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Jan 16, 2018

10:30 pm - Method To The Madness: 15 Actors Who Took Their Superhero Movie Role Way Too Seriously (CBR)

8:51 pm - Venom: Deleted Tom Hardy Post Supports Carnage Rumors (Screen Rant)

6:41 pm - Check Out Ant-Man And The Wasp's Costumes Up Close In New Image (Cinema Blend)

6:30 pm - ‘Everything Sucks!’ Teaser Trailer: Netflix’s New Series Goes to High School in 1996 (Slashfilm)

6:00 pm - Deadline’s New Hollywood Podcast: ‘The Greatest Showman’ Breakout Keala Settle Finds Inspiration In Anthemic ‘This Is Me’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:15 pm - ‘Pinkalicious & Peterrific’ Toon Based On Book Series Coming To PBS Kids – TCA (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:25 pm - The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 Unveils Tense First Trailer And More (Cinema Blend)

4:12 pm - Timothée Chalamet Plans to Donate Salary From Woody Allen Film to Time's Up and Other Charities (Screen Crush)

3:30 pm - 15 Things Christopher Nolan Got Completely Wrong About Batman (CBR)

3:13 pm - Selena Gomez’s Mother Had ‘Long Talk’ With Actress About Working With Woody Allen and ‘It Didn’t Click’ (Indiewire)

4:01 am - 11 Famous Actors Who Live In Their Parents’ Shadows (And 7 Who Outshine Them) (Screen Rant)

3:18 am - These Black Panther Fan Posters Are Better Than the Real Ones (Screen Rant)

1:00 am - ‘Hitman’ TV Series Teased by DC’s Geoff Johns (Slashfilm)

Jan 15, 2018

11:26 pm - ‘The Trade’: Exclusive Look At Showtime’s Opioid Epidemic Docuseries Ahead Of Sundance Premiere (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:18 pm - Oscars 2018 Comes Down to What Male Voters Are Thinking in the Year of #TimesUp (Indiewire)

7:36 pm - The Best Sundance Films of All Time — IndieWire Critics Survey (Indiewire)

6:00 pm - 19 B-List Stars Who Became A-List Thanks To Marvel (CBR)

4:00 pm - Doomsday Clock, Dark Nights: Metal & Phoenix Resurrection Top a Slow December (CBR)

3:01 pm - When Black Panther Had a Brain Aneurysm And Everyone Just Ignored It (CBR)

2:51 pm - Black Panther’s Backup Gets the Spotlight in “Entourage” TV Spot (Screen Rant)

5:01 am - 15 D-List Actors Who Act Like They’re A-Listers (Screen Rant)

4:22 am - Batman Beyond’s Little Brother is DC’s Next Robin (Screen Rant)

12:00 am - The 15 Juiciest Behind-The-Scenes Scandals In Superhero TV History (CBR)

Jan 14, 2018

10:45 pm - A&E Network Debuts Marcia Clark Docudrama, Nancy Grace & Dan Abrams Live Audience Debates – TCA (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:03 pm - ‘StartUp’: Mira Sorvino To Guest On Season 3 Of Sony Crackle Thriller — TCA (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:29 pm - ‘SNL’: ‘Tucci Gang’ Is the Hip-Hop Tribute to Stanley Tucci We Deserve — Watch (Indiewire)

9:00 pm - Fire And Fury: 15 Secrets About Nick Fury, Revealed (CBR)

8:01 pm - The 16 Best (And 16 Worst) Star Wars Characters (Screen Rant)

6:00 pm - Eliza Dushku Accuses ‘True Lies’ Stunt Coordinator of Molestation, James Cameron Responds [TCA 2018] (Slashfilm)

5:49 pm - How Chris Evans Copes with Anxiety (CBR)

Jan 13, 2018

6:29 pm - New Black Panther Video Highlights The Dora Milaje (Cinema Blend)

6:08 pm - Where Ben Affleck Might Make His Final Batman Appearances (Cinema Blend)

1:01 am - 16 Lord Of The Rings Stars Whose Careers Flopped After The Movies Ended (Screen Rant)

12:47 am - Marvel’s Black Panther: The Illustrated History of a King (CBR)

Jan 12, 2018

11:57 pm - How The Last Jedi's Rose Changed When Kelly Marie Tran Was Cast (Cinema Blend)

10:30 pm - 8 Superhero Movie Casting Changes That Worked (And 7 That Failed) (CBR)

10:01 pm - 15 Spider-Man Projects That Were Completely Abandoned (Screen Rant)

8:59 pm - Emily V. Gordon & Kumail Nanjiani Say ‘The Big Sick’ Was Better Than Therapy: Awards Season Spotlight Profile (Indiewire)

7:30 pm - Black Panther: Dora Milaje Video Spotlights Wakanda’s Warriors (Screen Rant)

6:01 pm - 5 Marvel Characters We Want to See in a Black Widow Film (CBR)

5:06 pm - IT Stars Hype Up Easter Eggs & Blu-ray Bonus Features (Screen Rant)

3:21 pm - The Interesting Way Grey’s Anatomy Is Keeping Up With The New Interns (Cinema Blend)

1:06 pm - The Post Review: Spielberg’s Triumphant Ode To Journalism (Screen Rant)

5:25 am - 11th Cinema Eye Honors Topped By Yance Ford’s ‘Strong Island’ And Netflix (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:05 am - 2018 Cinema Eye Honors Bet On New Generation of Filmmakers, As Yance Ford’s ‘Strong Island’ Makes History (Indiewire)

4:01 am - X-Men: 17 Characters You Didn’t Know Were Possessed By The Phoenix Force (Screen Rant)

3:00 am - Big Bang Theory: 15 Embarrassing Pictures The Cast Doesn’t Want Anyone To See (CBR)

Jan 11, 2018

11:20 pm - How The Roseanne Revival Is Going To Deal With Politics (Cinema Blend)

10:39 pm - Respect Rally Set For Sundance 2018 As Alfre Woodard, Scarlett Johansson + More Join Jan. 20 LA Women’s March (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:12 pm - Hulu's The Looming Tower Trailer Is Powerful And Sobering (Cinema Blend)

9:33 pm - This Is What The Black Widow Movie Should Be About (Screen Rant)

9:01 pm - 15 Actors Who Completely Disappeared After Their Movies Bombed (Screen Rant)

9:00 pm - Sundance Film Festival: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Ava DuVernay, Joan Jett, & More Round Out Panels (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:19 pm - Where The Post Ranks On The List Of All-Time Great Journalism Movies (Cinema Blend)

8:00 pm - Timothée Chalamet & Armie Hammer on Sex Scenes in ‘Call Me By Your Name’: Awards Season Spotlight Profile (Indiewire)

7:41 pm - Donkey Kong Is Joining Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Cinema Blend)

6:10 pm - BritBox Comedy ‘Mum’: Lesley Manville Shines Spotlight On Sexagenarian Life (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:01 pm - Star Wars: 8 Best (And 7 Worst) Performances, Ranked (Screen Rant)

5:46 pm - IT’s Pennywise Was Kept Separated from Child Stars During Filming (Screen Rant)

2:53 pm - Dark Souls, Donkey Kong, Kirby, and Mario Tennis Updates for the Nintendo Switch (Coming Soon)

12:59 am - ‘Young Sheldon’: Jim Parsons & Iain Armitage Bond Over Playing The Same Character At Different Ages — TCA (Deadline|Hollywood)

12:55 am - ‘Punisher: War Zone’ Director Outs Herself As Sh***y Men In Media List Creator (Deadline|Hollywood)

12:01 am - 15 Hollywood Sweethearts Who Were Unfaithful (Screen Rant)

Jan 10, 2018

10:00 pm - FoxNext Previews ‘Isle Of Dogs Behind The Scenes (In Virtual Reality)’ At CES (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:44 pm - 12 Great Movies That Got Zero Oscar Nominations (Screen Crush)

8:01 pm - The Legion Battle Reign in Supergirl Midseason Return Extended Trailer (Screen Rant)

8:01 pm - Holly Hunter Was ‘Inspired’ by Ray Romano on ‘The Big Sick’: Awards Season Spotlight Profile (Indiewire)

7:30 pm - Netflix’s ‘Dirty Money’ Trailer Takes On Greed And Corruption (Slashfilm)

6:01 pm - 10 TV Shows That Won’t Be Back In 2018 (And 5 We Can’t Wait To See) (Screen Rant)

2:53 pm - Fox In Talks To Buy 10 Local TV Stations From Sinclair: Report (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:53 pm - Fox In Talks To Buy 10 Local TV Stations From Sinclair: Report (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:18 pm - When Did Superman First Show a Vulnerability to Magic? (CBR)

2:00 pm - CDG Awards Nominations Announced For Film & TV Costuming (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:02 am - DC’s ‘Biker’ Wonder Woman Joins Gotham Garage (Screen Rant)

4:22 am - Greta Gerwig Says She “Will Not” Work For Woody Allen Again, Realized She “Increased Another Woman’s Pain” (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:18 am - Paul Haggis To Face Rape Accuser’s Lawyers; Director Dumped By Charity (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:01 am - 15 Child Stars From The ’90s Who Look Amazing Today (Screen Rant)

1:26 am - Bart & Fleming: Beyond Oprah Political Launchpad, Did Somber Globes Globes Tell Us Anything About Oscar Race? (Deadline|Hollywood)

Jan 9, 2018

11:01 pm - 17 Stars You Forgot Were In The Hunger Games (Screen Rant)

10:01 pm - Shameless: 15 Dark Behind-The-Scenes Secrets (Screen Rant)

9:16 pm - Cinematographers Guild (ASC) Nominates Roger Deakins and Rachel Morrison (Indiewire)

9:01 pm - ASC Awards Noms: ‘Blade Runner 2049’, ‘Darkest Hour’, ‘Dunkirk’, ‘The Shape Of Water’, ‘Mudbound’ On Marquee List (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:00 pm - Bebop And Rocksteady: 15 Strange Facts Even Huge TMNT Fans Never Knew (CBR)

5:00 pm - NBC’s “Female Forward” Directors Initiative Officially Launches With Call For Submissions (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:00 pm - Movie Comic Strips Reimagine Some of the Best of 2017 (Slashfilm)

3:00 pm - PaleyFest 2018 Lineup Set; Barbra Streisand Icon Tribute Is Kickoff (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:30 pm - 2018 BAFTA Nominations Love ‘The Shape of Water’ and ‘Three Billboards’, But Shut Out ‘The Post’ (Slashfilm)

4:37 am - The Major New Character Big Little Lies Is Adding For Season 2 (Cinema Blend)

3:00 am - 15 Comic Covers You’d Never Want Your Parents To See (CBR)

2:55 am - When Will The Ant-Man And The Wasp Trailer Release? (Screen Rant)

Jan 8, 2018

11:24 pm - Women In Film, Los Angeles Unveils 32nd Annual Film Finishing Fund Recipients (Deadline|Hollywood)

11:01 pm - 15 Stars Who Lost Their Jobs In 2017 (Screen Rant)

7:54 pm - ‘Scandal’ Ending: With Shonda Rhimes Off to Netflix, ABC Boss Says A Future Revival Looks Unlikely (Indiewire)

7:10 pm - Goku Black Takes the Spotlight in New Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer (Screen Rant)

7:00 pm - Pennywise Lives: ‘It’ Deleted Scenes, Special Features and More From the Blu-ray (Slashfilm)

6:24 pm - New Injustice 2 Video Shows Off Enchantress' Powers (Cinema Blend)

5:00 pm - 17 Marvel Characters Who Are Impossible To Cosplay (But Fans Still Pulled Off) (CBR)

4:54 pm - Vin Diesel In Talks to Lead a Superhero Franchise of His Own With Sony's 'Bloodshot' (Screen Crush)

2:15 pm - EXCLUSIVE: Cable’s New Comic Villain is Earth’s Only Hope (Screen Rant)

6:01 am - 17 Actors You Didn’t Know Married Normal People (Screen Rant)

4:23 am - Golden Globes TV Review: Oprah Bright Spot In Earnest Seth Meyers-Hosted Show (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:31 am - Oprah Winfrey Uses Cecil B. DeMille Award to Spotlight #MeToo Movement: ‘A New Day Is on the Horizon’ (Indiewire)

Jan 7, 2018

8:00 pm - 15 Movies That Prove These MCU Actors Are Nothing Without Marvel (CBR)

6:13 pm - Specialty Box Office Soars with ‘Molly’s Game,’ ‘Darkest Hour,’ ‘The Post’ and ‘I, Tonya’ (Indiewire)

6:00 pm - Golden Globes: “Times Up” Activists To Join Meryl Streep, Amy Poehler & Others In Show Of Support For Justice (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:54 pm - Red Sparrow Teaser Poster Spotlights Jennifer Lawrence As A Spy (Screen Rant)

1:30 pm - 7 Insane Cartoon Reboots Fans Hated (And 8 They Went Crazy For) (CBR)

5:01 am - 15 Child Stars Who Disappeared After Just One Movie (Screen Rant)

4:01 am - 16 Actors Who Hated The Roles That Made Them Famous (Screen Rant)

12:01 am - 17 Secrets Behind High School Musical (Screen Rant)

Jan 6, 2018

10:30 pm - David Nevins Talks About Being “Blindsided” By Mark Halperin And Volume Of Hollywood Assault Claims (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:00 pm - 15 Disney Kids Who Grew Up Gorgeous (CBR)

8:33 pm - Jerry Van Dyke Dies: Emmy-Nominated ‘Coach’ Actor Was 86 (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:12 pm - National Society Of Film Critics: Daniel Kaluuya, Sally Hawkins Win Acting Awards (Deadline|Hollywood)

1:16 pm - The Legion of Super-Heroes Sure Do Choke a Lot (CBR)

12:02 pm - Spider-Man Can’t Get Rid of the Tarantula That Easily! (CBR)

11:11 am - How the Deadpool Film Brought Negasonic Teenage Warhead Back to Comics (CBR)

1:58 am - Pete Hammond’s Notes On The Season: Oscar Voting Starts; Starry AFI Awards Draws Top Contenders; ‘The Post’ And Jessica Chastain Light Up Palm Springs (Deadline|Hollywood)

1:39 am - Wonder Woman's Best Picture Chances Just Got A Huge Boost (Cinema Blend)

Jan 5, 2018

11:30 pm - Adorkable: 15 Superhero Movie Nerds (Who Are Unbelievably Attractive IRL) (CBR)

10:12 pm - David Letterman's New Netflix Show Now Has A Trailer And A Release Date (Cinema Blend)

9:25 pm - Gail Simone Helms New Domino Series for Marvel (CBR)

9:21 pm - ‘The X-Files’: 3 Reasons Not to Worry About Season 11 Being the End (Indiewire)

8:00 pm - Sean Baker on Perfecting the Artful Issue Film in ‘The Florida Project’ — Awards Season Spotlight Profile (Indiewire)

7:00 pm - Watch: Mark Romanek Directs Dancing Robots in Justin Timberlake’s ‘Filthy’ Music Video (Slashfilm)

6:00 pm - David Letterman’s Netflix Show Arrives Later This Month, Barack Obama is the First Guest (Slashfilm)

5:18 pm - The Best Original Screenplay Oscar Winners of the 21st Century Ranked, From ‘Her’ to ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ (Indiewire)

2:01 am - 15 Secrets You Didn’t Know About The Sopranos (Screen Rant)

1:48 am - King Kong Joins The Planet of The Apes in New Comic (Screen Rant)

1:30 am - This Is Us Star Sterling K. Brown Is Heading To Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Cinema Blend)

Jan 4, 2018

11:01 pm - 21 Stars Who Hid Their Pregnancies From The World (Screen Rant)

9:29 pm - The X-Files Creator Confirms A Super Specific Detail About The Cigarette-Smoking Man (Cinema Blend)

9:07 pm - Black Lightning: First Look at Nafessa Williams as Thunder (Screen Rant)

8:00 pm - Jake Gyllenhaal Reveals Which Scene in ‘Stronger’ ‘Kind of Undid’ Him: Awards Season Spotlight Profile (Indiewire)

6:30 pm - ‘The Chi’ Review: Lena Waithe’s Compelling Showtime Drama Highlights the Beating Heart in Chicago’s South Side (Indiewire)

6:19 pm - Upcoming Disney Movies: Full List Of Titles And Release Dates (Cinema Blend)

2:01 pm - Is Doomsday Clock Counting Down To A DC Comics Civil War? (CBR)

9:10 am - What Happened to the Eternals’ Plan to Attack the Kree With Galactus? (CBR)

7:02 am - ‘The Flash War’ Will Decide DC’s Main Speedster (Screen Rant)

12:00 am - ‘Insidious: The Last Key’ Clip: Ghost and Demons and Keyholes (Slashfilm)

Jan 3, 2018

10:01 pm - 15 Movie Couples You Didn’t Know Dated In Real Life (Screen Rant)

8:43 pm - Palm Springs 2018: Guillermo Del Toro and ‘Call Me’ Stars Celebrate Among Heightened Security and Hope for a Better 2018 [11:49 (Indiewire)

8:00 pm - Daniela Vega on Finding the Light in Sebastian Lelio’s ‘A Fantastic Woman’: Awards Season Spotlight Profile (Indiewire)

5:00 pm - Dragon Ball Super: 8 Ways It’s Better Than DBZ (And 7 Ways It’s Worse) (CBR)

4:02 pm - Will Smith & Joel Edgerton Returning For Bright Sequel (Screen Rant)

3:54 pm - A Little Kid Sang Remember Me From Coco To His Little Sister Who Passed Away (Cinema Blend)

3:30 pm - 15 Things The Animated X-Men Can Do (That Movie X-Men Can’t) (CBR)

1:00 pm - ‘Grown-ish’ Review: This Smart and Spirited College Comedy Should Appeal to More Than Just ‘Black-ish’ Fans (Indiewire)

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