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Sep 25, 2017

5:13 am - ‘Rick and Morty’ Review: ‘The ABCs of Beth’ is a Touching Father-Daughter Adventure Drenched in Plenty of Alien Blood (Indiewire)

4:01 am - The 10 Best (And 10 Worst) TV Shows According To Rotten Tomatoes (Screen Rant)

3:08 am - Stephen Amell Clarifies His Arrow/Supernatural Crossover Hopes (Screen Rant)

2:30 am - ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Premiere Most Shocking Moments, From Georgiou’s Destiny to Burnham’s Bold Move (Indiewire)

12:30 am - Grow Up: 15 “Not-So-PG” Projects By Cartoon Creators (CBR)

12:01 am - Lord Of The Rings: 20 Hilarious Memes Only True Fans Will Understand (Screen Rant)

Sep 24, 2017

11:01 pm - 15 Things That Make No Sense About Naruto (Screen Rant)

10:01 pm - Star Wars: 15 Things You Never Knew The Millennium Falcon Could Do (Screen Rant)

9:35 pm - X-Men: 15 Worst Powers Rogue Has Absorbed, Ranked (Screen Rant)

8:14 pm - Kirsten Dunst Accidentally Got Super High On The Set Of Her New Movie (Cinema Blend)

5:32 pm - ‘Will & Grace’ Co-Creator on Trump: ‘I Would Rather Be a Son of a Bitch Than the Son of Someone Who Was Arrested at a KKK Rally’ (Indiewire)

2:00 pm - ‘Young Sheldon’ Review: The Emotional Complexity of this ‘Big Bang Theory’ Prequel Will Stun Haters and Fans Alike (Indiewire)

5:01 am - Gotham: 15 Mysteries The Show Has Completely Neglected (Screen Rant)

3:19 am - Justice League Composer Danny Elfman Celebrates Batman Day (Screen Rant)

2:01 am - 8 Classic Comedy TV Shows That Are Still Funny (And 7 That Are Just Awful) (Screen Rant)

2:00 am - Touched By An Angel: 15 Characters That Got It On With An Angel (CBR)

1:25 am - Kingsman 2 Director Reveals How They Shot The Glastonbury Scene (Screen Rant)

1:12 am - ‘Will & Grace’ Gang Takes On Donnie & Melania – Tribeca TV Festival (Deadline|Hollywood)

1:01 am - 15 Terrible TV Shows Netflix Wants You To Forget (Screen Rant)

12:01 am - 15 Real-Life Monsters You Didn’t Know Inspired Movie Villains (Screen Rant)

Sep 23, 2017

9:25 pm - Harry Knowles Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Austin Woman Two Decades Ago, and Drafthouse Owners Didn’t Take Action (Indiewire)

9:01 pm - 15 Hidden Messages In The MCU That Marvel Doesn’t Think You’ll Notice (Screen Rant)

8:30 pm - ‘World of Tomorrow Episode Two: The Burden of Other People’s Thoughts’ Review: Don Hertzfeldt Does it Again (Indiewire)

7:42 pm - MSNBC Devotes Day To Global Citizen Festival Featuring Stevie Wonder, Green Day, Pharrell Williams (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:25 pm - Director Doug Liman Opens Up About The American Made Crash Deaths (Cinema Blend)

6:01 pm - 15 Actors You Never Knew Had Ties To Gangs (Screen Rant)

5:01 pm - Magic The Gathering: 15 Cards That Had To Be Banned Before (Or After) They Broke The Game (Screen Rant)

4:08 pm - Fantastic Beasts 2 Has Cast Its First New Villain (Cinema Blend)

4:00 pm - This Week In Trailers: Don’t Break Down: A Film About Jawbreaker, The Pathological Optimist, Rabbit, A Fantastic Woman (Slashfilm)

3:55 pm - What The Nightwing Movie Should Be About, According To One Comic Writer (Cinema Blend)

3:24 pm - Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant With Her First Child (Cinema Blend)

12:31 pm - The Flash Showrunner Teases ‘Psychological’ Battle With The Thinker (Screen Rant)

4:45 am - ‘Overtime’ Revelation: Barney Frank Tells Bill Maher His Cousin Was A Stooge (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:00 am - Star-Crossed: 15 Savage Star Trek VS. Star Wars Memes (CBR)

2:51 am - 7 Kevin Smith Characters Who Should Return For Jay And Silent Bob Reboot (Cinema Blend)

1:30 am - 8 Social Justice Issues Superman Fought Against (And 7 He Fought For) (CBR)

1:01 am - Harry Potter: 15 Fan Theories Rejected By J.K. Rowling (Screen Rant)

12:00 am - Preyed Upon: 15 Things The Arrowverse Ripped Off From Birds Of Prey (CBR)

Sep 22, 2017

10:30 pm - ‘The President is Missing’: Showtime Adapting Bill Clinton & James Patterson’s Thriller Novel Into a TV Show (Slashfilm)

10:30 pm - Star Trek: Discovery EP Brings the Franchise to Several New Frontiers (CBR)

10:01 pm - Supernatural: 15 Inappropriate Memes That Make You Feel Bad For Laughing (Screen Rant)

9:03 pm - After Starring in a Marvel Movie, Brie Larson Would Like to Direct One, Thank You Very Much (Screen Crush)

9:01 pm - 15 Worst Things Shondaland Characters Have Ever Done (Screen Rant)

8:02 pm - 15 Han Solo Movie Rumors That Will Blow You Away (Screen Rant)

7:30 pm - That’s So Raiden: 15 Things You Never Knew About Raiden (CBR)

7:02 pm - Watch Jerry Seinfeld Perform For Frank And Claire Underwood In Uncomfortably Hilarious Netflix Promo (Cinema Blend)

6:33 pm - How Colin Firth Comes Back to Life in 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' Is Kind of Ingenious (Screen Crush)

5:49 pm - Kingsman Vs. James Bond: Matthew Vaughn Created a Bizarre Vaginal Tracking Device Scene To Prove the Difference (Indiewire)

5:30 pm - 15 Horrible Superhero Shows You Pushed Out Of Your Mind (CBR)

5:30 pm - Dan Harmon Lays Into Sexist ‘Rick and Morty’ Trolls For Harassing Female Writers (Slashfilm)

4:47 pm - Gaby Hoffmann and Jay Duplass on 'Transparent' Season 4 and How the Show Revolutionized Their Lives (Screen Crush)

4:25 pm - Danny Pudi Provides Community Movie Update: We Will Do It (Screen Rant)

4:22 pm - Bill Clinton's Upcoming Novel 'The President Is Missing' Headed to Showtime (Screen Crush)

4:15 pm - Dozens Of Dildos Have Washed Up On An Italian Beach (Cinema Blend)

3:56 pm - The Sex Doll Prank Channing Tatum Pulled On Taron Egerton On The Kingsman 2 Set (Cinema Blend)

3:51 pm - Bill Clinton Novel The President is Missing Becomes Showtime Series (Coming Soon)

3:34 pm - What's Happening With The Walking Dead's Heath? Here's What Scott Gimple Says (Cinema Blend)

3:00 pm - Bill Clinton & James Patterson’s Novel ‘The President Is Missing’ Lands At Showtime For TV Series Adaptation (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:44 pm - Supernatural Season 13 Images: Lucifer’s Son is Behind Bars (Screen Rant)

2:30 pm - Supergirl Season Premiere Synopsis Teases a New Character (CBR)

1:18 pm - Doomsday Clock: DC Debuts Trailer for the Rebirth Event (CBR)

1:00 pm - The ‘Family Matters’ House Is Being Demolished, But It’s Not Steve Urkel’s Fault (Slashfilm)

12:32 pm - Tom Courtenay To Make ‘Grandpa’s Great Escape’; ‘Good Omens’ Adds Cast; Deutsche Telekom Gets ‘Germanized’ – Global Briefs (Deadline|Hollywood)

11:01 am - 15 Best Comic Book Movies NOT Made By Marvel Or DC (Screen Rant)

5:24 am - Grand Theft Auto: 15 Insane GTA 6 Rumors That Will Freak You Out (Screen Rant)

4:17 am - Stephen Colbert Leaks His Own Meltdown Tape After Someone Leaks Lawrence O’Donnell’s For Him (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:01 am - X Dark Disney Fan Theories That Completely Ruin Your Favorite Movies (Screen Rant)

3:51 am - Gotham: Why Scarecrow is the Perfect First Nemesis For Bruce (Screen Rant)

1:01 am - 15 Shocking Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Of Your Favorite ’90s Movies (Screen Rant)

Sep 21, 2017

11:01 pm - 15 On-Screen Siblings Who Actually HATED Each Other (Screen Rant)

11:00 pm - Is ‘Mulholland Drive’ Really the Greatest Film of the 21st Century? (Or How I Learned to Love David Lynch) (Slashfilm)

10:47 pm - Brie Larson Wants to Direct a Marvel Movie (Screen Rant)

10:34 pm - Facebook Messenger Will Offer Fandango Deals By ‘Listening’ to Chats (Screen Rant)

10:11 pm - The Simpsons is Giving Neil Gaiman the Treehouse of Horror Treatment (Screen Rant)

10:01 pm - 15 Movie Threequels That Ruined The Whole Trilogy (Screen Rant)

9:14 pm - Rick & Morty Creator Slams Trolls Attacking the Show’s Female Writers (Screen Rant)

8:58 pm - Harley Quinn Will Not Appear On Gotham (Screen Rant)

8:01 pm - IT: 15 Things From The Book They Couldn’t Show In The Movie (Screen Rant)

8:00 pm - This Mysterious ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Hologram in Not Who You Think It is (Slashfilm)

7:53 pm - The Guardians Of The Galaxy Character Who Almost Returned In Vol. 2 (Cinema Blend)

7:15 pm - One Marvel Actress Really Wants To Be A Marvel Director (Cinema Blend)

7:00 pm - Gotham: Showrunner on Batman Rising, Solomon Grundy & More (CBR)

6:48 pm - ‘Rick and Morty’ Co-Creator Dan Harmon Denounces Fans Who Harassed Female Writers’: ‘I Loathe These People’ (Indiewire)

6:38 pm - Riverdale Star Crashes Car Following 16-Hour Workday (CBR)

6:22 pm - Another Avenger Definitely Isn't Dying In Infinity War (Cinema Blend)

6:00 pm - ‘Friend Request’ Review: Horror Fans Might Swipe Right on This Tech-Driven Spookfest, Others Beware (Indiewire)

6:00 pm - 8 Arrowverse Costumes That Are Better Than The Comics (And 7 That Are Much Worse) (CBR)

5:24 pm - ‘The Sinner’: The 13 Craziest and Depraved Differences Between the Book and USA’s Disturbing Series (Indiewire)

5:21 pm - Gotham: Riddler’s Icy Prison Will Leave Him Fundamentally Changed (CBR)

4:31 pm - Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton Want to Tell the Billie Jean King Story You Don't Know in 'Battle of the Sexes' (Screen Crush)

4:28 pm - Church Defends Letting Hellboy Reboot Shoot at Wells Cathedral (Screen Rant)

4:20 pm - Stephen Colbert Sets Donald Trump Straight: Emmy Ratings Were Second Worst (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:01 pm - Taron Egerton Doesn’t Want New Kingsman Characters To Steal The Spotlight (Screen Rant)

4:01 pm - DC’s Doomsday Clock Will Debut a Little Early (CBR)

4:01 pm - Dragon Ball Z: 15 Things You Didn’t About Gotenks (Screen Rant)

3:09 pm - Netflix Pulls Episode Of Kids Cartoon Over A Penis Drawing (Cinema Blend)

3:00 pm - Gotham Cliffhanger Notes: What You Need to Know for Season 4 (CBR)

3:00 pm - 15 Insanely Bad Superhero Casting Choices (That Actually Worked Out) (CBR)

3:00 pm - The Best Underdog Sports Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen (Slashfilm)

2:19 pm - Interview: Sissy Spacek Remembers Making Carrie (Coming Soon)

2:00 pm - 8 Terrifying Movies That Prove You Should Stay Off the Internet Forever (Slashfilm)

1:58 pm - Julianne Moore Explains How Her Kingsman 2 Villain Is Different To Samuel L. Jackson’s (Screen Rant)

1:51 pm - Here's Who Won America's Got Talent's Season 12 (Cinema Blend)

1:15 pm - Batman Steals Flash’s Speed to Become RED DEATH (Screen Rant)

12:41 pm - How The Good Place Season 2 Premiere Just Changed The Game (Cinema Blend)

10:34 am - Netflix: 18 Best Movies And TV Shows Leaving In October (Screen Rant)

7:00 am - Why Did DC Launch a Who’s Who Series While Resetting Their Continuity? (CBR)

4:01 am - 15 Huge Marvel Plot Holes (That Aren’t Actually Make Perfect Sense) (Screen Rant)

3:00 am - ‘The Sinner’ Finale: Creator on the Masked Captor’s Identity and What Season 2 Could Look Like (Indiewire)

2:30 am - Lawrence O’Donnell Sorry For Leaked Video Of Off-Air Rants (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:06 am - Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review (Coming Soon)

2:01 am - 15 Things You Never Knew You Could Do On Netflix (Screen Rant)

2:00 am - Immaculate Creations: 15 Super Kids That Came Out Of Nowhere (CBR)

1:52 am - Big Brother 19 Crowns Its Winner (Cinema Blend)

1:51 am - Jordan Peele Joins 'The Hunt' For Nazis With New TV Series (Screen Crush)

1:49 am - 6 Important Elements The Nightwing Movie Needs To Include (Cinema Blend)

1:31 am - 16 Unforgettable Comic Book Cover Mistakes You Can’t Unsee (Screen Rant)

1:01 am - 15 Offensive Characters DC Wants You to Forget About (Screen Rant)

12:01 am - 18 Celebrity Couples You Completely Forgot About (Screen Rant)

Sep 20, 2017

10:20 pm - What The Shazam! Audition Tapes Reveal About The Movie (Screen Rant)

9:59 pm - How Tomb Raider Movie Reboot Borrows Directly From the Games (Screen Rant)

9:30 pm - 15 Villains DC Movies Ruined (CBR)

9:08 pm - Hayden Christensen And Rachel Bilson Have Split After 10 Years (Cinema Blend)

8:49 pm - ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Co-Exec Producer Wendy Molyneux Talks Emmy Win, Season 8 Guest Stars, And “Beef Relief” (Deadline|Hollywood)

8:46 pm - Leatherface Clip: Meet the Mother of Leatherface (Screen Rant)

8:30 pm - The Punisher Trailer Breakdown: Frank is Back With a Vengeance (Screen Rant)

7:40 pm - Kingsman 3 Exclusive: What The Director and Cast Want in the Sequel (Screen Rant)

7:17 pm - Shazam!: Arrow Actor Audition Tape Surfaces (Screen Rant)

7:01 pm - ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’s Matthew Vaughn On Avoiding Franchise Fatigue & His Trilogy Ambition: Q&A (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:01 pm - eOne Acquires Worldwide Rights For Kate Winslet Starring Biopic About WWII Photojournalist Lee Miller (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:26 pm - A Politician Made A Top Gun Parody Commercial And His Opponent Should Just Concede The Election (Cinema Blend)

6:00 pm - Super Zeroes: The 15 Worst Marvel Characters of the ’00s (CBR)

5:41 pm - Yet Another Game Of Thrones Spinoff Is Being Developed (Cinema Blend)

5:24 pm - How Stephen Colbert Changed His Late Show Attitude In The Past Year (Cinema Blend)

5:01 pm - Sailor Moon: 15 Things You Never Knew About Queen Serenity (Screen Rant)

5:00 pm - Matthew Vaughn Wants to Make ‘Kingsman 3’ and Spin-Off Movies (Slashfilm)

4:30 pm - ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Review: ‘Neighbors From Hell’ Begins to Connect the Dots [Wednesday] (Slashfilm)

4:30 pm - Bat-ernal Instincts: 15 Times Batman Was The Father (CBR)

4:25 pm - Wonderstruck Trailer #2 & Poster Bring Brian Selznick’s Novel to Life (Screen Rant)

4:24 pm - One Family Member Jennifer Lawrence Knows Is Gonna Walk Out Of Mother! (Cinema Blend)

4:01 pm - Tomb Raider Movie & Game: Side-By-Side Comparison Trailer (Screen Rant)

4:00 pm - Hell Yeah! How Kite Man Saves The Day In Batman #31 (CBR)

3:46 pm - Jake LaMotta Dies: ‘Raging Bull’ Boxer Was 95 (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:38 pm - FX to Develop ‘Framed,’ Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s Crusade to Clear His Cousin’s Murder Conviction — Exclusive (Indiewire)

3:30 pm - David Gordon Green Explains Why 'Stronger' Is Unlike Anything He's Ever Done (Screen Crush)

3:03 pm - eOne Extends Film Distribution To Germany; Benjamina Mirnik-Voges Will Run Local Shop (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:58 pm - ‘Tales From the Tour Bus’ Review: Mike Judge’s Clever Cartoon is Outlaw Country’s ‘Drunk History’ (Indiewire)

2:55 pm - The Punisher's Full Trailer Is Brutal And Pure Heavy Metal (Cinema Blend)

2:28 pm - Why mother! is the Best Horror Film of 2017 (Coming Soon)

2:26 pm - ‘Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle’ Trailer: Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart & Karen Gillan Go Full Avatar (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:16 pm - 'The LEGO Ninjago Movie' Review: Not Quite a Blockbuster (Screen Crush)

2:00 pm - Secret Empire: Did Fan Reaction Affect The Ending? (Screen Rant)

1:48 pm - Taika Waititi Is the Latest Director Considered for Live-Action 'Akira' Remake (Screen Crush)

1:33 pm - David Lynch Explains Phillip Jeffries In Twin Peaks: The Return (Screen Rant)

1:30 pm - Sham Of Steel: 15 Times Superman Let Us All Down (CBR)

1:22 pm - Who Is Arrow's Vigilante? Here's What We Think (Cinema Blend)

1:16 pm - Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Trailer #2 – The Game Plays Us Now (Screen Rant)

4:25 am - 15 Things About Scandal That Make No Sense (Screen Rant)

2:06 am - Why 'Twin Peaks' Recorded Over David Bowie's Original Performance (Screen Crush)

2:05 am - Dragon Ball: 15 Characters Even Stronger Than Goku (Screen Rant)

12:53 am - ‘Akira’ Finds New Life With ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Director Taika Waititi In Talks (Slashfilm)

12:37 am - Honest Trailers Takes On Wonder Woman (CBR)

12:23 am - Could X-Men: Dark Phoenix Be Doing Something Different With One Of Its Original Actors? (Cinema Blend)

12:01 am - Lord Of The Rings: 15 Things You Never Knew About Faramir (Screen Rant)

Sep 19, 2017

11:00 pm - The Dankest There Is: 15 Incredibly Hilarious Hulk Memes (CBR)

10:53 pm - X-Men: Original Colossus Actor Returning for Dark Phoenix (Screen Rant)

10:36 pm - Matthew Vaughn Wanted to Make a Young Wolverine Movie (Screen Rant)

10:33 pm - Legends of Tomorrow Battle Ancient Romans on the Beach in New Photos (CBR)

10:01 pm - 15 Superheroes (And Villains) You Didn’t Know Fought Mental Illnesses (Screen Rant)

9:30 pm - ‘Channel Zero’ Creator Nick Antosca Prepares Us For the ‘No-End House’ (Slashfilm)

9:09 pm - 15 Facts Even Die-Hard Fans Didn’t Know About The DCEU (Screen Rant)

9:08 pm - Star Wars: Amilyn Holdo’s Backstory Explained (Screen Rant)

8:00 pm - Someone Drew a Penis in a Children’s Netflix Cartoon And Parents Aren’t Happy About It (Slashfilm)

7:30 pm - ‘The Croods 2’ Release Date Announced, Blumhouse Teams With Dreamworks For ‘Spooky Jack’ (Slashfilm)

7:25 pm - ‘Battle of the Sexes’: Why Emma Stone’s Performance as Billie Jean King Deserves a Much Better Movie (Indiewire)

7:24 pm - David Lynch Explains David Bowie’s Return to ‘Twin Peaks,’ Wishes He Could Work With Him Again (Indiewire)

6:27 pm - Jen Kirkman Defends Louis C.K. Against Sexual Assault Rumors: ‘Sometimes There’s Nothing There’ (Indiewire)

6:13 pm - Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review (Cinema Blend)

5:58 pm - Critics Pick the Best Documentary TV Series Ever, From ‘The Jinx’ to ’30 for 30’ – IndieWire Survey (Indiewire)

5:30 pm - The Woman In The Kevin Hart Extortion Video Apparently Wants Money To Take A Lie Detector Test (Cinema Blend)

5:25 pm - Why mother! Bombed at the Box Office Despite Critical Acclaim (Screen Rant)

5:02 pm - ‘Transparent’ Review: Season 4 Tries to Do Too Much in the Series’ First Notable Misstep (Indiewire)

5:00 pm - ‘Fall In Love’: Will This Virtual Reality Program Make You Fall In Love? (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:39 pm - mother! Explained by Jennifer Lawrence & Darren Aronofsky (Screen Rant)

4:30 pm - ‘Breathe’ Trailer: Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy Star in a True Story From Director Andy Serkis (Slashfilm)

4:01 pm - Emilia Clarke Goes Blonde (For Real) as 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Gears Up (Screen Crush)

3:30 pm - John Stamos Leading ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’ in Concert, with Weird Al and Finn Wolfhard Co-Starring (Slashfilm)

3:30 pm - Celebrity Skin: 17 Hollywood Knockouts Who Cosplayed As Superheroes (CBR)

3:20 pm - How Much The Fuller House Babies Make Per Episode (Cinema Blend)

3:01 pm - 20 Best Movies Ever Made (According To IMDb) (Screen Rant)

3:00 pm - ‘Let the Corpses Tan’ Review: A Brain-Breaking (For Better and Worse) Midnight Movie [TIFF] (Slashfilm)

2:48 pm - A Blind Blake Lively Regains Her Sight in the Nightmarish 'All I See Is You' Trailer (Screen Crush)

2:06 pm - Why Walking Dead Fans Shouldn't Expect To See Maggie's Baby Any Time Soon (Cinema Blend)

2:00 pm - New ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Trailer Arrives Next Month According to Blabbermouth Mark Hamill (Slashfilm)

1:47 pm - 7 Movies That Got an F On CinemaScore But Are Actually Decent (Cinema Blend)

1:00 pm - Let Nick Offerman Take You to Camelot in ‘A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court’ — Exclusive (Indiewire)

4:01 am - 15 TERRIBLE Additions To Legendary TV Shows (Screen Rant)

3:31 am - 18 Things You Never Knew About Rocko’s Modern Life (Screen Rant)

3:00 am - ‘Midnight Texas’ Finale: Boss Talks Switching Up That Sexy Ending and Cueing the Danger Up for Season 2 (Indiewire)

2:01 am - 15 Shocking Movie Conspiracy Theories You Need To Know (Screen Rant)

2:00 am - What A Drag: 15 Characters You Never Knew Crossdressed (CBR)

1:42 am - ‘Just Getting Started’ Trailer: Morgan Freeman & Tommy Lee Jones Are Rivals-Turned-Partners (Deadline|Hollywood)

12:01 am - Star Wars: 15 Worst Things That Have Ever Happened To Padmé (Screen Rant)

Sep 18, 2017

11:44 pm - Justin Jordan Gives Inside Look at New Image Series The Family Trade (CBR)

11:30 pm - If Matthew Vaughn Did a 'Superman' Movie, He'd Want It to Be 'Feel-Good' (Screen Crush)

11:03 pm - Matthew Vaughn Calls Superman a ‘Beacon of Light in Darkness’ (CBR)

10:23 pm - Netflix's American Vandal Is A Must-Watch True Crime Parody Of Making A Murderer And Others (Cinema Blend)

9:34 pm - What A Superman Movie Should Be, According To Potential Director Matthew Vaughn (Cinema Blend)

9:09 pm - Game of Thrones Season 8 Casting for 2 Child Actors (Screen Rant)

7:40 pm - How David Harbour’s Hellboy Can Overcome Ron Perlman’s Legacy (Screen Rant)

7:30 pm - Darren Aronofsky Would Have Cast Joaquin Phoenix as Batman; Matthew Vaughn Shares His Optimistic Vision For Superman (Slashfilm)

7:20 pm - How Sterling K. Brown's Emmy Acceptance Speech Was Actually Supposed To End (Cinema Blend)

7:17 pm - ‘Dragonflight’ Breathes New Life Into VR With Oscar-Winning VFX Team, Former TV Land President Larry Jones (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:00 pm - INTERVIEW: Simone Teases ‘Fun,’ ‘Surprising’ Wonder Woman/Conan Series (CBR)

7:00 pm - Hey Delta, Stop Editing Your In-Flight Movies For Content (Slashfilm)

6:44 pm - How Sean Spicer’s Surprise Emmys Cameo Came To Be, And What He’s Doing For An Encore (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:30 pm - Boy Terror: 15 Times A Robin Horrified Us (CBR)

6:30 pm - Watch: Ride Footage from Disneyland’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy – Monsters After Dark’ (Slashfilm)

5:50 pm - ‘Woman Walks Ahead’ Review: Jessica Chastain Stars in a Paint-By-Numbers Biopic — TIFF (Indiewire)

5:28 pm - Game Of Thrones Is Bringing In Two New Characters For Season 8 (Cinema Blend)

5:24 pm - Beverly Hills Cop 4 Might Actually Happen And With Another Huge Name (Cinema Blend)

5:05 pm - 15 Things About Logan That Make NO Sense (Screen Rant)

5:00 pm - Rebirth’s First Misstep is Still a Perfect Modern-Day Immigrant Story (CBR)

5:00 pm - 16 X-Team Costumes, Ranked From Worst To Best (CBR)

4:56 pm - Matthew Vaughn’s Superman DCEU Movie Would Be ‘Heroic’ & ‘Feel-Good’ (Screen Rant)

4:02 pm - ‘I, Tonya’ To Close Hamptons Film Festival As Lineup Set (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:53 pm - Angelina Jolie Still Breaks the Rules: Why ‘First They Killed My Father’ is the Movie No Studio Would Make (Indiewire)

3:41 pm - Kevin Hart Posts A Public Apology After Reported Extortion Attempt (Cinema Blend)

3:41 pm - It Was Stephen Colbert's Idea to Put Sean Spicer on Stage at the Emmys (Screen Crush)

3:12 pm - Paramount Defends Choice to Release Ambitious Flop 'mother!' (Screen Crush)

3:00 pm - ‘Good Omens’ First Look: David Tennant and Michael Sheen Rock Dyed Hair and Colorful Suits (Slashfilm)

2:48 pm - Benedict Cumberbatch Supports Female Sherlock Holmes (Screen Rant)

2:23 pm - David Tennant, Michael Sheen Debut Wild Hair in Neil Gaiman's 'Good Omens' Photo (Screen Crush)

2:20 pm - On Emmys Red Carpet, Shailene Woodley Cops to Not Watching TV (Screen Crush)

1:06 pm - Benedict Cumberbatch Doesn’t Understand Why ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Sherlock’ Can’t Have a Female Hero (Indiewire)

12:00 pm - The Morning Watch: Animated ‘Game of Thrones’ History, Comparing ‘Black Swan’ and ‘The Wrestler’ & More (Slashfilm)

11:26 am - ‘Good Omens’: David Tennant, Michael Sheen Suit Up For Amazon – First Photo (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:01 am - 16 “True Story” Movies That Were Completely Made Up (Screen Rant)

4:32 am - Politics at the Emmys: Donald Glover, Alec Baldwin Double Down on Comments About Trump, Sean Spicer’s Cameo, and More (Indiewire)

3:06 am - How Stephen Colbert Did As The 2017 Primetime Emmys Host (Cinema Blend)

3:06 am - The Strain Series Finale Ends With a Bang (Screen Rant)

2:46 am - Julia Louis-Dreyfus Makes Emmy History With Sixth ‘Veep’ Lead Actress Win (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:30 am - 15 Times Superheroes Got “Romantic” (CBR)

1:10 am - ‘The Children Act’ Review: Emma Thompson Is Absolutely Brilliant in an Uneven Ian McEwan Adaptation (Indiewire)

12:30 am - Speed Bumps: 20 Problems With The Arrowverse You Never Questioned (CBR)

Sep 17, 2017

10:01 pm - Supernatural: 15 Dark Secrets The Creators Want To Bury (Screen Rant)

9:45 pm - Ava DuVernay Wants To Remake Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (Cinema Blend)

8:28 pm - Captain Marvel Enlists Oscar Nominated Production Designer (Screen Rant)

7:16 pm - Why Rebirth’s Mr. Oz Had To Be [SPOILER] (CBR)

6:00 pm - Big Trouble in Little China: Old Man Jack #1 (CBR)

3:35 pm - ‘The Wife’ Review: Glenn Close is Exquisite In This Literary Drama — TIFF (Indiewire)

2:46 pm - Big Brother 19 Live Feed Spoilers: Who Won Part 2 Of The Head Of Household Competition (Cinema Blend)

2:00 pm - Snark Knight: The 15 Sickest Bat-Family Burns (CBR)

12:30 pm - Sharkboy And Lavagirl: What Does The Cast Look Like Now? (CBR)

11:00 am - BANimated: The 15 Most Controversial Episodes Of Classic Cartoons (CBR)

5:04 am - 15 Reasons The MCU Should Kill Off Captain America (Screen Rant)

4:02 am - 20 Funniest Batman Memes That Will Split Your Sides (Screen Rant)

3:01 am - 7th Heaven: 15 Dark Behind-The-Scenes Secrets You Had No Idea About (Screen Rant)

3:00 am - 15 Marvel Events Of The ’90s That Are Way Worse Than You Remember (CBR)

2:25 am - Nightwing Movie Will Feature Major Nod to Dick Grayson’s Past (Screen Rant)

2:01 am - What The Cast Of Smallville Looks Like Now (Screen Rant)

1:01 am - 15 Secrets From Jon And Kate Plus 8 You Had No Idea About (Screen Rant)

12:00 am - Don’t Nock It: 15 Insane Arrowverse Plots That Almost Happened (CBR)

Sep 16, 2017

11:08 pm - ‘Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool’s Annette Bening On Falling In Love With Gloria Grahame – Toronto Studio (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:28 pm - Michael Pearce And Jessie Buckley On British Thriller ‘Beast’ And “The Dark Shadows In Our Self” – Toronto Studio (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:01 pm - 15 Dark Whisper Confessions From Movie Sets (Screen Rant)

10:00 pm - 15 Reasons The MCU’s Avengers Are Actually Scary AF (CBR)

8:01 pm - 15 Secrets You Didn’t Know About the Fallout Universe (Screen Rant)

7:10 pm - How Batman Will Be Different In Justice League, According To Ben Affleck (Cinema Blend)

5:05 pm - Fantastic Fest Under Fire: Why America’s Preeminent Genre Festival Needs Its Fans More Than Hollywood (Indiewire)

4:30 pm - Left Wondering: 15 Issues With The Wonder Woman Movie We All Choose To Ignore (CBR)

4:00 pm - Simon Baker On Making His Directing Debut With The Coming-Of-Age Surf Drama ‘Breath’ – Toronto Studio (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:43 pm - Stars And Style: 15 Fan-Designed Captain America Costumes (CBR)

3:00 pm - This Week In Trailers: Kissing Candice, Heroin(e), Infinity Baby, Miami, The Departure (Slashfilm)

1:00 pm - Dark Nights: Metal — How Batman Opened the Door to the Dark Multiverse (CBR)

11:01 am - 15 Celebrities Who Believe They Were Abducted By Aliens (Screen Rant)

4:54 am - New Star Wars Story Follows Obi-Wan Kenobi After His Death (Screen Rant)

3:01 am - 16 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About The MCU (Screen Rant)

3:00 am - Power Coupling: 15 Times A Superhero “Dated” Their Archenemy (CBR)

2:01 am - 15 Actors Who Lost A LOT Of Weight For Only One Role (Screen Rant)

1:01 am - 15 Most Homophobic Moments In Kids Movies And TV Shows (Screen Rant)

12:21 am - Harry Dean Stanton’s Best Performances: An IndieWire Tribute to ‘Paris, Texas,’ ‘Pretty in Pink,’ ‘Twin Peaks,’ and More (Indiewire)

12:00 am - The Marvel Cinematic Universe: 15 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Revealed (CBR)

Sep 15, 2017

11:01 pm - 15 Secrets From Below Deck You Had No Idea About (Screen Rant)

10:01 pm - 17 TERRIBLE Scenes In Amazing Movies (Screen Rant)

10:00 pm - Lili Fini Zanuck On Documenting Icon’s Highs & Lows In ‘Eric Clapton: A Life In 12 Bars’ – Toronto Studio (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:01 pm - 15 Famous Actors Whose Unknown Siblings Are Even Better Looking (Screen Rant)

8:38 pm - Arrow Producers Clarify the Status of Flashbacks (CBR)

8:30 pm - ‘It: Chapter 2’ Will Likely Make Use of the Turtle – Here’s What That Means (Slashfilm)

8:11 pm - ‘mother!’: How to Explain What Darren Aronfosky’s Insane Movie is Really About (Indiewire)

7:09 pm - Splatoon 2 Gets A New Weapon And A New Map Tonight (Cinema Blend)

7:05 pm - Overwatch Would Have More Features If It Weren't For Toxic Players (Cinema Blend)

7:01 pm - 16 Pawn Stars Before They Were Famous (Screen Rant)

5:52 pm - The DCEU Movie Kingsman's Director Is In Talks For (Cinema Blend)

5:50 pm - ‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web’ Officially Casts ‘The Crown’ Star Claire Foy as Lisbeth Salander [Updated] (Slashfilm)

5:42 pm - ‘Good Omens’: Jack Whitesall, Michael McKean & Miranda Richardson Join Amazon Series (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:42 pm - ‘Good Omens’: Jack Whitehall, Michael McKean & Miranda Richardson Join Amazon Series (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:13 pm - Margaret Atwood on ‘Alias Grace’: ‘If I Had Known the Truth, I Wouldn’t Have Written a Book’ (Indiewire)

5:00 pm - Screenwriter Max Landis Wrote a 150-Page Ode to Carly Rae Jepsen – And It’s Brilliant Storytelling (Slashfilm)

4:57 pm - Sebastian Stan on Why 'I Tonya' Uses Comedy to Tell Tonya Harding's Story (Screen Crush)

4:32 pm - ‘Room 104’: Straight Guy Mark Duplass Wrote The Year’s Sweetest Gay Love Story (Indiewire)

4:21 pm - American Assassin Review (Coming Soon)

4:09 pm - First Look: The Flash’s Season 4 Costume (Screen Rant)

4:00 pm - How ‘It’ and the New Pennywise Mirror the Fears of 2017 (Slashfilm)

3:00 pm - EXCLUSIVE: Why Hawkeye & Winter Soldier Are Searching for Black Widow (CBR)

3:00 pm - All Red Everything: 15 Most Devilish Fan-Designed Daredevil Costumes (CBR)

2:00 pm - A Horror Newbie Gives the Genre a Chance With ‘It’ (Slashfilm)

2:00 pm - INTERVIEW: Dan Jurgens on Unmasking Mr. Oz’s True Identity (CBR)

1:20 pm - 'It' Will Get a Longer Director's Cut on Blu-ray (Screen Crush)

12:38 pm - Gotham Producer Provides Details on Solomon Grundy’s Introduction (Screen Rant)

12:00 pm - The Morning Watch: John Carpenter’s ‘Christine’ Music Video, A New ‘Futurama’ Episode & More (Slashfilm)

11:01 am - Star Trek: 15 Dark Behind-The-Scenes Secrets You Never Knew (Screen Rant)

3:01 am - 15 Things You Never Knew About The Disastrous Catwoman Movie (Screen Rant)

1:28 am - Tales of Suspense to Explore Black Widow’s Fate After Secret Empire (CBR)

1:01 am - 10 Amazing (And 5 Terrible) Marvel Characters We’ll Never See In The MCU (Screen Rant)

1:00 am - 15 Characters You Never Knew Were In A Gay Relationship (CBR)

12:03 am - Reality Series About Couples Making & Sharing Sex Tapes In Works At eOne & Armoza Formats (Deadline|Hollywood)

12:01 am - 15 Games You Should NEVER Play In Public (Screen Rant)

Sep 14, 2017

11:17 pm - How New Movies Are Redefining Our Understanding of Family Life (Indiewire)

11:01 pm - Yu-Gi-Oh!: 8 Strongest And 7 Weakest Duelists (Screen Rant)

10:58 pm - ABC Buys ‘We All Got Junk’ Semi-Autobiographical Family Comedy From Stephen Schneider & Will Gluck (Deadline|Hollywood)

10:01 pm - Grand Theft Auto: 16 Dark Secrets Even Die-Hard Fans Don’t Know About (Screen Rant)

10:00 pm - ‘Breathe’ Review: Andrew Garfield Astounds in Andy Serkis’ Directorial Debut [TIFF] (Slashfilm)

10:00 pm - Wardrobe Malfunctions: 15 Superhero Movie Costume Horror Stories (CBR)

8:30 pm - ‘Better Watch Out’ Trailer: This Could Be the Year’s Most Divisive Horror Movie (Slashfilm)

8:13 pm - How Pennywise and The Babadook Became Gay Icons (Screen Rant)

7:49 pm - ‘Who We Are Now’ Review: Julianne Nicholson Proves Once Again She’s One of the Greatest Actresses Alive — TIFF 17 (Indiewire)

7:03 pm - Star Wars News: The Last Jedi, Han Solo, Episode IX and More (Coming Soon)

7:01 pm - 15 Superheroes Who Are Basically Supervillains (Screen Rant)

6:37 pm - Trevor Noah Extends Daily Show Contract Through To 2022 (Screen Rant)

6:00 pm - Over A Dozen New ‘Star Wars’ Stories Have Been Revealed (Slashfilm)

5:03 pm - Trevor Noah Extends Contract Through 2022, Adds ‘Daily Show’ Year End Specials To Franchise (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:00 pm - Movie Mixtape: 6 Messed-Up Movies to Watch After Darren Aronofsky’s ‘mother!’ (Slashfilm)

4:45 pm - First Look at David Tennant and Michael Sheen in Neil Gaiman's 'Good Omens' (Screen Crush)

4:30 pm - Legion Of Doom: 20 Arrowverse Villains Ranked From Worst To Best (CBR)

4:01 pm - Why The Blacklist's Red Is Actually Fine With His Life Being In Shambles In Season 5 (Cinema Blend)

3:43 pm - Riverdale Showrunner Explains Horror Genre Element of Season 2 (Screen Rant)

3:26 pm - ‘The Sinner’: Who’s Behind the Creepy Ski Mask and 8 More Burning Questions Going Into the Finale (Indiewire)

3:09 pm - Why The Preacher Finale's Big Cliffhanger Death Happened Like That, According To One Star (Cinema Blend)

3:00 pm - Who, Exactly, Are the Evil Batmen of DC’s Dark Nights: Metal? (CBR)

2:48 pm - Remembering 1981’s Night School (Part Two) (Coming Soon)

2:38 pm - Get a Good Look at Guillermo del Toro's Monster in 'The Shape of Water' Red Band Trailer (Screen Crush)

2:00 pm - Could Billie Lourd’s Star Wars Audition Mean Rey is a Skywalker? (Screen Rant)

1:19 pm - Another Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Crossover is Coming (Screen Rant)

4:18 am - Chris Hemsworth Credits Sibling Rivalry for Helping Him Land Thor Role (Screen Rant)

4:18 am - How Younger Will Keep Josh In Liza's Life After That Surprising Finale (Cinema Blend)

3:25 am - ‘South Park’ Review: A Scathing Premiere Derides White Americans For Protecting White Supremacists (Indiewire)

3:01 am - 15 Actors You Had NO IDEA Were Banned From Talk Shows (Screen Rant)

2:03 am - 15 Embarrassing Video Game Box Art Mistakes You Can’t Unsee (Screen Rant)

1:38 am - Nintendo Makes A Major Improvement To The Switch Voice Chat App (Cinema Blend)

1:01 am - 15 Dark Secrets From My Strange Addiction You Had No Idea About (Screen Rant)

1:00 am - Super, Human: 15 Superheroes Who Suffered Through A Real-Life Illness (CBR)

12:26 am - Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II Announced for December (CBR)

12:02 am - ‘Kings’ Review: Halle Berry and Daniel Craig Star in Another Misbegotten Movie About Race in America — TIFF (Indiewire)

12:01 am - Frank Vincent Remembered By Hollywood: “Consummate NYC Actor” & “Lovely Man” (Deadline|Hollywood)

Sep 13, 2017

11:30 pm - Earth’s Mightiest: 8 Heroes The MCU Got Right (And 7 They Got Completely Wrong) (CBR)

11:26 pm - Sopranos Actor Frank Vincent Has Died At 78 (Cinema Blend)

11:00 pm - ‘Haunters: The Art of the Scare’ Trailer: An Inside Look at the ‘Scaring the Crap Out of People’ Industry (Slashfilm)

10:28 pm - The Sopranos Actor Frank Vincent Passes Away at 78 (Screen Rant)

10:01 pm - Lord Of The Rings: 15 Book Characters We’re Glad Were Left Out Of The Movies (Screen Rant)

9:45 pm - ‘Hellboy’ Reboot First Look Reveals ‘Stranger Things’ Star David Harbour as Big Red (Slashfilm)

9:03 pm - Hellboy: Daniel Dae Kim Confirms His Involvement (Screen Rant)

9:01 pm - 15 More Actors Who Look EXACTLY Like Identical Twins (Screen Rant)

8:30 pm - 15 Actors You Totally Forgot Were In Superhero Movies (CBR)

8:18 pm - Devin Faraci Was Rehired After Sexual Assault Allegations: What Was Tim League Thinking? (Indiewire)

8:05 pm - When Alec Baldwin Will Return To Saturday Night Live As Donald Trump (Cinema Blend)

7:52 pm - Twitter is Shipping Pennywise & The Babadook (Screen Rant)

7:50 pm - ‘The Cured’ Director David Freyne Talks European Recession’s Influence On Atypical Zombie Pic — Toronto Studio (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:10 pm - ‘Stranger Things’ For The Win: IFC’s ‘Documentary Now’ Directors Reveal Their Emmy Ballot Picks (Indiewire)

7:01 pm - 15 Actors You Had No Idea Were Child Stars (Screen Rant)

6:50 pm - Carrie Fisher’s Daughter Originally Auditioned for Rey in The Force Awakens (CBR)

6:26 pm - Star Wars 8 Novelization Won’t Be Released Until After The Movie (Screen Rant)

6:17 pm - ‘Thelma’ Director Joachim Trier On Norway’s “Visceral, Visual & Erotic” Oscar Selection — Toronto Studio (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:09 pm - Are Pennywise And The Babadook Actually Dating? The Internet Is Investigating (Cinema Blend)

6:01 pm - Dragon Ball Z: 15 Things You Never Knew About Nappa (Screen Rant)

5:58 pm - ‘American Assassin’ Review: Michael Keaton Shines in Predictable ‘John Wick’ Clone (Indiewire)

5:47 pm - Why Netflix's True Crime Series Confession Tapes Isn't Binge-Worthy, But Definitely Worth Watching (Cinema Blend)

5:43 pm - What Mr. Mercedes TV Writer Dennis Lehane Thought About Bringing Stephen King Favorite Holly To The Show (Cinema Blend)

5:07 pm - ‘Lore’ Trailer: Amazon’s Horror Anthology Looks as Bone-Chilling as the Podcast that Inspired It (Indiewire)

5:01 pm - 15 Secrets From Saved By The Bell You Had No Idea About (Screen Rant)

5:00 pm - Billie Lourd Originally Auditioned For Rey in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ (Slashfilm)

4:49 pm - ‘Our Souls At Night’ Trailer: Robert Redford, Jane Fonda, Love & Netflix (Deadline|Hollywood)

4:03 pm - ‘The Sinner’: Bill Pullman and His Character’s Sexual Proclivities Are the Most Intriguing Parts of the Series (Indiewire)

3:52 pm - Game Of Thrones: Which Characters Haven’t Met Yet (But Will)? (Screen Rant)

3:24 pm - Jimmy Kimmel Clears Ted Cruz In Twitter Porn Scandal: “He Masturbates To Pics Of Poor People Without Health Care” (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:01 pm - 15 Famous Actors Who REALLY Aren’t Aging Well (Screen Rant)

2:00 pm - ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Review: ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’ Brings Terror to the Suburbs (Slashfilm)

1:00 pm - Mr. Oz’s Identity, Revealed: How It’s Both Expected and A Surprise (CBR)

1:00 pm - ‘Broad City’ Review: Abbi and Ilana Light Up Donald Trump, But He Doesn’t Dictate the Big Changes in Season 4 (Indiewire)

12:36 pm - ‘Revenge’: Inside the TIFF Premiere so Intense That Paramedics Were Called (Indiewire)

12:00 pm - ‘Better Things’ Season 2 Review: TV’s Biggest Badass Returns and Proves Why We Don’t Need More ‘Louie’ (Indiewire)

3:07 am - Carrie Fisher’s Daughter Auditioned For Rey In Star Wars 7 (Screen Rant)

2:00 am - 20 Hilarious DCEU Memes That Will Split Your Sides (CBR)

1:17 am - Latest Guardians of the Galaxy Team is Adding A New Member (Screen Rant)

1:13 am - ‘Unicorn Store’ Review: Brie Larson’s Directorial Debut Is a Quirky Mess with a Heart of Gold — TIFF (Indiewire)

1:13 am - The Flash #30 (CBR)

1:01 am - The 20 Most Brutal Injuries In The MCU (Screen Rant)

12:48 am - Billie Lourd Originally Auditioned for Rey in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' (Screen Crush)

12:25 am - Did Rian Johnson Actually Turn Down Directing Star Wars 9? (Screen Rant)

Sep 12, 2017

11:22 pm - New iPhone Cameras Let You See Beyond Better Photos and Videos: It’s All About AR (Indiewire)

11:01 pm - 15 Worst Movie Spinoffs Ever Made (According To Rotten Tomatoes) (Screen Rant)

11:00 pm - 8 Things We Know About The New Avengers Game (And 7 Rumors We Hope Are True) (CBR)

9:48 pm - The Creepy Facebook Message Brian O’Malley Received Right Before Filming The Lodgers (Cinema Blend)

9:00 pm - Taking Aim: 8 Things The Arrowverse Does Right (And 7 They Do Wrong) (CBR)

8:41 pm - Why IT Didn't Include Any 1980s Monsters, According To The Director (Cinema Blend)

8:39 pm - Wait, Billie Lourd Could Have Maybe Played A Different Character In The Force Awakens? (Cinema Blend)

8:01 pm - 16 Superhero Casting Decisions That OUTRAGED Fans (Screen Rant)

7:54 pm - Sarah Huckabee Sanders: “Sad” That Last Chapter Of Hillary Clinton’s Political Life Is Propping Up Book Sales With “False Attacks” (Deadline|Hollywood)

7:40 pm - Taika Waititi Played Hulk for a Few Scenes in 'Thor: Ragnarok' (Screen Crush)

7:27 pm - J.J. Abrams Was The Best Choice For Star Wars 9 (Screen Rant)

7:16 pm - Why Selma Blair Would Have Said No To The Hellboy Reboot If She'd Been Asked (Cinema Blend)

6:32 pm - What J. J. Abrams Needs To Do Differently With Star Wars 9 (Screen Rant)

5:40 pm - New Punisher Video References Comic Storyline, But With One Big Change (Cinema Blend)

5:40 pm - New Punisher Video References Comic Storyline, But With One Big Change (Cinema Blend)

5:24 pm - ‘Shot’: Watch Clip Of Noah Wyle’s Powerful Role As Paralyzed Victim Of Gun Violence (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:05 pm - ‘I Love You Daddy’ Writer/Director Louis C.K. Discusses His Unique Approach To Creating & Distributing Content — Toronto (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:00 pm - Contrary to What the Internet Says, ‘It’ is a Freakin’ Horror Movie (And a Scary One at That) (Slashfilm)

4:34 pm - Emergency Podcast: JJ Abrams To Direct ‘Star Wars Episode 9’ (Slashfilm)

4:30 pm - 15 Marvel Movie Plots That Will Never Be Resolved (CBR)

4:00 pm - Len Wein and the True Importance of Giant-Size X-Men #1 (CBR)

3:52 pm - Star Wars 9: Justice League Writer Replaces Jack Thorne (Screen Rant)

3:51 pm - Jim Carrey On His ‘Jim & Andy’ Documentary & The Art Of Self: “Everybody’s Interested In Invisible Men” – Toronto (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:33 pm - Why Returning To SNL Is Still So Nerve-Wracking, According To Seth Meyers (Cinema Blend)

3:33 pm - Why Returning To SNL Is Still So Nerve-Wracking, According To Seth Meyers (Cinema Blend)

3:27 pm - Trevor Noah Feasts On Steve Bannon’s ’60 Minutes’ Interview (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:00 pm - Commanders In Chief: 15 Avengers Leaders, Ranked From Worst To Best (CBR)

3:00 pm - ‘The Mindy Project’ Review: Final Season Is Poised to Be Its Most Meaningful Yet, as Everyone Gets An Ending — Happy or Not (Indiewire)

3:00 pm - Is Billy Magnussen’s Aladdin Character a Whitewashed Prince Achmed? (Screen Rant)

2:49 pm - J.J. Abrams in Talks to Return for 'Star Wars: Episode IX' (Screen Crush)

2:39 pm - Liam Neeson is ‘Retiring’ From Action Movies (Screen Rant)

2:30 pm - Casting ‘It: Chapter 2′ – Here’s Who Should Play the Adult Losers’ Club in the ‘It’ Sequel (Slashfilm)

2:30 pm - Star Wars 9: J.J. Abrams To Write and Direct (Screen Rant)

2:08 pm - Jim Carrey's Explanation For His Weird Red Carpet Interview Is Even Weirder (Cinema Blend)

2:08 pm - Jim Carrey's Explanation For His Weird Red Carpet Interview Is Even Weirder (Cinema Blend)

1:51 pm - 'I, Tonya' Review: Margot Robbie Is Better Than Ever as Tonya Harding (Screen Crush)

1:30 pm - Venomonal: 15 Venom Cosplays That Will Make You Drool (CBR)

11:01 am - 16 Disturbing Times Fans Took Celebrity Obsessions Way Too Far (Screen Rant)

10:00 am - Justin Jordan Takes the Backways in New Fantasy Series for AfterShock (CBR)

4:25 am - WWE Raw: Strowman Destroys John Cena in Battle For Supremacy (Screen Rant)

2:14 am - Everything Falls Apart in the Preacher Season 2 Finale (Screen Rant)

1:43 am - Ryan Reynolds Is Dropping Deadpool F-Bombs To Help With Hurricane Irma Relief (Cinema Blend)

1:43 am - Ryan Reynolds Is Dropping Deadpool F-Bombs To Help With Hurricane Irma Relief (Cinema Blend)

1:01 am - 15 Shocking Mistakes You Missed In The Flash (Screen Rant)

Sep 11, 2017

11:50 pm - Will Rian Johnson Direct Star Wars: Episode 9? Here's What The Director Says (Cinema Blend)

11:50 pm - Will Rian Johnson Direct Star Wars: Episode 9? Here's What The Director Says (Cinema Blend)

11:22 pm - Alicia Vikander Explains How a ‘Wonderfully Brutal’ Creative Bond Turned Her Into an Indie Producer — TIFF (Indiewire)

10:32 pm - The Gifted TV Show Casts Garret Dillahunt as X-Men Villain (Screen Rant)

10:10 pm - Hellboy Looking at Daniel Dae Kim to Replace Ed Skrein (Screen Rant)

10:00 pm - 15 Incredible Real Inventions That Can Make You A Superhero (CBR)

9:29 pm - Hillary Clinton Gets Harsh Hollywood Reviews On Eve Of New Memoir Release (Deadline|Hollywood)

9:00 pm - Snotgirl & the Not Girl: Exploring The Fantasy of Social Media (CBR)

8:52 pm - Spike Jonze Almost Directed 'Ace Ventura 2' – Until Jim Carrey Rejected Him (Screen Crush)

8:30 pm - FlashHole: 15 Characters You Never Knew Hated The Flash (CBR)

8:23 pm - The 7 Funniest Moments In IT (Cinema Blend)

8:23 pm - The 7 Funniest Moments In IT (Cinema Blend)

8:10 pm - Who Are The Walking Dead Season 8’s Most Likely Victims? (Screen Rant)

7:48 pm - Some Guy Walked Into His IT Screening And Saw This Terrifying Clown (Cinema Blend)

7:48 pm - Some Guy Walked Into His IT Screening And Saw This Terrifying Clown (Cinema Blend)

7:31 pm - How Kristen Bell Saved Josh Gad's Parents From Hurricane Irma (Cinema Blend)

7:31 pm - How Kristen Bell Saved Josh Gad's Parents From Hurricane Irma (Cinema Blend)

7:00 pm - ‘Mouse Guard’ Movie to be Helmed by ‘Maze Runner’ Director Wes Ball (Slashfilm)

6:35 pm - 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri' Review: A Must-See American Film (Screen Crush)

6:34 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Director Taika Waititi Filled In For The Hulk (CBR)

6:01 pm - 15 Fan Theories That Will Ruin Your Favorite Cartoons (Screen Rant)

6:00 pm - ‘Let’s Get Physical’: Jane Seymour To Star In Pop TV Aerobics Comedy Series (Deadline|Hollywood)

6:00 pm - Runway Injustice: 15 Controversial Justice League Costume Changes (CBR)

5:57 pm - What The Flash's Danielle Panabaker Thinks About New Co-Stars Katee Sackhoff And Danny Trejo (Cinema Blend)

5:00 pm - ‘Molly’s Game’ Early Buzz: Aaron Sorkin and Jessica Chastain Have Never Been Better (Slashfilm)

4:38 pm - X-Men: Dark Phoenix Features ‘Very Different’ Story For Beast (Screen Rant)

4:30 pm - ‘It’ Spoiler Review: Long Live the Losers’ Club (Slashfilm)

4:30 pm - Brie Larson Hopes Her Whimsical Directorial Debut ‘Unicorn Store’ Will Inspire Other Artists, Even If They Hate It (Indiewire)

4:10 pm - ‘Star Wars Episode 9’: Rian Johnson Takes Himself Out of the Running (For Now) (Slashfilm)

4:05 pm - 15 Pictures The Guys From American Pickers Don’t Want You To See (Screen Rant)

3:40 pm - Gregoire Gensollen Upped To Chief Operating Office At Tucker Tooley Ent. (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:27 pm - Star Wars 9: No Plan For Rian Johnson To Direct (Yet) (Screen Rant)

3:01 pm - Sebastian Stan Feels Like the Jon Snow of Avengers: Infinity War (CBR)

3:00 pm - 15 God-Like Marvel Cosmic Beings The MCU Ruined (CBR)

2:31 pm - ‘Mektoub, My Love: Canto Uno’ Review: Abdellatif Kechiche’s Skill Can’t Overcome Troubling Objectification (Indiewire)

2:30 pm - ‘mother!’ Review: Darren Aronofsky Directs Jennifer Lawrence to Total Madness [TIFF] (Slashfilm)

2:29 pm - Captain Phasma Rescues BB-9E From Starkiller Base In Marvel Comic (Screen Rant)

2:10 pm - MCU: 15 Infinity Gauntlet Easter Eggs That Even Die-Hard Fans Missed (Screen Rant)

1:30 pm - 15 Times The Arrowverse Destroyed Our Hearts (CBR)

12:00 pm - Firefly: Where Are They Now? (CBR)

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