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Jan 17, 2018

4:34 am - Solo: A Star Wars Story - What We Know About The New Han Solo Flick (Cinema Blend)

3:42 am - Mary Elizabeth Winstead Joins Will Smith For Ang Lee’s Gemini Man (Screen Rant)

2:05 am - Wreck-It Ralph 2 Gets an Official Synopsis & New Image (Screen Rant)

2:01 am - Mary Elizabeth Winstead Joins Will Smith In ‘Gemini Man’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

1:32 am - Star Wars Offered Japanese Audiences A Choice Between Dark And Light Versions Of The Last Jedi (Cinema Blend)

12:24 am - Media Content Wars Will Require Both Scale And Reach; “A Brand Only Gets You So Far” — NATPE (Deadline|Hollywood)

12:21 am - Ant-Man Star Michael Peña Has ‘No Idea’ If Ant-Man 3 Will Happen (Screen Rant)

Jan 16, 2018

11:53 pm - How The Fantastic Four Could Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe (Cinema Blend)

10:06 pm - Broadway B.O. Leaps Even As ‘Lion King’ & ‘Wicked’ Feel Winter Chill (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:06 pm - Would Liam Neeson Return To Star Wars As Qui-Gon Jinn? Here's What He Said (Cinema Blend)

9:49 pm - Petition Launched Demanding Johnson Admit The Last Jedi is Awful (CBR)

9:03 pm - X-Men Gold Writer Marc Guggenheim Weighs In On Disney & Fox Buyout (Screen Rant)

8:51 pm - Disney Releases Official Synopsis for Solo: A Star Wars Story (CBR)

8:45 pm - J.J. Abrams Is A Better Star Wars Director Than Rian Johnson (Screen Rant)

8:01 pm - 15 TV Shows That Destroyed Themselves By Firing Actors (Screen Rant)

8:00 pm - Rumor: ‘Venom’ May Feature An Appearance by Tom Holland as Spider-Man (Slashfilm)

8:00 pm - Solo: A Star Wars Story Official Synopsis – When Han Met Chewie (Screen Rant)

7:44 pm - Ant-Man and the Wasp Suit Up in New Official Image (Screen Rant)

7:43 pm - Disney Reveals the First Official Synopsis for 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' (Screen Crush)

7:39 pm - Colorful Wreck-It Ralph 2 Photo Hints At Sequel's New Characters (Cinema Blend)

7:27 pm - The First 'Wreck-It Ralph 2' Photo Is Here to Break the Internet in Half (Screen Crush)

7:21 pm - New Mary Poppins Returns Photo With Blunt & Miranda (Coming Soon)

7:19 pm - ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’, ‘Incredibles 2’, ‘Wreck-It Ralph 2,’ and More New Photos From Disney’s 2018 Films (Slashfilm)

7:10 pm - ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ and ‘Wreck-It Ralph 2’ Synopses Released (Slashfilm)

7:06 pm - New 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' Photo Gives Us Another Look at Evangeline Lilly in Costume (Screen Crush)

7:06 pm - Solo Plot Synopsis Teases ‘Dark and Dangerous Criminal Underworld’ (Coming Soon)

7:01 pm - 15 Most Frustrating Disney Movie Plot Holes (Screen Rant)

6:52 pm - A New 'Wrinkle in Time' Featurette Goes Beyond the Ordinary (Screen Crush)

6:46 pm - What It Was Like When Ron Howard Took Over Solo: A Star Wars Story, According To One Star (Cinema Blend)

6:23 pm - New Look at Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 (Coming Soon)

6:01 pm - 15 Most Offensive Marvel Characters Who Wouldn’t Be Allowed On Screen Today (Screen Rant)

5:08 pm - Enchanted Sequel Disenchanted Script is Nearly Finished (Coming Soon)

4:50 pm - VES Awards Nominations: ‘Blade Runner 2049’ and ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ Are Top Film Contenders (Indiewire)

4:19 pm - One Key Reason Star Wars May Have Decided To Scrap The Extended Universe (Cinema Blend)

4:02 pm - ‘Three Seconds’: Olympic Basketball Drama Is Russia’s Highest-Grossing Movie Ever (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:30 pm - ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Featurette: Go Behind the Scenes of the Fantastical Sci-Fi Movie (Slashfilm)

3:15 pm - Marvel & Fox Are Using Plot Devices That Can Merge Franchises Together (Screen Rant)

1:23 pm - Justice League Gets Infinity War Style Fan-Made Trailer (Screen Rant)

12:30 pm - 16 Bad MCU Decisions That Diehard Fans Inexplicably Defend (CBR)

5:20 am - Marvel Artist Says X-Men Won’t Join MCU Anytime Soon (Screen Rant)

5:17 am - Lindsay Lohan Continues Campaigning For Batgirl Role (Screen Rant)

4:01 am - 11 Famous Actors Who Live In Their Parents’ Shadows (And 7 Who Outshine Them) (Screen Rant)

3:18 am - These Black Panther Fan Posters Are Better Than the Real Ones (Screen Rant)

3:15 am - Wrinkle in Time Aliens Debut in Behind-the-Scenes Video (Coming Soon)

1:30 am - 15 Disney Afternoon Cosplays Way More Attractive Than They Should be (CBR)

12:00 am - YouTube Execs Address Logan Paul Suspension, Future Steps [TCA 2018] (Slashfilm)

Jan 15, 2018

11:37 pm - Marvel’s Black Widow Movie Goes Full John Wick in Fan Poster (Screen Rant)

10:27 pm - Did Chewbacca’s Death Make Lucasfilm Clear Star Wars Canon? (Screen Rant)

10:20 pm - What Ming-Na Wen Thinks About Playing Mulan Again In Wreck-It Ralph 2 (Cinema Blend)

10:00 pm - ‘Aladdin’ Review: Stage Adaptation Of Disney Classic Dazzles L.A. With A Familiar Magic Carpet Ride (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:30 pm - New ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’ Images and Details Revealed in Trading Cards (Slashfilm)

9:28 pm - John Krasinski Is The MCU’s Mister Fantastic In Awesome Fan Art (Screen Rant)

9:17 pm - Atlanta Season 2 Teaser: Donald Glover’s Life Is On Rotation (Screen Rant)

8:43 pm - Marvel Reportedly Shutting Down Work on Disney XD Animated Series (CBR)

7:56 pm - Rumor: Marvel Ending All Current Animated TV Shows (Screen Rant)

7:46 pm - Could Star Wars 9 Destroy The Millennium Falcon? (Screen Rant)

7:30 pm - Why Lucasfilm Decided to Dump the Expanded Universe Before Making ‘Star Wars’ Sequels (Slashfilm)

7:15 pm - Other X-Men Characters That Deserve A Solo Movie (Screen Rant)

7:08 pm - Hank Azaria Says The Simpsons Will Address Apu Controversy (CBR)

6:35 pm - This Might Be The Simpsons' Most Impressive Prediction Yet (Cinema Blend)

6:34 pm - Avatar Sequels Will Be Grounded In ‘Heart and Truth’ (Screen Rant)

6:31 pm - Star Wars: Liam Neeson Open To Playing Qui-Gon Again (Screen Rant)

6:01 pm - 15 Offensive Disney Characters That Would Never Be Allowed In Movies Today (Screen Rant)

5:49 pm - Is Bride Of Frankenstein Actually Going To Happen? (Cinema Blend)

5:49 pm - Vikings’ Last-Second Victory Scores Big Ratings Win For Fox; ‘Wisdom’ Ends Even (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:30 pm - Iron Man’s ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Armor Revealed (Slashfilm)

5:09 pm - Enchanted 2 Script Nearly Done; Includes ‘A Lot More Songs’ (Screen Rant)

4:00 pm - The ‘Enchanted 2’ Script is Almost Finished [TCA 2018] (Slashfilm)

3:33 pm - Clive Owen Joins Will Smith in Ang Lee’s Clone Thriller ‘Gemini Man’ (Slashfilm)

3:00 pm - Holly-Wood Stakes: 15 Buffy Actors That Disappeared After The Show Ended (CBR)

2:03 pm - Bride of Frankenstein Reboot May Be Moving Forward Again (Screen Rant)

1:10 pm - How Fantastic Four Can Already Exist in MCU (Screen Rant)

12:00 pm - King Of Dankanda: 15 Black Panther Memes (CBR)

5:01 am - 15 D-List Actors Who Act Like They’re A-Listers (Screen Rant)

4:28 am - Jumanji Passes Justice League at Worldwide Box Office (Screen Rant)

3:01 am - 16 Things Even Die-Hard Fans Completely Missed In DC Movies (Screen Rant)

Jan 14, 2018

10:30 pm - The 15 Worst Looking On-Screen Marvel Characters (CBR)

9:01 pm - ‘Jumanji’ Sequel and ‘The Greatest Showman’ Boost 2018 Box Office (Indiewire)

7:16 pm - Hawkeye Fan-Made Poster Envisions A Clint Barton Solo Netflix Series (Screen Rant)

6:57 pm - Guns are So Primitive in the New Black Panther Spot (Coming Soon)

6:43 pm - Sebastian Stan Has Talked To Hugh Jackman About Joining The MCU (Cinema Blend)

5:59 pm - ‘Jumanji’ Keeps Offshore Crown, Nears $400M; ‘Last Jedi’ Waltzes Past ‘Beauty’ Worldwide – International Box Office (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:07 pm - The Last Jedi Breaks Into Top 10 Highest-Grossing Films Worldwide (Screen Rant)

5:01 pm - Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Box Office Champ Again (Coming Soon)

4:37 pm - Star Wars' Oscar Isaac Can't Stop, Won’t Stop With The Idea Of A Poe And Finn Romance (Cinema Blend)

3:14 pm - Hugh Jackman Has Talked with MCU Actors About Teaming Up (CBR)

3:00 pm - Theme Park Bits: A Terrifying Monorail Trip and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Seen from Space (Slashfilm)

2:34 pm - ‘SNL’ Highlights: Oprah & Stedman, A Dog Head Guy And Captain Hook’s Reckoning (Deadline|Hollywood)

1:26 pm - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Release Date Set for 2020 (Coming Soon)

4:01 am - Star Wars: 15 Mind-Blowing Things You Didn’t Know About The Prequels (Screen Rant)

2:39 am - James Gunn Says Disney/FOX Deal Won’t Change Guardians of the Galaxy 3 (Screen Rant)

2:02 am - ‘This Close’ Creators: “Every Minority Group Has Right To Tell Their Own Story” (Deadline|Hollywood)

1:30 am - 8 Superhero Films That Won Oscars (And 7 That Were Robbed) (CBR)

1:29 am - David Madden Talks Focus On “Prestige Popcorn” Fare As He Makes AMC Debut With A Few Disney-Fox Merger Jokes (Deadline|Hollywood)

12:42 am - Sebastian Stan Has Talked to Hugh Jackman About Wolverine Joining the MCU (Screen Rant)

Jan 13, 2018

11:40 pm - Will Captain Marvel Be A Secret X-Men Crossover? (Screen Rant)

10:10 pm - It’s Not Too Late To Recast T.J. Miller in Deadpool 2 (Screen Rant)

10:01 pm - 15 Secrets Behind Pretty Little Liars Die-Hard Fans Didn’t Know (Screen Rant)

9:29 pm - Abigail Disney Teams With Killer Content For Inclusive Female-Driven Studio Level Forward (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:12 pm - Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey To Leave Disney’s Board (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:59 pm - ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Ratings Cook Up Season High, ‘Taken’ Returns Low On New Night (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:55 pm - Sylvester Stallone Hints That ‘The Expendables 4’ Is Back On Track (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:33 pm - Eliza Dushku Accuses ‘True Lies’ Stunt Coordinator Of Sexual Assault; Joel Kramer Responds: “All Lies” (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:33 pm - Prince of Persia Creator Is Trying To Bring The Franchise Back (Cinema Blend)

8:30 pm - ‘Lady Dynamite’ Not Returning For Season 3 On Netflix (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:29 pm - Rumor: Matt Reeves’ Batman Movie Won’t Be In DCEU; Affleck To Get Last Hurrah (Screen Rant)

8:22 pm - FCC To Investigate Hawaii’s Terrifying False Ballistic Missile Alert (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:10 pm - Katie Couric Speaks On Matt Lauer Scandal: “This Was Not The Matt We Knew” (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:53 pm - ‘Step Up: High Water’ Team Credits Reality Competitions, ‘Glee’ With TV Interest In Dance (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:45 pm - ‘Cosmos’: Fox & Nat Geo Order Season 2 Of Science Series Reboot Produced By Seth MacFarlane (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:30 pm - National Geographic Channel Sets Premiere Dates For New Series, Jane Goodall Documentary – TCA (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:30 pm - Nat Geo Wild Unveils Four New Series & Slew Of Premiere Dates – TCA (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:30 pm - Nat Geo Wild: Limited Series, Specials Get Premiere Dates (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:29 pm - YouTube ‘Youth & Consequences’ Star Anna Akana: Young Vloggers Are Too Focused On Fame (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:00 pm - ‘Impulse’ Explores Sexual Assault And Teleportation On YouTube Red (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:00 pm - 8 MCU Fan Theories That Ended Up Happening (And 7 That Were Way Off) (CBR)

5:57 pm - Iron Man’s Sleek Infinity War Armor Revealed in Disneyland Commercial (Screen Rant)

12:01 pm - 15 Most Powerful Weapons In Star Wars, Ranked From Strongest To Weakest (Screen Rant)

12:00 pm - Re-Animated: 15 Failed Superhero Cartoons That Deserve A Second Watch (CBR)

3:52 am - Will New Mutants Reshoots Set Up MCU Connections? (Screen Rant)

3:00 am - ‘The Jungle Book 2’ Will Resurrect Unused Disney Ideas, Explore More Rudyard Kipling Stories [TCA 2018] (Slashfilm)

2:53 am - Jeffrey Katzenberg Seeks To Settle DWA Shareholders Suit With $4.5M Payout (Deadline|Hollywood)

1:42 am - Did DC Fire Jim Starlin Off of a New Gods Cosmic Odyssey Follow-Up? (CBR)

1:31 am - Clive Owen In Talks For Gemini Man, Female Lead Shortlist Revealed (Screen Rant)

1:27 am - Hank Azaria Says The Simpsons May Address The Problem With Apu (Screen Rant)

1:20 am - Disney Doings: Bob Iger Compensation Dipped 17% In 2017; Two Tech Biggies To Exit Board (Deadline|Hollywood)

1:17 am - Line it is Drawn: Rejected New Legion of Super-Heroes Members (CBR)

1:17 am - If Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 6 Happens, What Would It Be About? (Screen Rant)

12:19 am - The Greatest Showman Is Getting Sing-A-Long Screenings, Because Why Not? (Cinema Blend)

Jan 12, 2018

11:57 pm - Clive Owen Cast Opposite Will Smith in Gemini Man from Director Ang Lee (Coming Soon)

11:30 pm - ‘Dynasty’: J.R. Cacia Set To Recur On the CW Reboot (Deadline|Hollywood)

11:21 pm - Viacom’s Stock Rises 10% On Speculation Of Merger With CBS (Deadline|Hollywood)

11:17 pm - Pete Hammond’s Notes On The Season: Oscar Voting Ends As Critics Make Choices And Campaigns Take A Last Shot; Amy Pascal Competes Against Herself (Deadline|Hollywood)

11:15 pm - How Marvel ‘Owes’ Guardians of the Galaxy’s Success to Fox (CBR)

11:01 pm - 15 Disney Channel Shows That Have Aged Terribly (Screen Rant)

10:39 pm - Why Guardians of the Galaxy Might Not Have Happened With X-Men In The MCU, According To James Gunn (Cinema Blend)

10:09 pm - Moonlight Director to Helm Chadwick Boseman Thriller Expatriate (Screen Rant)

9:55 pm - The Star Wars News Roundup for January 12, 2018 (Coming Soon)

9:38 pm - Jurassic Park is Finally Getting Funko Pop! Figures (Screen Rant)

9:08 pm - Shazam Has Finally Set Its Release Date (Cinema Blend)

8:24 pm - Deadpool 2 Moved Release Dates Because Of Han Solo (Screen Rant)

7:56 pm - ‘The Shape of Water’: Why Guillermo Del Toro and Vanessa Taylor Didn’t Speak While Writing Their Film (Indiewire)

7:46 pm - Star Wars: The Last Jedi Has Been Pulled From Almost All Its Screens In China (Cinema Blend)

7:43 pm - Conan Returns to Marvel Comics For New Series in 2019 (Screen Rant)

7:38 pm - ESPN Morning Show ‘Get Up’ To Stay In Happy Little Sports World Says Network Veep (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:23 pm - The Last Jedi: Rian Johnson Defends Luke’s New Force Powers (Screen Rant)

7:18 pm - The Future of TV Blackouts: As Big Companies Consolidate, Viewers Get Screwed (Indiewire)

7:12 pm - Amazon Studios: Search For Top Job Focuses On Nancy Dubuc & Jennifer Salke (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:15 pm - Tonya Harding Interview Ratings Score Well For ABC, ‘Will & Grace’ Hits Low (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:00 pm - Coco Digital and Blu-ray Details, Plus New Trailer (Coming Soon)

5:47 pm - Meet the Dora Milaje in New Black Panther Featurette (Coming Soon)

5:42 pm - ‘Moonlight’s Barry Jenkins Joins Chadwick Boseman On Uni Thriller ‘Expatriate’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:42 pm - Why Rian Johnson’s New Star Wars Trilogy Is Moving Away From Iconic Characters (Cinema Blend)

5:35 pm - Marvel Introduces K-Pop Superhero Luna Snow in Future Fight (CBR)

4:55 pm - If Marvel Already Had X-Men Rights, Guardians May Not Have Been Made (Screen Rant)

2:29 pm - Stan Lee Faces Another Accusation of Sexual Misconduct (CBR)

2:00 pm - Star Wars: The Last Jedi Was A Box Office Success (Screen Rant)

1:30 pm - ‘The Further Adventures of Walt’s Frozen Head’: Another Movie Filmed on Disney Property Without Disney Approval (Slashfilm)

1:00 pm - How Kitty Pryde Could Bring the X-Men into the MCU (Screen Rant)

12:30 pm - A Michael Jackson Peter Pan Theme Park Almost Existed (Slashfilm)

12:01 pm - Star Wars: 16 Things That Make No Sense About Kylo Ren (Screen Rant)

6:24 am - Here’s What the Critics’ Choice Awards Winners Mean for the Oscar Race (Indiewire)

2:00 am - Warner Bros. CEO Admits Copying Disney Won’t Work For DCEU (Screen Rant)

1:47 am - 9 Big Things We Want To See From The X-Men Franchise In 2018 (Cinema Blend)

1:30 am - The New Mutants: 8 Things We Know (And 7 Rumors We Hope Come True) (CBR)

12:51 am - Check Out Avengers 4’s Awesome Wrap Cake (Screen Rant)

12:33 am - Last Jedi Director Used His MacBook Air to Prevent Spoiler Leaks (Screen Rant)

12:04 am - Lucasfilm Reveals Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s Easter Eggs (CBR)

12:01 am - A Kitty Pryde Movie is Exactly What Fox’s X-Men Franchise Needs (CBR)

12:00 am - Oscars 2018: The Design Team Behind ‘Darkest Hour’ and ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (Indiewire)

12:00 am - Disney World Guests Can Now Purchase Additional FastPass Reservations…If They’re Rich (Slashfilm)

Jan 11, 2018

11:56 pm - Gambit Has A Lot Going For It, So Why Can't It Get Made? (Cinema Blend)

11:46 pm - Paramount Taps Disney/Pixar Exec David Sameth To Be Worldwide Marketing President (Deadline|Hollywood)

11:12 pm - Doreen Tracey Dies: Original Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer Was 74 (Deadline|Hollywood)

11:06 pm - Solo: A Star Wars Story Could Still Change Its Release Date – But Will It? (Screen Rant)

10:57 pm - When Will The Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer Drop? [UPDATED] (Screen Rant)

10:00 pm - ‘The Boss Baby’ Director Tom McGrath Discusses His Love Letter To His Brother (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:27 pm - Fox’s New Mutants Bumped Back 10 Months, Deadpool Moves Up (CBR)

9:20 pm - Deadpool 2, New Mutants, and Gambit Get New Release Dates (Screen Rant)

9:09 pm - 'Deadpool 2' Will Now Duke It Out With 'Infinity War' and 'Solo' in May (Screen Crush)

9:01 pm - ‘New Mutants’ Pushed to 2019, ‘Deadpool 2’ Moved Up, and ‘Gambit’ Delayed (Slashfilm)

9:00 pm - Sundance Film Festival: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Ava DuVernay, Joan Jett, & More Round Out Panels (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:41 pm - Screen Media Acquires Sophie Turner Starring Thriller ‘Josie’; Jon Voight’s Surviving The Wild Lands At SP Releasing (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:37 pm - Patricia Hearst Slams Upcoming James Mangold-Directed Biopic & CNN Doc (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:26 pm - ‘Jane Fonda In Five Acts’ Documentary Lands At HBO (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:02 pm - NBC Sports Projects $1.4B In Ad Revenue From Super Bowl And Olympics (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:01 pm - 16 Devious Things You Never Knew About Doctor Doom (Screen Rant)

8:00 pm - TruTV Greenlights Student Loan Comedy Game Show ‘Paid Off’ With Michael Torpey – TCA (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:00 pm - ‘Coco’ Scribes Matthew Aldrich & Adrian Molina Discuss “Transformative” On-Screen Representation (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:00 pm - Hulu Orders ‘Search & Destroy’ Comedy Pilot From Carrie Brownstein & Annapurna (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:00 pm - TruTV Sets Premiere Dates & Guest Stars For ‘Talk Show The Game Show’, ‘Adam Ruins Everything’, ‘The Chris Gethard Show’ & More – TCA (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:55 pm - Producer Richard B. Lewis Sets Three Projects At Universal Cable Productions (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:55 pm - CBS Sets Midseason Premiere Dates For ‘Elementary’ & ‘Code Black’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:47 pm - ‘Condor’ EPs Defend Relevance Of Series Inspired By 70’s Thriller: Political Paranoia Alive And Well (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:42 pm - Brad Garrett Joins Showtime Series I’m Dying Up Here (Coming Soon)

7:37 pm - Seriously, The Gambit Movie Has Lost Another Director (Cinema Blend)

7:30 pm - They’ve Got Stones: 15 Characters Who Used The Infinity Gauntlet, Ranked (CBR)

7:15 pm - X-Men Spinoff Gambit Loses Director Gore Verbinski (Screen Rant)

7:09 pm - Warner Bros’ Restructuring Will ‘Streamline’ DCEU Filmmaking Process (CBR)

7:00 pm - ‘I’m Dying Up Here’: Brad Garrett Set To Recur In Season 2 Of Showtime Series (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:43 pm - Natalie Portman Joins Legion Creator’s Astronaut Drama Pale Blue Dot (Screen Rant)

6:34 pm - Gambit Movie Loses Director Gore Verbinski (CBR)

5:54 pm - Saudi Arabia Developing Film Ratings System As It Lifts Movie Theater Ban (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:01 pm - 8 Performances That Completely Ruined Movies (And 7 That Saved Them) (Screen Rant)

4:32 pm - Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Should Bring Kitty Pryde to the MCU (Screen Rant)

3:30 pm - ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Original Ending Revealed (Slashfilm)

3:14 pm - Why Fox’s X-Men Universe Keeps Growing Despite Disney’s Purchase (Screen Rant)

12:30 pm - What Does It Mean For Hollywood If Another Copyright Extension Doesn’t Pass This Year? (Slashfilm)

3:23 am - Amazon Studios: Search For New Topper Continues As Dana Walden Bows Out (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:03 am - Star Wars: The Last Jedi Composer Could Set New Oscars Record (Screen Rant)

2:01 am - 15 X-Men Characters Who Could Already Exist In The MCU (Screen Rant)

1:02 am - Turner’s John Martin Says He’d Love “A Little Clarity” On AT&T-Time Warner Merger; Hulu’s Randy Freer Shrugs (Deadline|Hollywood)

1:00 am - ‘Saga’ Creators Still Say No Movie, But a Lin-Manuel Miranda Musical? Sure! (Slashfilm)

Jan 10, 2018

11:42 pm - Disney Streaming Service Will Include Upwards of 8,000 ABC TV Episodes (Screen Rant)

11:26 pm - Standalone Black Widow Movie May Happen with Jac Schaeffer on Script (Coming Soon)

11:22 pm - ‘Black Widow’ Standalone Movie Finally Moving Forward At Marvel With Screenwriter Jac Schaeffer (Indiewire)

11:20 pm - The Black Widow Movie May Finally Be Happening, Here’s The Latest (Cinema Blend)

11:14 pm - Black Widow Solo Film Moving Forward With Blacklist Screenwriter (Screen Rant)

11:11 pm - Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Gets Return Date & New Episode Descriptions (Screen Rant)

10:55 pm - 10 3D Movies We Want To See On Real-D's Ultimate Screen (Cinema Blend)

10:44 pm - Star Wars: The Last Jedi Easter Eggs Revealed (Coming Soon)

10:23 pm - John Williams Will Score ‘Star Wars: Episode 9’ (Slashfilm)

10:10 pm - Hollywood’s Pay Gap Shame: Why Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg Are Just the Beginning (Indiewire)

10:00 pm - Every Marvel Movie Thought to Be in Development By Fox (CBR)

10:00 pm - Sequel Bits: ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’, ‘Journey 3’, ‘Maleficent 2’, ‘Expendables 4’ and More (Slashfilm)

9:57 pm - Dylan McDermott and Steve Levitan on ‘LA To Vegas,’ The Fate of Fox, Derbel McDillet And That Porn ‘Stache — Turn It On Podcast (Indiewire)

9:40 pm - LionTree’s Aryeh Bourkoff Predicts “Golden Age” Of Mergers, Acquisitions (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:10 pm - Fox Sports Adds National Network President Role To Big Ten Network Chief Mark Silverman’s Duties (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:07 pm - Star Wars 9: John Williams Confirmed To Write Score (Screen Rant)

8:33 pm - Are Canadian Movie Theaters Bound To Experiment With PVOD In 2018? (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:07 pm - Here’s What George Lucas’ Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Was About (Screen Rant)

8:01 pm - 16 ’00s TV Shows That Were Canceled For Mind-Blowing Reasons (Screen Rant)

7:30 pm - An Elegant Weapon: 15 Lightsaber Secrets Even Hardcore Fans Never Knew (CBR)

7:23 pm - Production Designer Jade Healy Brought Her Own Figure Skating Experience To Bear On ‘I, Tonya’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:11 pm - Joseph Wayne Miller Dies: “Salami Sam” In ‘Heavyweights’ Was 36 (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:48 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Script Confirms That’s Thanos’ Ship At The End (Screen Rant)

6:30 pm - Auli’i Cravalho Talks Reprising Moana in ‘Wreck-It Ralph 2’ [TCA 2018] (Slashfilm)

5:23 pm - Black Panther Crowdfunding Campaign For Harlem Kids Triples Its Goal (Screen Rant)

5:00 pm - ‘Black Panther’ Advance Tickets Sold More Than Any Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie (Slashfilm)

4:30 pm - The Best Reviewed Movies Of Each Year Since 2000 – According To Rotten Tomatoes (Screen Rant)

3:46 pm - AMC Theatres No Longer In Talks With Major Studios About PVOD (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:01 pm - Kitty Pryde Is the Perfect Character to Merge X-Men With the MCU (CBR)

3:00 pm - Colin Trevorrow’s ‘Star Wars: Episode 9’ Pitch Moved Daisy Ridley to Tears (Slashfilm)

2:53 pm - Fox In Talks To Buy 10 Local TV Stations From Sinclair: Report (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:53 pm - Fox In Talks To Buy 10 Local TV Stations From Sinclair: Report (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:30 pm - ‘Black Panther’ Poised To Pounce On B.O.: Advance Ticket Sales Beating ‘Captain America: Civil War’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:20 pm - A Look at the Movie Franchises Disney Now Owns (Coming Soon)

2:00 pm - Netflix State of the Union: The Original Programs, Controversies, and Opportunities That Will Define 2018 (Indiewire)

1:46 pm - All 13 X-Men Films Fox Still Has In Development (Screen Rant)

1:17 pm - Which Will Be The Most – And Least – Profitable Superhero Movies This Year? (CBR)

2:01 am - 15 Child Stars From The ’90s Who Look Amazing Today (Screen Rant)

1:03 am - Mindy Kaling’s ‘Champions’ Character Arc Teased; NBC Comedy Series Gets Premiere Date – TCA (Deadline|Hollywood)

1:00 am - Star Wars Bits: Sad Porgs, an Unexpected Superman Connection, and Ewan McGregor’s Beard (Slashfilm)

12:38 am - Hulu Orders Horror Anthology Series From Blumhouse TV (Screen Rant)

12:14 am - Gambit Movie Sets March Filming Start Date in New Orleans (Screen Rant)

12:06 am - Home Entertainment Is On The Rise, And You Can Thank Streaming (Cinema Blend)

Jan 9, 2018

11:49 pm - Valley Girl (Cinema Blend)

11:26 pm - ‘Dear Basketball’: How Animation Legend Glen Keane Collaborated with NBA Legend Kobe Bryant (Indiewire)

9:59 pm - Police Issue Arrest Warrant For Queen Elsa... Because Of The Snow (Cinema Blend)

9:45 pm - Why Is Fox Still Developing X-Men Movies? (CBR)

8:57 pm - Warner Bros. Announces New Film Chairman & Executive Changes (Screen Rant)

8:38 pm - Colin Trevorrow’s Star Wars 9 Pitch Made Daisy Ridley Cry (Screen Rant)

8:03 pm - Why The Greatest Showman Is A Better Musical Than La La Land (Cinema Blend)

8:01 pm - 15 Famous Actors Fans Didn’t Know Were First Choice For Iconic Roles (Screen Rant)

8:01 pm - Emma Watson Brought Up A Potential Beauty And The Beast Sequel Idea Again (Cinema Blend)

7:42 pm - The Last Jedi Passes Iron Man 3 at Worldwide Box Office (Screen Rant)

7:21 pm - Stan Lee Accused of Sexual Misconduct By Home Care Nurses (CBR)

6:57 pm - ‘Good Girls’ Tests Whether Edgy Women Can Survive On Broadcast TV (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:54 pm - Kitty Pryde 'X-Men' Spinoff Reportedly in the Works From 'Deadpool' Director (Screen Crush)

6:44 pm - Discovery Plans To Move Its Global Headquarters To New York City In 2019 (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:30 pm - U.S. Home Entertainment Spending Rose To $20.5 Billion In 2017, Thanks To Streaming (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:27 pm - Disney Responds to Live-Action Aladdin Brownface Accusations (CBR)

6:15 pm - ‘The Last Jedi’ Overtakes ‘Iron Man 3’ At #12 On All-Time Global Box Office Chart (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:14 pm - ‘Battle Of The Sexes’ Songwriters Sara Bareilles & Nicholas Britell On Percussive, “Fighting” Tribute To Billie Jean King (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:11 pm - Will Ridley Scott Make Alien Movies For Disney? Here's What The Director Says (Cinema Blend)

6:01 pm - ‘Kitty Pryde’ Movie in Development at Fox by ‘Deadpool’ Director Tim Miller (Slashfilm)

6:00 pm - Orion Snags Zombie Musical ‘Anna And The Apocalypse’ For Holiday 2018 Bow (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:00 pm - Kitty Pryde Movie Being Developed By Deadpool Director (Screen Rant)

5:42 pm - Deadpool Director Working On Another Solo X-Men Movie At Fox (Cinema Blend)

5:32 pm - Report: Deadpool Director Developing Kitty Pryde Solo Film for Fox (CBR)

5:26 pm - More Solo: A Star Wars Story Reshoots Reportedly Scheduled (Screen Rant)

5:15 pm - Avengers 4 May Actually Be a Secret Wars Adaptation (Screen Rant)

5:02 pm - Hulu Reaches 17 Million U.S. Subscribers, With Library Now At 75,000 TV Episodes (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:00 pm - Movie Comic Strips Reimagine Some of the Best of 2017 (Slashfilm)

4:32 pm - Dakota Johnson & Russell Crowe Join Bad Times At The El Royale (Screen Rant)

4:30 pm - Who Watches The Watchmemes: 15 Super-Dank Watchmen Memes (CBR)

4:01 pm - Agents of SHIELD: Earth’s Destruction May Have Begun In Season 1 (CBR)

3:21 pm - T.J. Miller Won't Be Recast in 'Deadpool 2' Despite Sexual Assault Accusations (Screen Crush)

3:20 pm - Thor’s Eye Patch in Avengers: Infinity War Is Actually CGI (CBR)

3:00 pm - ‘Paddington 2’ Review: A Great Sequel That Tops the Original in Every Way (Slashfilm)

2:58 pm - Chris Hemsworth Can't Give A Straight Answer When Asked About The Hottest Chris (Cinema Blend)

2:25 pm - Aladdin’s Whitewashing Could Seriously Damage Its Box Office Potential (Screen Rant)

2:21 pm - No New Marvel Shows Going Forward At ABC This Year (Screen Rant)

2:00 pm - Cool Stuff: Chogrin’s ‘Fake Theme Parks’ Art Show Is Coming to Gallery 1988 (Slashfilm)

1:00 pm - The Morning Watch: The Cancellation of Star Wars Detours, Making of Brigsby Bear & More (Slashfilm)

3:45 am - Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie is Already Being Looked at for Marvel Games (CBR)

2:55 am - When Will The Ant-Man And The Wasp Trailer Release? (Screen Rant)

1:30 am - 15 All Grown Up Cosplays Of Classic Cartoons (CBR)

12:58 am - Louis C.K. Animated Series The Cops Scrapped By TBS (Screen Rant)

12:44 am - One Plot In Star Wars: The Last Jedi That Worried John Boyega (Cinema Blend)

Jan 8, 2018

11:33 pm - ‘Grown-ish’ Posts Freeform’s Biggest Comedy Series Launch Since 2012 (Deadline|Hollywood)

11:05 pm - Agents of SHIELD: ABC, Disney Undecided About Another Season (CBR)

11:01 pm - 15 Stars Who Lost Their Jobs In 2017 (Screen Rant)

10:48 pm - ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spin-Off Brings Gender Equality To Firefighting (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:30 pm - ABC Offers Updates on ‘The Jetsons’ and ‘Greatest American Hero’ Revivals [TCA 2018] (Slashfilm)

10:29 pm - Golden Globe Winner Gary Oldman Has Always Hated the ‘Meaningless’ Award Show: ‘Boycott the F*cking Thing’ (Indiewire)

10:25 pm - Avengers and X-Men: Lauren Shuler Donner ‘Happy’ to Work with Feige (Coming Soon)

10:12 pm - Half Magic (Cinema Blend)

10:06 pm - ABC President Channing Dungey Briefly Addresses Disney-Fox Deal Amid Rampant Post-Merger Executive Moves Speculation (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:01 pm - 9 Best (And 9 Worst) CW Shows, Ranked (Screen Rant)

9:30 pm - ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Images Released For Awards Season (Slashfilm)

9:03 pm - Universal & Paramount Will Air Super Bowl 52 Commercials (Screen Rant)

8:48 pm - ‘The Greatest Showman’ Soundtrack Hits No. 1 On Album Chart & iTunes (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:32 pm - ABC Won't Officially Cancel Marvel's 'Inhumans' Just Yet (Screen Crush)

8:30 pm - ABC Talks the Future of Marvel Shows, the Failure of ‘Inhumans’ [TCA 2018] (Slashfilm)

8:27 pm - Ready Player One Movie: What We Know So Far (Cinema Blend)

8:22 pm - White ‘Aladdin’ Actors Had Their Skin Made to Look Darker for Guy Ritchie’s Live-Action Disney Remake — Report (Indiewire)

8:11 pm - Agents of SHIELD: ABC Boss ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ About Season 6 (Screen Rant)

8:00 pm - Disney’s Live-Action ‘Aladdin’ is Under Fire “Browning Up” White Extras (Slashfilm)

7:54 pm - ‘Scandal’ Ending: With Shonda Rhimes Off to Netflix, ABC Boss Says A Future Revival Looks Unlikely (Indiewire)

6:56 pm - Ridley Scott Hopes to Make Alien Movies For Disney (Screen Rant)

6:48 pm - Disney Is Allegedly 'Browning Up' White Extras for 'Aladdin' (Screen Crush)

6:10 pm - UK Culture Secretary Karen Bradley Leaves Post; Move Could Delay Fox’s $15.6B Takeover Of Sky (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:05 pm - Deadpool 2 Will Not Recast T.J. Miller Following Allegations (Screen Rant)

6:01 pm - 15 Crazy Disney Villain Redesigns Way Better Than The Movies (Screen Rant)

5:41 pm - This Golden Globe Night Was Truly One For The Ages – Hammond Analysis (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:31 pm - Disney-ABC Television Group Names Martin Keely EVP Of Product And Technology (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:01 pm - 15 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know About Spaceballs (Screen Rant)

4:56 pm - Deadpool 2 Will Not Replace TJ Miller As Weasel (CBR)

4:30 pm - Ewan McGregor Talks Obi-Wan Movie at Golden Globes (Coming Soon)

4:30 pm - ‘Blade Runner 3’: Ridley Scott Already Has an Idea for a ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Sequel (Slashfilm)

4:26 pm - Disney Tops 2017 U.K. Box Office In Record-Breaking Year (Screen Rant)

4:07 pm - First Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer May Have a Release Date (CBR)

3:51 pm - Disney’s Aladdin Criticized For ‘Browning Up’ Background Actors (Screen Rant)

3:30 pm - ‘Scandal’ Sets Series Finale Date On ABC – TCA (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:00 pm - Something Wicked: 17 Terrifying Supervillains Coming To Screens In 2018 (CBR)

2:48 pm - Noah Hawley’s Doctor Doom Movie Is Still Being Developed by Fox (CBR)

2:45 pm - Does Chris Hemsworth Want To Continue As Thor Now That His Contract Is Up? (Cinema Blend)

1:20 pm - Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer Rumored for This Week (Screen Rant)

5:41 am - What Golden Globe Winners Mean for the Oscar Race (Indiewire)

4:43 am - Golden Globes: Wins By Studio & Network (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:25 am - Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin Will Go Deeper in Exploring the Characters (Screen Rant)

2:56 am - Rey and Kylo’s Epic Throne Room Fight and More Featured in Last Jedi Images (Screen Rant)

1:56 am - Disney’s Cruella Might Be Set in 1979 London (Screen Rant)

12:00 am - 8 Spider-Man Villains That Look Better On-Screen (And 7 That Look Worse) (CBR)

Jan 7, 2018

9:11 pm - Deadpool 2 Can ‘Fix’ the X-Men Movie Continuity (Screen Rant)

8:20 pm - ‘Jumanji’ Sequel Topples ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Insidious’ Box Office Rivals (Indiewire)

8:03 pm - Solo: A Star Wars Story: Everything We Know – And Some Things We Don’t (CBR)

8:00 pm - What Time Does The New Black Panther Trailer Release Tomorrow? (Screen Rant)

7:55 pm - Jumanji Conquers The Last Jedi At Weekend Box Office (CBR)

7:03 pm - Maria Contreras-Sweet Bid Leads Weinstein Co Auction; Staff Would Stay, Bob Weinstein Exit, Women Lead Board (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:31 pm - The 75th Golden Globe Awards Winners and Nominees (Coming Soon)

5:40 pm - Batgirl: Lindsay Lohan Campaigning for Lead Role (CBR)

5:33 pm - What SHIELD’s Chloe Bennet Could Look Like As Rogue (Screen Rant)

5:32 pm - Disney Debuts A Wrinkle in Time Golden Globe Awards Spot (Coming Soon)

5:14 pm - Jumanji Tops Domestic Box Office, Insidious Opens in Second Place (Coming Soon)

5:13 pm - Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ Criticized In U.K. Media For “Browning Up” White Extras (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:11 pm - ‘Last Jedi’ Jumps To #13 On WW Chart; Unlucky In China Bow; ‘Jumanji’ Rocks Past $500M Global – International Box Office (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:06 pm - Hemsworth Ready for More Thor After Avengers 4 (CBR)

4:46 pm - Chris Hemsworth Wants Thor to Team-Up With Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine (Screen Rant)

4:01 pm - Superhero Movies Are Enhancing Cinema, Not Ruining It (CBR)

3:58 pm - Goddard’s X-Force Still In the Works, Despite Disney’s Fox Buyout (CBR)

3:11 pm - X-Men Producer Looking Forward to Crossing Over with MCU (CBR)

3:00 pm - Theme Park Bits: ‘Star Wars’ VR Experience Preview, ‘Peanuts’ Celebration at Knott’s Berry Farm, and More (Slashfilm)

12:01 pm - 15 Disney Princesses Memes That Will Ruin Childhood Memories (Screen Rant)

12:00 pm - Animation Renovation: 15 Classic Cartoon Characters Redesigned By Hardcore Fans (CBR)

11:10 am - Why Did Fox Need Marvel’s Approval to Have an X-Character in Deadpool? (CBR)

5:01 am - 15 Child Stars Who Disappeared After Just One Movie (Screen Rant)

4:01 am - 16 Actors Who Hated The Roles That Made Them Famous (Screen Rant)

2:27 am - Chris Hemsworth Can’t Wait for the X-Men to Join the MCU (Screen Rant)

12:01 am - 17 Secrets Behind High School Musical (Screen Rant)

Jan 6, 2018

10:58 pm - Why Chris Hemsworth Is Really Excited About The Disney-Fox Merger (Cinema Blend)

10:00 pm - 15 Disney Kids Who Grew Up Gorgeous (CBR)

8:01 pm - 20 Movies So Bad You Forgot They Released In 2017 (Screen Rant)

8:00 pm - Bit Parts: 18 Actors You Completely Forgot Appeared In The Buffyverse (CBR)

7:50 pm - The Mayor Just Got Some Bad News From ABC (Cinema Blend)

7:30 pm - U.S. Figure Skating Ratings Leap Up Over 2017, ’20/20′ Hits High, CBS Tops Night (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:02 pm - X-Men Producer Excited to Work With Kevin Feige (Screen Rant)

6:12 pm - Donald Glover Insists Han Solo Film’s Director Switch Didn’t Change Much (CBR)

6:07 pm - Jumanji and Insidious Expected to Beat The Last Jedi in its 4th Weekend (Screen Rant)

6:01 pm - 15 Disney Scandals That Turned Out To Be Fake (Screen Rant)

5:53 pm - Ridley Scott Says It’s ‘A Pity’ He Had to Cut Kevin Spacey From ‘All the Money in the World’ (Indiewire)

4:18 pm - Why One X-Men Producer Is Happy About Potential MCU Crossovers (Cinema Blend)

3:37 pm - How Much Ron Howard Changed Things On Solo: A Star Wars Story, According To Donald Glover (Cinema Blend)

1:30 pm - 15 Nicktoons Controversies That Almost Destroyed Nickelodeon (CBR)

6:22 am - X-Force: Drew Goddard Still Attached to Write and Direct Despite Disney Deal (Screen Rant)

4:25 am - Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Co-Director ‘Bored’ With Marvel Movies (Screen Rant)

2:01 am - 20 Stars Who Trash Talked Their Own Movies (Screen Rant)

1:58 am - Pete Hammond’s Notes On The Season: Oscar Voting Starts; Starry AFI Awards Draws Top Contenders; ‘The Post’ And Jessica Chastain Light Up Palm Springs (Deadline|Hollywood)

1:36 am - The Original Star Wars Battlefront 2 Just Got Another Multiplayer Update (Cinema Blend)

12:59 am - ‘Pose’ An Intensely Personal Project For Ryan Murphy, He Tells TV Critics At TCA (Deadline|Hollywood)

12:49 am - ‘AHS’ Season 8 To Be Set In the Future And Updates On ‘Katrina’, ‘Coven’/’Murder House’ Crossover & Next ‘Feud’ – TCA (Deadline|Hollywood)

12:47 am - Starz Sends Cease-And-Desist Letter To Altice Over “False And Misleading Information” In Carriage Dispute – Update (Deadline|Hollywood)

12:39 am - From Greta Gerwig to Jordan Peele and Steven Spielberg — at the AFI Lunch, Everyone is a Winner (Indiewire)

12:28 am - On Eve Of Golden Globes, Hollywood Women Fear Backlash For Sexual Harassment & Sexual Assault Accusers (Deadline|Hollywood)

Jan 5, 2018

11:51 pm - Donald Glover On The Change-Up In Directors On Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ Han Solo Spinoff – TCA (Deadline|Hollywood)

11:36 pm - Could The Disney And Fox Deal Affect The Doctor Doom Movie? (Cinema Blend)

10:45 pm - FX CEO Expects to Bring Grown-Up Shows to Disney [TCA 2018] (Slashfilm)

10:18 pm - Icon PR Launches From East 2 West Collective COO Heather Besignano (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:06 pm - The Events And Attractions Coming To Disney World In 2018 (Cinema Blend)

9:59 pm - 10 Scrapped Ideas from Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Coming Soon)

9:47 pm - Batman Solo Director Matt Reeves Is Latest Director To Strike A Deal With Netflix (Cinema Blend)

9:30 pm - Uni-Versus: 15 Marvel And DC Movie Actors Who Switched Sides (CBR)

9:21 pm - ‘The X-Files’: 3 Reasons Not to Worry About Season 11 Being the End (Indiewire)

9:18 pm - ‘Hostiles’ Distributor Byron Allen, On Growing A Movie Company In Difficult Times For Indies (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:14 pm - We Checked Out ILMxLAB and The Void’s VR Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire (Coming Soon)

9:06 pm - ‘Trust’ EP/Screenwriter Gives Glimpse Of Season 2 Details On J. Paul Getty Series (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:44 pm - John Landgraf On Pending Mega Deal, FX’s & His Disney Future: “I Feel Optimistic” (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:43 pm - Maleficent 2 Sets Spring Filming Start Date (Screen Rant)

8:35 pm - Every Day (Cinema Blend)

8:30 pm - Doctor Doom Movie Hasn’t Been Impacted By Disney/Fox Deal Yet (Screen Rant)

8:30 pm - Jacob Hall’s Top 10 Movies of 2017 (Slashfilm)

8:08 pm - Why the Hell Isn’t Anybody Talking About ‘The Last Jedi’ for Best Picture? (Indiewire)

8:00 pm - Sean Baker on Perfecting the Artful Issue Film in ‘The Florida Project’ — Awards Season Spotlight Profile (Indiewire)

6:51 pm - Peak TV Tally: There Were More Shows Than Ever in 2017, Which Is Why It’s Impossible to Keep Up (Indiewire)

6:15 pm - ‘Atlanta’ Has a New Title, and a Premiere Date, For Season 2 — Here’s What We Know (Indiewire)

6:14 pm - ‘The Last Jedi’ Rises To #16 On All-Time WW Chart, But China Force Is Not Strong With This One (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:46 pm - Ryan Reynolds Invites Twitter Fan to Deadpool 2 Premiere (CBR)

5:31 pm - ‘The Four’ Ratings Debut Decently, Rising ‘Big Bang Theory’ Rules Night In Return (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:30 pm - ‘Zombies’ Trailer & Premiere Date: Disney Channel Teen Romp Set For February (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:09 pm - Are Chris Pratt And Olivia Munn Secretly Dating? (Cinema Blend)

5:01 pm - 8 Rumors About X-Men: Dark Phoenix We Hope Are True (And 7 We Hope Are False) (Screen Rant)

5:00 pm - Something Strange: 15 Dark Secrets About The Real Ghostbusters (CBR)

4:57 pm - Ridley Scott in Talks to Direct Disney's 'The Merlin Saga' (Screen Crush)

4:38 pm - Star Wars Doesn’t Need To Course Correct After The Last Jedi Backlash (Screen Rant)

4:30 pm - Disney’s ‘Merlin’ Saga Adaptation Eyes Ridley Scott for Director (Slashfilm)

4:16 pm - The First Star Wars News Roundup of 2018 (Coming Soon)

4:09 pm - What Ryan Murphy Thinks About The Fox And Disney Merger, And How It Could Affect His Shows (Cinema Blend)

4:01 pm - 15 Crazy Disney Princess Redesigns Better Than The Movies (Screen Rant)

4:00 pm - ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story” LEGO Sets Confirm The Kessel Run, Landspeeder Action & More (Slashfilm)

3:15 pm - ‘Insidious: The Last Key’ Unlocks Close To $2M On Thursday Night (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:03 pm - Star Wars Just Opened In China And Lost At The Box Office (Cinema Blend)

3:00 pm - Every Studio Film Directed By Female Filmmakers Coming Out in 2018 and 2019 (Indiewire)

2:52 pm - Solo: A Star Wars Story LEGO Set Shows Millennium Falcon’s Original Design (CBR)

2:46 pm - The Weinstein Company Is Close to a Sale (Screen Crush)

2:35 pm - Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Invites Fan To Deadpool 2 Premiere (Screen Rant)

2:20 pm - Star Wars: The Last Jedi Struggling At Chinese Box Office (Screen Rant)

9:01 am - Black Panther Movie: What We Know So Far (Cinema Blend)

5:32 am - Hulk Looks Like Thor in New Ragnarok Concept Art (Screen Rant)

4:01 am - 9 MCU Movies Currently In Development (And 6 That Are Rumored) (Screen Rant)

2:04 am - ‘New Girl’ Cast, Producers Asked If Series Could Be Pitched In #MeToo Era (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:04 am - ‘New Girl’ Cast, Producers Asked If Series Could Be Pitched In #MeToo Era (Deadline|Hollywood)

1:58 am - 2017’s Record International Box Office: Highlights & What’s Ahead For 2018 – Studio Market Share Chart (Deadline|Hollywood)

1:33 am - Rob McElhenney & Rob Rosell Comedy Nears Pilot Order At Fox As Network Preps For Pilot Season Amid Disney Deal (Deadline|Hollywood)

1:09 am - Seth MacFarlane Says That ‘Family Guy’ Kevin Spacey Joke Was Pure Coincidence, Not a Crystal Ball (Indiewire)

1:04 am - The Weinstein Company Is Close To Closing A Deal (Screen Rant)

1:00 am - 16 Scandalous Cosplays Not For The Faint Of Heart (CBR)

12:18 am - Ridley Scott And Disney May Be Teaming Up For A Cool Fantasy Movie (Cinema Blend)

Jan 4, 2018

11:55 pm - Ridley Scott May Direct Disney’s “Merlin Saga” Adaptation (Screen Rant)

11:30 pm - 8 Times Critics Got Sci-Fi And Superhero Films Wrong (And 8 Times Fans Did) (CBR)

11:28 pm - Ridley Scott in Talks to Direct The Merlin Saga at Disney (Coming Soon)

10:50 pm - Donald Trump Proud Of ‘SNL’ Gig, Wanted To Attend Press Corps Dinner: Report (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:49 pm - Danny Masterson Dropped At UTA Amid Allegations (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:18 pm - Emily VanCamp Medical Drama ‘The Resident’ Has Sexual Harassment-Themed Episode In The Works – TCA (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:10 pm - Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi Used A Puppet For Yoda (Cinema Blend)

10:03 pm - Animaniacs Reboot Coming to Hulu in 2020 (Screen Rant)

10:01 pm - 15 Disney Movies You Didn’t Know Were Coming in 2018 (Screen Rant)

9:40 pm - The Crazy Reason One Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Star Almost Turned The Role Down (Cinema Blend)

9:30 pm - The Weinstein Company Nearing Sale for Less Than $500 Million (Slashfilm)

9:24 pm - Christian Bale Hasn’t Been Able to Watch ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Since the Aurora Shooting (Indiewire)

9:24 pm - The Gifted Renewed For Season 2 At Fox (Cinema Blend)

9:20 pm - Seth MacFarlane On Disney-Fox Deal: “I Don’t Think A Whole Lot Is Going To Change” (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:12 pm - ‘Florida Project’s Brooklynn Prince Joins Amblin Haunted House Tale ‘The Turning’ (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:00 pm - ‘Animaniacs’ Reboot, And Its Entire 1990s Episodic Library, Land at Hulu — Here’s When It Will Return (Indiewire)

8:40 pm - Jon Bernthal’s Message to Alt-Right Fans of Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’: ‘F*ck Them’ (Indiewire)

8:34 pm - Art of the Title Names the 10 Best Opening Credits of 2017, From ‘Dark’ to ‘Split’ (Indiewire)

8:31 pm - It’s OK For Star Wars Movies To Reference Heaven, Hell & God (Screen Rant)

8:29 pm - Fox Toppers Talk Pending Disney Merger, FBC’s & Their Own Future – TCA (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:11 pm - The Gifted Season 2 Has Been Officially Ordered By FOX (Screen Rant)

8:01 pm - Fox TV Shows Won’t Change Tones or Air on ABC, Post Disney Buyout (Screen Rant)

8:00 pm - How the Disney Acquisition Will Affect New Fox Television (Slashfilm)

7:53 pm - Fox TV Execs Reveal Post-Disney Network’s New Name, Programming Plans (CBR)

7:49 pm - RealD's Ultimate Screen Technology: What It Is, And What It Means For 3D Movies (Cinema Blend)

7:33 pm - ‘9-1-1’ Antidote For “Dark Cynical Donald Trump Era,” Creator Ryan Murphy Says — TCA (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:29 pm - Ryan Murphy On Disney-Fox Merger: “I’m Hopeful” – TCA (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:22 pm - FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Cancels CES Trip After Death Threats Related To Net Neutrality: Report (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:21 pm - ‘Wonderstruck’ Cinematographer Ed Lachman On Capturing “Mysterious World For Boys” Within Natural History Museum (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:17 pm - ‘Abacus’ Director Weighs Impact Of Oscar Shortlisted Doc On Chinatown Bank Snared In Suspect Prosecution (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:14 pm - Production Designer Chris Jones On Finding Layers Of History Within ‘Lady Bird’s Scouted Environments (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:13 pm - Golden Globes 2018 TV Predictions: Bold Picks in Every Category (Indiewire)

7:09 pm - Fox Bosses On The Future Of ‘The X-Files’ – TCA (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:09 pm - ‘Game Of Thrones’ Returns For Eighth & Final Season In 2019 (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:00 pm - ‘One Day At A Time’ Trailer: First Look At Season 2 Of Netflix Comedy (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:00 pm - ‘One Day at a Time’ Season 2 Trailer: Norman Lear’s Updated Sitcom Returns — Watch (Indiewire)

6:57 pm - FOX Bosses Reveal Post-Disney Future, More 'Gifted' and 'Prison Break' (Screen Crush)

6:55 pm - Amazon Prime Begins Its Major Makeover, Starting With ‘Mrs. Maisel’; Now, Here’s What’s In Store for 2018 (Indiewire)

6:51 pm - Lost: Exclusive Streaming Rights Picked Up By Hulu (Screen Rant)

6:38 pm - Dow Cruises Past 25,000, But Media Shares Mixed (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:34 pm - ‘The Simpsons’ Won’t Be ‘Disney-fied,’ As Fox Broadcasting Bosses Say Business As Usual Despite Questions About Its Fate (Indiewire)

6:30 pm - Where Are They Now: 15 Young Superhero Actors (CBR)

6:30 pm - ‘The Chi’ Review: Lena Waithe’s Compelling Showtime Drama Highlights the Beating Heart in Chicago’s South Side (Indiewire)

6:19 pm - Upcoming Disney Movies: Full List Of Titles And Release Dates (Cinema Blend)

6:10 pm - ‘The Gifted’ Renewed For Season 2 By Fox (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:57 pm - Coco & Your Name Lead Reddit’s Top 10 Movies of 2017 (Screen Rant)

4:07 pm - ‘Lost’ Lands At Hulu After Netflix Deal Expires (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:46 pm - Kendrick Lamar to Curate and Produce Black Panther: The Album (Coming Soon)

2:01 pm - The Last Jedi: 15 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Disney Wants Hidden (Screen Rant)

11:00 am - China Court Case Challenges SAPPRFT On Rules Over Gay Depiction Online – Report (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:01 am - MCU: 15 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Disney Doesn’t Want You To Know (Screen Rant)

12:01 am - 10 Terrible Performances That Ruined TV Shows (And 5 That Saved Them) (Screen Rant)

Jan 3, 2018

11:12 pm - Why The Beast In Beauty And The Beast Was Switched From Practical To Digital Effects (Cinema Blend)

10:01 pm - Rosario Dawson Reportedly Back For More Daredevil & Iron Fist (Screen Rant)

9:52 pm - Albert Schultz Called “Serial Sexual Predator” As Four Actresses Sue Canadian Theater Star (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:48 pm - Dan Harmon Apologizes To Former ‘Community’ Writer For Inappropriate Behavior, Abuse Of Power (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:42 pm - Paul Scheer Dissects ‘The Last Jedi,’ The Year in Pop Culture, and How ‘The Disaster Artist’ Got Made —Turn It On Podcast (Indiewire)

9:20 pm - Paul Sorvino Doesn’t Mince Words On Harvey Weinstein: If They Meet, “He’ll Be Lying On The Floor” (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:11 pm - Sarah Sanders: President Was “Furious, Disgusted” By Steve Bannon Claims (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:03 pm - ‘Portlandia’ Trailer: Fred Armisen & Carrie Brownstein’s Eclectic Characters Are Back For Final Season (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:02 pm - LINK’s Mike Nilon & Matt Shelton Exit To Launch Management Company (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:00 pm - Star Wars Bits: The #KyloRenChallenge, the Music of ‘The Last Jedi,’ and BBQ Porg Inaction Figures (Slashfilm)

8:57 pm - In A Twist, A&E’s ‘Live PD’ Ranks As Most DVR’d Show Of 2017, Per Vizio Survey (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:31 pm - That Milk Luke Skywalker Drank In The Last Jedi Was Not As Bad As It Looked (Cinema Blend)

8:30 pm - ‘Beauty And The Beast’ VFX Supervisor Kyle McCulloch On Vast Array Of On-Set Visual Cues Used To Aid The Actor (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:31 pm - Scandal & How to Get Away With Murder Crossover in the Works (Screen Rant)

6:32 pm - ‘The Last Jedi’ Cracks All-Time Global Top 20 With $1.091B, Tops $550M Overseas (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:30 pm - Ridley Scott Believes Alien Should Be On The Same Level For Fans As Star Wars (Cinema Blend)

6:24 pm - New Rick & Morty Skit Debuts During Deadmau5 New Year’s Show (Screen Rant)

6:15 pm - The 50 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2018 (Screen Rant)

6:08 pm - TV News Viewing Increased 12% In 2017, While Sports Dropped 6%: Analyst (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:49 pm - ‘Insidious: The Last Key’ To Scare Up Biz In Strong Holiday Holdover Period – Box Office Preview (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:47 pm - Jocelyn Diaz Exits As Epix Head of Original Programming (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:01 pm - 5 Planets Star Wars Should Return to in Episode 9 (Screen Rant)

4:41 pm - Disney’s Mulan Sets Production Crew, Starts Filming This Month (Screen Rant)

3:46 pm - Ridley Scott: ‘No Reason’ Alien Shouldn’t be on Level as Star Wars for Fans (Coming Soon)

3:30 pm - 15 Things The Animated X-Men Can Do (That Movie X-Men Can’t) (CBR)

3:27 pm - 18 Most Controversial Things Disney Has Ever Done (Screen Rant)

3:20 pm - You Might Prefer Spain’s Title for Solo: A Star Wars Story (CBR)

2:22 pm - Maze Runner: The Death Cure Tops Social Media Buzz (Screen Rant)

2:00 pm - 8 Cartoon Characters That Look Better In Live-Action (And 7 That Look Worse) (CBR)

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