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Sep 25, 2017

5:22 am - Voltage Bests Director In Battle Over Mel Gibson’s ‘The Professor & The Madman’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

Sep 24, 2017

11:00 pm - Twist And Groan: The 15 Absolute Worst Plot Twists In Superhero Movies (CBR)

Sep 23, 2017

3:00 pm - Owning Is Half The Battle: The 15 Most Expensive G.I. Joe Figures (CBR)

1:30 pm - 8 Reasons Young Justice Was Better Than Justice League (And 7 Why It Was Worse) (CBR)

2:01 am - 15 Celebs That Got Hotter After They Stopped Being Famous (Screen Rant)

1:30 am - 8 Social Justice Issues Superman Fought Against (And 7 He Fought For) (CBR)

Sep 22, 2017

11:29 pm - A Star is Born Opens Summer 2018, I, Tonya Gets Awards Release (Coming Soon)

7:33 pm - New 'mother!' Ad Spotlights the Film's Bad Reviews (Screen Crush)

6:01 pm - Where Are They Now? Kim Possible (Screen Rant)

5:53 pm - Riverdale Season 2 Premiere Puts Pop Tate in the Spotlight (CBR)

5:30 pm - 15 Horrible Superhero Shows You Pushed Out Of Your Mind (CBR)

5:13 pm - Stronger Review (Cinema Blend)

4:59 pm - Hollywood Reporter Sued For $5M Over “False” Sony Hack Coverage (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:48 pm - 1922 Trailer: Thomas Jane Returns to the World of Stephen King (Coming Soon)

4:24 pm - ‘DuckTales’ Review: Fun and Feminist Premiere Gives Margo Martindale Another Chance to Shine (Indiewire)

4:13 pm - Divorce Comedy With Royal Family Twist From Meghan Markle’s Ex-Husband Trevor Engelson Set At Fox With Big Commitment (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:07 pm - Big Lit News: Howie Sanders, Kassie Evashevski Exit UTA For Anonymous Content (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:22 pm - ‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’ Review: This Biopic About Winnie the Pooh’s Creator Is Totally Run of the Milne (Indiewire)

12:15 pm - Finn Jones Begins Iron Fist Season 2 Training (Screen Rant)

3:24 am - Gotham: Where Was Barbara in the Season 4 Premiere? (Screen Rant)

Sep 21, 2017

11:45 pm - ‘Stranger Things’ Throwback Thursday Posters: The Duffer Brothers Never Say Die (Slashfilm)

11:12 pm - ‘Watchmen’: Why The Length of the HBO Series Will Affect the Story (Indiewire)

11:09 pm - ‘The Vietnam War’: Ken Burns Reveals Why John McCain Wasn’t Interviewed for the POW Section of the Documentary (Indiewire)

11:01 pm - 15 On-Screen Siblings Who Actually HATED Each Other (Screen Rant)

6:41 pm - ‘Riverdale’ Production Continues Despite K.J. Apa Car Crash (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:41 pm - ‘Riverdale’ Production Continues Despite AJ Apa Car Crash (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:52 pm - ‘Cielo’ Trailer: Awe-Inspiring NYFF Documentary Premiere Reaches for the Heavens — Watch (Indiewire)

4:31 pm - Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton Want to Tell the Billie Jean King Story You Don't Know in 'Battle of the Sexes' (Screen Crush)

4:01 pm - Taron Egerton Doesn’t Want New Kingsman Characters To Steal The Spotlight (Screen Rant)

1:00 pm - Secret Geeks: 15 Celebs You Never Knew Were Comic Book Nerds (CBR)

3:54 am - Animation Is Film Festival Announces Full Slate (Deadline|Hollywood)

Sep 20, 2017

9:37 pm - Marvel Legacy is ‘Act 3’ of a Larger Plan for the Marvel Universe (CBR)

9:13 pm - Matt Damon’s BAFTA Britannia Award May Be His Only Win This Year (Indiewire)

9:01 pm - 16 Netflix Original TV Shows You Didn’t Know Were Coming In 2018 (Screen Rant)

9:00 pm - When Is Netflix’s The Punisher Coming Out? (CBR)

7:30 pm - Wonder Woman ’77 Meets Bionic Woman: All the Easter Eggs from #5! (CBR)

5:45 pm - Meet the Voice Cast of 'Ferdinand' (Including Peyton Manning's Bull) in the New Trailer (Screen Crush)

2:58 pm - ‘Tales From the Tour Bus’ Review: Mike Judge’s Clever Cartoon is Outlaw Country’s ‘Drunk History’ (Indiewire)

5:51 am - New Walking Dead Pictures Might Be Telling Us Who Season 8’s Most Important Characters Are (Cinema Blend)

Sep 19, 2017

9:32 pm - Wonder Woman Honest Trailer: The Hero The DCEU Needs (Screen Rant)

8:43 pm - Tomb Raider Trailer: Lara Croft’s First Adventure Begins (Screen Rant)

7:30 pm - Wonder Woman ’77 Meets Bionic Woman: All the Easter Eggs from #3-4! (CBR)

6:20 pm - ‘Gotham’ Season 4 Extended Trailer Goes Full ‘Dark Knight’ — Watch (Indiewire)

5:40 pm - Will Bruce Wayne Become Batman in Gotham Season 4? (Screen Rant)

4:47 pm - Memo to Distributors: Buy These 2017 TIFF Movies (Indiewire)

3:58 pm - ’30 Rock’: The 25 Episodes You Need to Watch Before Tina Fey’s Iconic Comedy Leaves Netflix (Indiewire)

2:02 pm - 'Gilbert' Trailer: Meet the Real Gilbert Gottfried (Screen Crush)

12:30 pm - Fake IDs: The 15 Most Shocking Superhero Secret Identity Reveals (CBR)

4:44 am - WWE Raw: How Big Will the Cena & Reigns Rivalry Get? (Screen Rant)

3:28 am - Funko Reveals Line of Classic Tron Figures That Glow in the Dark (Screen Rant)

Sep 18, 2017

11:56 pm - Gotham Season 4 Extended Trailer: From Darkness Comes Light (Screen Rant)

11:02 pm - Superman & Wonder Woman’s Son To Kill [SPOILER]? (Screen Rant)

10:59 pm - Cult of Chucky Motion Posters Introduce Chucky’s Potential Victims (Screen Rant)

10:54 pm - ‘All I See Is You’ Trailer: Blake Lively Struggles With Her Newly Reclaimed Sight in Upcoming Thriller — Watch (Indiewire)

9:06 pm - The 10 Returning Shows Left in 2017 You Need to Know About (Indiewire)

8:11 pm - Follow the Money in Amazon's First 'Jack Ryan' TV Series Teaser (Screen Crush)

7:30 pm - Wonder Woman ’77 Meets Bionic Woman: All the Easter Eggs from #1-2! (CBR)

7:00 pm - INTERVIEW: Simone Teases ‘Fun,’ ‘Surprising’ Wonder Woman/Conan Series (CBR)

5:41 pm - TIFF 2017 Report Card: Critics Rank the Best Films and Performances (Indiewire)

4:02 pm - ‘I, Tonya’ To Close Hamptons Film Festival As Lineup Set (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:41 pm - Game of Thrones Season 7 Videos Explore Arya’s Biggest Moments (Screen Rant)

3:23 pm - Why The Walking Dead Season 8 Premiere Is Like Nothing We've Seen, According To Danai Gurira (Cinema Blend)

3:03 pm - Star Wars 8: Luke’s Final Costume Revealed In Trading Card (Screen Rant)

4:57 am - ‘Stranger Things’ ‘Westworld’ & ‘Feud’ Fizzle At Emmys Against ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ & ‘Big Little Lies’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:11 am - Emmys TV Review: Trump Overkill Stains Stephen Colbert’s Hosting Debut (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:58 am - Nicole Kidman Spotlights “Insidious” Disease Of Domestic Abuse In Emmy Speech (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:38 am - John Oliver’s ‘Last Week Tonight’ Wins Best Variety Talk Series; Stephen Colbert And Jimmy Kimmel Drink (Deadline|Hollywood)

Sep 17, 2017

4:27 pm - Mister Miracle Will Take a (Short) Break Between Issues 6 and 7 (CBR)

4:22 pm - IT Almost Included A Pennywise Flashback Scene (Cinema Blend)

12:30 pm - Sharkboy And Lavagirl: What Does The Cast Look Like Now? (CBR)

3:01 am - 7th Heaven: 15 Dark Behind-The-Scenes Secrets You Had No Idea About (Screen Rant)

Sep 16, 2017

10:01 pm - 15 Actors Who Got Their Co-Stars Fired (Screen Rant)

9:16 pm - Justice League: Wonder Woman ‘Understands The Enemy’ (Screen Rant)

8:00 pm - TV Bits: ‘Cobra Kai’ Plot Details, ‘The Punisher’ Images, ‘Star Trek Discovery’ Reviews (Slashfilm)

5:32 pm - Batman & Wonder Woman Feel the Loss of Superman in Justice League (Screen Rant)

5:00 pm - ‘Chappaquiddick’ Review: Jason Clarke Plays Ted Kennedy in an Absorbing, Maddening Drama [TIFF] (Slashfilm)

4:01 pm - Friends: 15 Easter Eggs That You Definitely Missed (Screen Rant)

2:47 pm - Thor 3 Director Hilariously Reveals Korg Funko Pop (Screen Rant)

12:00 pm - X-Men The Animated Series: 15 Things That Went Horribly Wrong (CBR)

4:01 am - 10 Huge Actors Who Never Used Steroids (And 10 Who Clearly Did) (Screen Rant)

2:36 am - 7 X-Force Members Who Should Appear In The Upcoming Movie (Cinema Blend)

2:01 am - 15 Actors Who Lost A LOT Of Weight For Only One Role (Screen Rant)

12:00 am - The Marvel Cinematic Universe: 15 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Revealed (CBR)

Sep 15, 2017

10:03 pm - Criterion Collection Announces December Titles, Including ‘Election’ and ‘Monterey Pop’ (Indiewire)

9:01 pm - 15 Famous Actors Whose Unknown Siblings Are Even Better Looking (Screen Rant)

6:00 pm - Powerless: 15 Actors Who Would Never Do Another Superhero Movie (CBR)

5:01 pm - IT: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Pennywise The Clown (Screen Rant)

3:38 pm - Wonder Woman Could Face Oscar Competition From Another Superhero Movie (Cinema Blend)

1:59 pm - ‘Walking Dead’ Lawsuit: Frank Darabont & CAA Face Off Against AMC In NYC Court (Deadline|Hollywood)

11:01 am - Star Trek: 15 Dark Behind-The-Scenes Secrets You Never Knew (Screen Rant)

Sep 14, 2017

10:30 pm - Spike Jonze Created a Live Dance Film With Mia Wasikowska and Lakeith Stanfield on the Set of ‘The Tonight Show’ (Slashfilm)

9:14 pm - ‘Mary Shelley’ Review: Elle Fanning Sparkles Inside a Lifeless Biopic — TIFF (Indiewire)

8:30 pm - The Dark Knight Trilogy: 15 Pieces Of Eye-Popping Concept Art (CBR)

7:35 pm - Selena Gomez Reveals Kidney Transplant In Moving Post (Cinema Blend)

5:01 pm - 15 Things Spider-Gwen Can Do That Spider-Man Can’t (Screen Rant)

4:34 pm - ‘Badass’ Nightwing Movie Will Have Action & Heart, Director Promises (CBR)

3:24 pm - Stranger Things Salutes Jaws With Latest #StrangerThursdays Poster (Screen Rant)

2:38 pm - Get a Good Look at Guillermo del Toro's Monster in 'The Shape of Water' Red Band Trailer (Screen Crush)

12:45 pm - Marvel Takes Back a Major SECRET EMPIRE Death (Screen Rant)

1:01 am - 15 Dark Secrets From My Strange Addiction You Had No Idea About (Screen Rant)

Sep 13, 2017

9:45 pm - How Arrow's New Black Canary Will Cause Trouble For Everyone In Season 6 (Cinema Blend)

8:30 pm - 15 Actors You Totally Forgot Were In Superhero Movies (CBR)

7:00 pm - AFI Fest: Robert Altman Chosen For Inaugural Retrospective (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:15 pm - How IT’s Pennywise Actor Came Up With His Creepy Smile (Screen Rant)

5:39 pm - Riverdale Season 2 Trailer: People Hold Grudges In This Town (Screen Rant)

5:00 pm - Scott Snyder Reveals Metal’s Dark Batmen & Cannibalistic Robin Origins (CBR)

4:30 pm - The 15 Absolute Worst DC Comics Events Of The ’90s (CBR)

3:01 pm - 15 Famous Actors Who REALLY Aren’t Aging Well (Screen Rant)

1:46 pm - Kiefer Sutherland’s Nelson Wright Returns in Flatliners TV Spot (Coming Soon)

12:36 pm - ‘Revenge’: Inside the TIFF Premiere so Intense That Paramedics Were Called (Indiewire)

11:01 am - 15 Dark Secrets The Duck Dynasty Stars Don’t Want You To Know (Screen Rant)

5:51 am - Angela Bassett: Fans Should ‘Get Ready’ for Black Panther (Screen Rant)

4:14 am - Vikings Renewed For Season 6, Months Before Season 5 Will Air (Cinema Blend)

2:00 am - 20 Hilarious DCEU Memes That Will Split Your Sides (CBR)

Sep 12, 2017

9:06 pm - ‘The Death And Life Of Marsha P. Johnson’ Trailer: Docu Tells The Overlooked Story Of Trans Activist (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:00 pm - Taking Aim: 8 Things The Arrowverse Does Right (And 7 They Do Wrong) (CBR)

8:44 pm - ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’, ‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’ Set For Hamptons International Film Festival (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:09 pm - Why IT Made That Major Change To Beverly In The Movie (Cinema Blend)

3:33 pm - Why Returning To SNL Is Still So Nerve-Wracking, According To Seth Meyers (Cinema Blend)

3:33 pm - Why Returning To SNL Is Still So Nerve-Wracking, According To Seth Meyers (Cinema Blend)

2:31 pm - Lionsgate CEO Calls Starz Buildup His Highest Priority (Deadline|Hollywood)

1:51 pm - 'I, Tonya' Review: Margot Robbie Is Better Than Ever as Tonya Harding (Screen Crush)

3:00 am - 15 Comic Book Panels Marvel Doesn’t Want You To See (CBR)

2:33 am - Blumhouse Boss: ‘Cut My Hand Off’ If Halloween Remake Not Ready by 2018 (Screen Rant)

2:15 am - ‘Preacher’ Review: A Murky Season 2 Finale Shows the Danger of Having Nothing to Believe In (Indiewire)

Sep 11, 2017

11:00 pm - ‘Hellboy’ Reboot Eyes Daniel Dae Kim as Replacement for Ed Skrein (Slashfilm)

10:48 pm - Jude Law, Diego Luna and Liev Schreiber Join Woody Allen Film (Coming Soon)

7:30 pm - ‘Wonder Woman 2’ Finally, Officially Lassos Director Patty Jenkins (Slashfilm)

7:26 pm - Freestyle Digital Nabs Mitchell Lichtenstein’s Thriller ‘Angelica’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:00 pm - INTERVIEW: Charles Soule Is Building His Creator-Owned Brand (CBR)

3:00 pm - Dark Nights: Metal #1 Sells Over a Quarter-Million Copies (CBR)

2:29 pm - Captain Phasma Rescues BB-9E From Starkiller Base In Marvel Comic (Screen Rant)

2:19 pm - Dave Chapelle Wins First Emmy for Hosting Saturday Night Live (Screen Rant)

1:20 pm - Will Ragnarok Make Thor King of Asgard? (Screen Rant)

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