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Sep 20, 2017

8:49 pm - ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Co-Exec Producer Wendy Molyneux Talks Emmy Win, Season 8 Guest Stars, And “Beef Relief” (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:27 pm - Tom Cruise Just Answered All The Butt-Related Questions We Have (Cinema Blend)

8:19 pm - The Gifted Introduces the Sentinel Services (Screen Rant)

7:59 pm - Complete 2018 New Movie Release Schedule (Screen Rant)

6:39 pm - Sylvester Stallone is Already Working on Escape Plan 3 (Screen Rant)

3:01 pm - ‘Marvel’s The Punisher’ Trailer: Frank Castle Gets Revenge (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:11 am - Sylvester Stallone Shares Videos from the Escape Plan 3 Set (Coming Soon)

12:01 am - Lord Of The Rings: 15 Things You Never Knew About Faramir (Screen Rant)

Sep 19, 2017

11:34 pm - Nightwing: What Finn Wittrock Might Look Like as Dick Grayson (Screen Rant)

11:00 pm - The Dankest There Is: 15 Incredibly Hilarious Hulk Memes (CBR)

9:51 pm - Tom Cruise Denies ‘Fake Butt’ Rumors (Screen Rant)

6:41 pm - ‘Rick and Morty’: 10 Reasons Why ‘Morty’s Mind Blowers’ is a Great Place to Start for New Viewers (Indiewire)

4:20 pm - Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, IMDb & CinemaScore Explained (Screen Rant)

3:29 pm - Star Wars: Did Mark Hamill Reveal When to Expect New Last Jedi Trailer? (CBR)

3:01 pm - 20 Best Movies Ever Made (According To IMDb) (Screen Rant)

2:30 pm - Zefr Taps Fox Networks Group’s Toby Byrne As President (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:00 pm - New ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Trailer Arrives Next Month According to Blabbermouth Mark Hamill (Slashfilm)

1:48 pm - Bill O’Reilly To Matt Lauer On His Firing From Fox News & Sexual Harassment Claims: “This Was A Hit Job” (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:01 am - 15 TERRIBLE Additions To Legendary TV Shows (Screen Rant)

Sep 18, 2017

11:30 pm - Adrianne Palicki Reflects on Her Failed Wonder Woman TV Pilot (Screen Rant)

10:28 pm - Showtime to Premiere George Michael: Freedom on October 21 (Coming Soon)

8:59 pm - 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' Review: More Retro Spy Shenanigans With the Secret Service (Screen Crush)

7:49 pm - You Tell Us: Is Nicole Kidman Trying to Yank Away the 'Big Little Lies' Emmy From Reese Witherspoon? (Screen Crush)

7:40 pm - How David Harbour’s Hellboy Can Overcome Ron Perlman’s Legacy (Screen Rant)

6:46 pm - ‘Strong Island’ Filmmaker Yance Ford Reveals Dire State of Black America: ‘This Is What Systemic Racism Looks Like’ (Indiewire)

5:26 pm - Shazam! Will Be Filming in Canada Next Year (Screen Rant)

4:12 pm - How The Strain Series Finale Wrapped Up The Humans Vs. Strigoi Story (Cinema Blend)

4:02 pm - ‘I, Tonya’ To Close Hamptons Film Festival As Lineup Set (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:53 pm - Laura Dern Won the Emmy, but Jackie Hoffman’s ‘Damn It’ Won the Internet — Watch (Indiewire)

3:30 pm - Fixed It: 15 Fan-Made Photoshop Characters Better Than The Movie (CBR)

2:38 pm - London Film Festival Adds Pics From John Woo, Alex Gibney, Venice Winners (Deadline|Hollywood)

1:27 pm - Iran Pulls Filmmaker Mohammad Rasoulof’s Passport As Award-Winner Returns Home (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:37 am - Doctor Who Christmas Special Synopsis Teases a Magical End of an Era (Screen Rant)

Sep 17, 2017

9:30 pm - Complicosplay: The 20 Most High-Tech Cosplays Ever (CBR)

9:01 pm - 8 Superheroes (And 7 Villains) You Didn’t Know Were Already In The DCEU (Screen Rant)

7:23 pm - The Internet Is Losing It Over Mario's Nipples (Cinema Blend)

6:59 pm - 'Three Billboards' Takes Home the Top TIFF Audience Prize (Screen Crush)

5:36 pm - TIFF 2017 Awards: ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’ Wins the Coveted People’s Choice Award (Indiewire)

3:46 pm - ‘War For The Planet Of The Apes’ Swings To Fox Record In China; Tops $430M WW – International Box Office (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:39 pm - IT Dominates Box Office with a Second Weekend of $120.3 Million Globally (Coming Soon)

3:01 am - 7th Heaven: 15 Dark Behind-The-Scenes Secrets You Had No Idea About (Screen Rant)

2:01 am - What The Cast Of Smallville Looks Like Now (Screen Rant)

Sep 16, 2017

10:01 pm - 15 Dark Whisper Confessions From Movie Sets (Screen Rant)

3:01 am - 16 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About The MCU (Screen Rant)

1:30 am - Get Bent: 15 Genderswapped Cosplays That Look Better Than The Real Thing (CBR)

Sep 15, 2017

11:00 pm - Dark Matter Season 4 Fan Campaign is ‘Having An Effect’ (Screen Rant)

11:00 pm - Here Are The Most Influential VFX Movies of All Time, As Ranked By the Visual Effects Society (Slashfilm)

10:03 pm - Criterion Collection Announces December Titles, Including ‘Election’ and ‘Monterey Pop’ (Indiewire)

8:15 pm - 15 Huge Movie Plot Holes That Actually Make Complete Sense (Screen Rant)

7:31 pm - Fantastic Fest 2017 Late Additions Include Joseph Kahn's Battle Rap Flick 'Bodied'  (Screen Crush)

7:05 pm - Here's Our Best Look Yet At The Flash's New Suit For Season 4 (Cinema Blend)

7:01 pm - 16 Pawn Stars Before They Were Famous (Screen Rant)

7:00 pm - ‘Westworld’ Season 2 Casts ‘Lost’ Actor as New Samurai Character (Slashfilm)

6:30 pm - ‘Downsizing’ Review: Matt Damon Shrinks Himself in Alexander Payne’s Sci-fi Satire [TIFF] (Slashfilm)

6:20 pm - ‘Red Sparrow’ Blowback: Why There’s Room For More Than One Ass-Kicking Woman in Cinema (Indiewire)

5:01 pm - IT: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Pennywise The Clown (Screen Rant)

2:38 pm - CS Interview: Grady Hendrix Talks Paperbacks from Hell (Coming Soon)

2:25 pm - Manhunt Underway Following London Subway “Terrorist Incident”; Police Call Trump Reaction “Unhelpful” (Deadline|Hollywood)

1:00 pm - IMAX Moved Marvel’s Inhumans to Make Room for IT (Screen Rant)

5:12 am - 20 Unused Star Wars Concept Art Designs Better Than What We Got (Screen Rant)

4:01 am - 15 Movies That Are Only Famous Because Of A Nude Scene (Screen Rant)

Sep 14, 2017

11:44 pm - China Revealed: How New Documentaries Explore a Side of the Country Never Seen Before (Indiewire)

10:56 pm - ‘John Wick: Chapter 3’ Will Shoot You in the Face on May 17, 2019 (Slashfilm)

8:13 pm - How Pennywise and The Babadook Became Gay Icons (Screen Rant)

7:00 pm - History Orders Bill Clinton Impeachment Drama Series ‘The Breach’ From RJ Cutler (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:23 pm - IT: Chapter 2 Should Keep The Budget Small (Screen Rant)

5:44 pm - Wait, Narcos Season 3 Got How Many Viewers In Its First Week? (Cinema Blend)

5:35 pm - Hellboy Comic Stories Collected in Chronological Order for First Time (CBR)

4:30 pm - ‘Game of Thrones’ Will Film Multiple Endings for the Series Finale to Avoid Spoilers (Slashfilm)

4:01 pm - New Movie Releases: 2018 Movie Release Date Schedule (Cinema Blend)

2:10 pm - Les Moonves: CBS All Access To Launch In Australia As It Expands Digital Horizons (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:04 am - 15 Terrible Spider-Man Movie Rumors That (Thankfully) Never Happened (Screen Rant)

2:03 am - 15 Embarrassing Video Game Box Art Mistakes You Can’t Unsee (Screen Rant)

12:02 am - ‘Kings’ Review: Halle Berry and Daniel Craig Star in Another Misbegotten Movie About Race in America — TIFF (Indiewire)

Sep 13, 2017

10:26 pm - Generations: Iron Man Sees Tony Stark Take Over As [SPOILER] (Screen Rant)

10:00 pm - Cord Cutting Is Accelerating Faster Than Expected, Research Firm Says (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:21 pm - ‘Game of Thrones’ Is Shooting Different Misleading Versions of the Series Finale to Guard Against Leaks (Indiewire)

9:01 pm - 15 More Actors Who Look EXACTLY Like Identical Twins (Screen Rant)

8:39 pm - ‘Top of the Lake: China Girl’: Why That Heart-Sinking Ending Was a Fitting Cap to a Tumultuous Season of TV (Indiewire)

7:52 pm - Twitter is Shipping Pennywise & The Babadook (Screen Rant)

6:50 pm - Serena Williams Just Shared The First Pic Of Her Baby Daughter (Cinema Blend)

6:44 pm - How Marvel’s Secret Empire Should Have Ended (Screen Rant)

6:26 pm - Star Wars 8 Novelization Won’t Be Released Until After The Movie (Screen Rant)

6:09 pm - Are Pennywise And The Babadook Actually Dating? The Internet Is Investigating (Cinema Blend)

6:00 pm - Narcomics: The 15 Strangest Superhero Addictions (CBR)

3:10 pm - The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln Was ‘Shocked’ By Old Man Rick (Screen Rant)

1:56 am - The Destiny 2 Servers Went Down For Maintenance And The Internet Isn't Taking It Well (Cinema Blend)

Sep 12, 2017

8:44 pm - ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’, ‘Goodbye Christopher Robin’ Set For Hamptons International Film Festival (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:01 pm - 16 Superhero Casting Decisions That OUTRAGED Fans (Screen Rant)

5:05 pm - ‘I Love You Daddy’ Writer/Director Louis C.K. Discusses His Unique Approach To Creating & Distributing Content — Toronto (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:00 pm - Contrary to What the Internet Says, ‘It’ is a Freakin’ Horror Movie (And a Scary One at That) (Slashfilm)

4:34 pm - Emergency Podcast: JJ Abrams To Direct ‘Star Wars Episode 9’ (Slashfilm)

3:32 pm - Universal Intl Distribution Vet Jack Ledwith Retiring After 21 Years With Studio (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:19 pm - Grey's Anatomy Season 13 First Look Reveals Possible New Romances (Cinema Blend)

3:19 pm - Grey's Anatomy Season 13 First Look Reveals Possible New Romances (Cinema Blend)

3:19 pm - Grey's Anatomy Season 14 First Look Reveals Possible New Romances (Cinema Blend)

Sep 11, 2017

9:31 pm - No. 1 With a Bullet (CBR)

9:01 pm - 18 Actors Who Had VERY Public Breakdowns (Screen Rant)

9:00 pm - Snotgirl & the Not Girl: Exploring The Fantasy of Social Media (CBR)

8:46 pm - Assemble Media Taps Scott Veltri For President Of Production (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:01 pm - 15 Fan Theories That Will Ruin Your Favorite Cartoons (Screen Rant)

5:00 pm - Avengers 4: Every Character We Know Is in the Movie (So Far) (CBR)

3:00 pm - Is Rotten Tomatoes Responsible for a Terrible Summer Box Office? (Slashfilm)

12:00 pm - Firefly: Where Are They Now? (CBR)

Sep 10, 2017

11:30 pm - Earth’s Dankiest Heroes: 17 Hilarious MCU Memes You Need To See (CBR)

5:30 pm - ‘Stephen King’s ‘It’ Has Largest Opening Weekend Ever for a Horror Movie, Breaks All Sorts of Record (Slashfilm)

4:34 pm - Disney's New Mickey Mouse Club Cast Has Been Revealed, Check It Out (Cinema Blend)

2:55 pm - Wonder Woman: Gadot & Pine Share Laughs in Blooper Reel (CBR)

Sep 9, 2017

7:00 pm - 15 Actors Who Completely Transformed Their Bodies To Become Super (CBR)

4:07 pm - IT Makes $50M Friday; Now Predicted for Massive $100M Opening (Screen Rant)

5:01 am - 16 Most Controversial Things The DCEU Has Done (Screen Rant)

Sep 8, 2017

6:16 pm - Liongsate’s Patrick Wachsberger Re-Ups As Head Of Motion Picture Group (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:25 pm - ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Swings Into China With $21.6M Opening Day (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:01 pm - ‘Despicable Me 3’ Grooves Past $1 Billion At Worldwide Box Office (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:30 pm - Secret Invasion: 15 Marvel Characters Who Are Secretly In The MCU (CBR)

2:40 pm - Home Again Review (Cinema Blend)

1:00 pm - Generations Reveals Riri Williams’ True Role in the Marvel Universe (CBR)

12:00 pm - The Morning Watch: Ray Harryhausen’s ‘War of the Worlds’ VFX Test, The Movie Alphabet & More (Slashfilm)

11:00 am - Gwenvious: 15 Spider-Gwen Cosplays That Will Tingle Your Spider-Sense (CBR)

3:34 am - PUBG's Creator Responds To His Flip-Flop On Microtransactions (Cinema Blend)

2:01 am - New South Park Game’s Difficulty Slider Changes Skin Color (Screen Rant)

1:01 am - 15 Amazing Marvel Movies You’ve Never Seen (Screen Rant)

Sep 7, 2017

11:01 pm - Final Fantasy: 15 Things You Never Knew About Aerith (Screen Rant)

9:30 pm - Showtime Picks Up ‘Ball Street’ Comedy Pilot; Don Cheadle & Andrew Rannells Star (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:30 pm - New Looks at Keanu Reeves’ Sci-Fi Film ‘Replicas’ and Alicia Vikander in ‘Tomb Raider’ (Slashfilm)

8:01 pm - 16 Hilarious Star Trek Memes Only True Fans Will Understand (Screen Rant)

7:45 pm - ‘Lady Dynamite’: Maria Bamford Netflix Comedy Gets Season 2 Premiere Date (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:11 pm - ‘Home Again’ Review: Reese Witherspoon & Company Prove There Is Still Life In The Endangered Rom-Com Genre (Deadline|Hollywood)

12:00 pm - Vicente Fox Thinks He Would Make a Better President Than Donald Trump — Watch (Indiewire)

5:30 am - 10 Co-Stars Who Are Real-Life Buddies (And 10 Who Hate Each Other) (Screen Rant)

Sep 6, 2017

10:00 pm - In Theaters How: 15 Superhero Movies That Bombed At The Box Office (CBR)

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