is Life Worth (Coming Soon)

1:17 pm - Michael Keaton In Talks For ‘What Is Life Worth’; David Frankel Helming From Max Borenstein’s Black List Script – Berlin (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:37 am - Thomas Haden Church Still Thinks Topher Grace Was a Great Venom (Screen Rant)

2:27 am - Spider-Man 3 Originally Introduced Vulture, Not Venom (Screen Rant)

Feb 13, 2018

11:22 pm - Lindsey Beer, Geneva Robertson-Dworet to Write Silver and Black (Coming Soon)

10:17 pm - Why Black Panther's Director Isn't Thinking About A Sequel Yet (Cinema Blend)

9:30 pm - 15 MCU Supporting Characters That Look Nothing Like They Should (CBR)

7:22 pm - Why The Flash Is Like DC's Version Of Spider-Man (Cinema Blend)

7:00 pm - Why African American Audiences are so Connected to ‘Black Panther’ (Slashfilm)

5:00 pm - Is Black Panther’s Post-Credits Scene Worth Waiting For? (Screen Rant)

3:00 pm - Why It Took So Long to Get a Black Panther Movie (Screen Rant)

10:47 am - What You Need To Remember About The MCU In Advance Of Black Panther (Cinema Blend)

5:00 am - Lumiere Awards: ‘Blade Runner 2049’, ‘Coco’ Score Multiple Wins (Deadline|Hollywood)

1:00 am - Superhero Bits: Alex Garland Wants to Make Swamp Thing, Justice League: Mortal Concept Art & More (Slashfilm)

Feb 12, 2018

9:00 pm - ‘Flashpoint’ Directors Discuss Their ‘Ground-Level’ Superhero Movie (Slashfilm)

8:19 pm - Black Panther Could Join Top 5 Superhero Movie Openings Ever (Screen Rant)

7:51 pm - Flashpoint Directors Got the Job Thanks to Spider-Man & Game Night (Screen Rant)

6:54 pm - Why The New Flash Directors Are Excited About Tackling Flashpoint (Cinema Blend)

6:42 pm - Flash & Spider-Man Being ‘Relatable’ Is What Drew Flashpoint Directors (Screen Rant)

3:01 am - 10 Best (And 10 Worst) Marvel Movies, Ranked According To Rotten Tomatoes (Screen Rant)

Feb 11, 2018

11:00 pm - 15 Crazy Behind The Scenes Marvel Movie Connections Fans Never Think About (CBR)

7:59 pm - Doctor Strange 2 Is The Best MCU Film To Introduce A Mutant (Screen Rant)

7:00 pm - Black Panther’s TV Promos Show a Change in Superhero Marketing (CBR)

6:16 pm - ‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Collars $98M Overseas; ‘Jumanji’ Now Sony’s #3 WW Release Ever – International Box Office (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:08 pm - Solo: A Star Wars Story Cast Assembles In New Poster (Screen Rant)

4:39 pm - Fifty Shades Climax Tops Global Box Office with $136.9 Million (Coming Soon)

12:22 am - Natalie Portman is Open to Returning to MCU as Jane Foster (Screen Rant)

Feb 10, 2018

3:36 pm - How Donald Glover Worked On Marvel’s Black Panther (Cinema Blend)

3:00 am - 15 Controversial Times Characters Changed Their Race (And It Angered Fans) (CBR)

1:47 am - Finest Kind: Jake Gyllenhaal, Ansel Elgort, Zendaya Set to Star (Coming Soon)

12:30 am - 8 On-Screen Costumes That Look Exactly Like They Should (And 7 That Don’t) (CBR)

Feb 9, 2018

11:23 pm - Black Panther: Why Donald & Stephen Glover Are Thanked in the End Credits (CBR)

9:05 pm - Donald & Stephen Glover Consulted on Black Panther Script (Screen Rant)

6:48 pm - The Spider-Man Villain Ryan Coogler Wanted To Use In Black Panther (Cinema Blend)

6:20 pm - Ryan Coogler Wanted Kraven the Hunter in Black Panther (Screen Rant)

2:49 pm - Scorpion Is The Key To Bridging The MCU & The Spider-Man Spinoffs (Screen Rant)

3:48 am - Venom’s First Trailer Breakdown: Every Clue & Reveal (Screen Rant)

Feb 8, 2018

9:03 pm - Everyone NOT In Marvel’s 10 Year Anniversary Cast Photo (Screen Rant)

3:30 pm - Ant-Man And The Wasp: 8 Hard Facts We Know (And 7 Juicy Rumors We’ve Heard) (CBR)

2:35 pm - Tom Hardy Meets His Inner Demons in First 'Venom' Teaser Trailer (Screen Crush)

2:02 pm - Venom Trailer Reveals First Look At Tom Hardy’s Symbiote Movie (Screen Rant)

1:15 pm - Black Panther Generated More Than $80 Million For Georgia’s Economy (Screen Rant)

1:54 am - ‘Black Panther’ Generates $89.3 Million For Georgia Economy (Deadline|Hollywood)

Feb 7, 2018

11:00 pm - 15 Canceled Superhero Shows We’ll Never Get To See (CBR)

5:27 pm - 'Venom' Unveils Official Poster, Trailer to Premiere Tomorrow (Screen Crush)

3:14 pm - Solo: A Star Wars Story EW Cover Revealed, New Pictures (Coming Soon)

12:35 am - Tom Holland Reunites With Robert Downey Jr for Doctor Dolittle (CBR)

Feb 6, 2018

11:46 pm - Antonio Banderas, Michael Sheen Cast in Voyage Of Doctor Dolittle (Coming Soon)

11:23 pm - Robert Downey Jr.’s Doctor Dolittle Movie Fills Out Its Cast (Screen Rant)

6:16 pm - A Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle Sequel Is In The Works (Cinema Blend)

5:54 pm - Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Writers Returning For Sequel (Screen Rant)

5:01 pm - Black Panther Review (Cinema Blend)

5:00 pm - ‘Black Panther’ Review: Ryan Coogler Delivers the Best Marvel Movie So Far (Indiewire)

3:47 pm - Black Panther Official Runtime Confirmed At 134 Minutes (Screen Rant)

2:00 pm - 15 Times That Marvel Has Pushed The Envelope With Being PG (CBR)

Feb 5, 2018

9:10 pm - Thor: Ragnarok’s OTHER Cameos Finally Revealed (Screen Rant)

6:34 pm - Jumanji Just Matched Impressive Titanic Box Office Record (Screen Rant)

6:05 pm - Marvel Legends Infinity War Figures Include Thanos & Iron Spider (Screen Rant)

3:57 pm - The Awesome Way The Avengers: Infinity War Directors Worked To Prevent Story Leaks (Cinema Blend)

6:01 am - 16 A-Listers You Completely Missed In Spider-Man Movies (Screen Rant)

Feb 4, 2018

11:01 pm - 16 Superheroes (And Villains) You Didn’t Know Were Coming To The Big Screen In 2018 (Screen Rant)

7:44 pm - Jumanji Tops Winchester At Super Bowl Weekend Box Office (Screen Rant)

4:01 am - 15 Things You Didn’t Know About the Iron Man Trilogy (Screen Rant)

Feb 3, 2018

11:00 pm - 10 Superhero Movies Currently In Development (And 10 That Are Rumored) (CBR)

9:30 pm - 8 MCU Costumes That Didn’t Live Up To Expectations (And 7 That Surpassed Them) (CBR)

3:28 pm - Sony Entertainment Reportedly May Be Up For Sale (Screen Rant)

2:08 pm - REPORT: Sony’s Television and Film Assets May Go Up for Sale (CBR)

Feb 2, 2018

7:54 pm - Road to Infinity: Where the Marvel Characters Begin in Infinity War (Coming Soon)

4:32 pm - Is Lupita Nyong’o The Secret Villain Of Black Panther? (Screen Rant)

Feb 1, 2018

10:54 pm - Expect The First Venom Trailer In The Next Two Weeks (Screen Rant)

8:30 pm - ‘Game Night’ Trailer: When Friendly Fun Turns Deadly Hilarious (Slashfilm)

6:13 pm - Marvel Can Have Spider-Man Fight The Sinister Six in Homecoming 2 (Screen Rant)

6:04 pm - Jason Bateman's 'Game Night' Gets Real With a New Trailer (Screen Crush)

1:22 pm - Kendrick Lamar Unveils Black Panther Album Track List & Cover Art (Screen Rant)

Jan 31, 2018

8:48 pm - ‘Black Panther’ Selling More Fandango Advanced Tickets Than Its Superhero Predecessors (Indiewire)

8:02 pm - ‘Women Rule Supreme’ in MCU’s Next Phase, Says Tessa Thompson (CBR)

6:30 pm - Venom: 8 Rumors We Need To Be True (And 7 Things We Know) (CBR)

6:01 pm - 20 Things You Completely Missed In The MCU (Screen Rant)

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