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Nov 17, 2017

2:32 pm - What Justice League 2 Needs to Do To Earn Better Reviews (Screen Rant)

Nov 16, 2017

9:27 pm - Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Reportedly Coming Early December (Screen Rant)

1:47 am - Thor: Ragnarok Artist Andy Park Shares Early Hela Concept Art (CBR)

Nov 15, 2017

5:07 pm - Has This Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Shot Been Changed? (Screen Rant)

5:00 pm - Thor Ragnarok: 7 Characters It Ruined (And 8 It Greatly Improved) (CBR)

2:31 pm - ‘Deadpool 2’ Trailer: Deadpool Paints a Bloody Picture of a Sequel (Slashfilm)

6:09 am - Watch Star Wars Channel Thor: Ragnarok With ‘Immigrant Song’ Mashup (Screen Rant)

Nov 14, 2017

7:24 pm - Watch The Trailer For Jimmy Kimmel And J.J. Abrams' Hilarious Comic Book Movie Idea (Cinema Blend)

6:07 pm - Thor Is Beat Up and Beat Down in Ragnarok Concept Art (CBR)

5:00 pm - What If?: 18 Ways The MCU Was Almost Completely Different (CBR)

3:00 pm - Early 'Thor: Ragnarok' Drafts Had a Big Callback to the First Movie and a Weird Romance (Screen Crush)

4:00 am - Thor: Ragnarok Originally Had Hela Destroy A Different Asgardian Artifact (CBR)

1:30 am - Superhero Bits: Ninja Turtles Join Injustice 2, Jack Black Challenges Chris Hemsworth & More (Slashfilm)

1:01 am - The Gross Food Scene With Bruce Banner Thor: Ragnarok Almost Included (Cinema Blend)

12:00 am - Early ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Script Featured a Villain From the First Movie and an Unnecessary Romance (Slashfilm)

Nov 13, 2017

11:43 pm - How Thor: Ragnarok Created Hela’s Massive Helmet (CBR)

7:17 pm - Early Ragnarok Draft Included Thor/Valkyrie Romance (CBR)

4:17 pm - Ragnarok Cut Thor & Valkyrie Romance (Screen Rant)

2:58 pm - Weekend Box Office: 'Thor: Ragnarok' Continues to Hammer the Competition (Screen Crush)

Nov 12, 2017

10:40 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Already Beat Logan & Wonder Woman at Int’l Box Office (Screen Rant)

9:26 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Box Office: The God Of Thunder Strikes Down Opponents Again In Its Second Week (Cinema Blend)

8:00 pm - To Infinity And Beyond: 15 Fan Theories About The MCU After Thor: Ragnarok (CBR)

6:22 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Is Already #10 Top-Grossing Film Worldwide of 2017 (Screen Rant)

5:24 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Almost Lost Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster (Screen Rant)

5:17 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Rules the Box Office Its Second Week Stateside (CBR)

5:11 pm - ‘Thor’ Rocks To $650M WW; ‘Orient Express’ Rolls To $57M Offshore; ‘Paddington 2’ Gets UK Bear-Hug – International Box Office (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:07 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Dominates Globally with Another $133 Million (Coming Soon)

12:01 pm - Thor Ragnarok: 15 Characters Compared To The Comics (Screen Rant)

Nov 11, 2017

11:51 pm - Jack Black Challenges Thor: Ragnarok to a ‘Battle of the Jams’ (Screen Rant)

10:03 pm - Hela Originally Battled The Destroyer in Thor: Ragnarok (Screen Rant)

6:02 pm - Feige Said First Thor Film Was MCU’s ‘Most Difficult Tonal Challenge’ (CBR)

5:01 pm - Kenneth Branagh Says Thor Was ‘Sink or Swim’ For the MCU (Screen Rant)

4:00 pm - How Disney is Changing Hollywood Rules with ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ (Indiewire)

1:00 am - Superhero Bits: Ben Mendelsohn Dodges Captain Marvel Questions, Justice League Credits Scenes & More (Slashfilm)

Nov 10, 2017

10:03 pm - What Thor: Ragnarok's Director Thought He Could Bring To The Marvel Universe (Cinema Blend)

6:35 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Holds Off New Releases at Thursday Box Office (Screen Rant)

6:20 pm - Will Thor: Ragnarok Be Number 1 At The Box Office Two Weeks In A Row? (Cinema Blend)

5:57 pm - How Thor: Ragnarok's Tony Stark Joke Came Together (Cinema Blend)

5:30 pm - ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Originally Featured More Odin (Slashfilm)

3:03 pm - Watch Jack Black Hilariously Call Out Chris Hemsworth, Challenge Him To An Immigrant Song Battle (Cinema Blend)

2:42 pm - Thor: Ragnarok’s Use Of Music Was Better Than Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (Screen Rant)

1:00 pm - The Morning Watch: ‘Back to the Future’ VFX, Taika Waititi’s Tragic Comedy & More (Slashfilm)

2:09 am - 7 Marvel Stories To Enjoy After You See Thor: Ragnarok (Cinema Blend)

1:00 am - Superhero Bits: Deadool’s Turkey Tips, RIP Mjolnir, New Justice League Score Preview & More (Slashfilm)

Nov 9, 2017

11:39 pm - Louis C.K. and Kevin Spacey Prove That Sexual Allegations Are Business Disasters (Indiewire)

9:48 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Passes $500 Million Worldwide (Screen Rant)

8:33 pm - Taika Waititi Already Has An Idea For Thor 4’s Opening Scene (CBR)

8:00 pm - Taika Waititi Played Four Different Characters in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ (Slashfilm)

6:52 pm - Taika Waititi’s Dream Opening For Thor 4 (Screen Rant)

5:37 pm - Matt Damon Could Return In A Future MCU Movie (Screen Rant)

5:08 pm - ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Thunders Past $500M At Worldwide Box Office (Deadline|Hollywood)

5:08 pm - How Star Wars Affected One Major Thor: Ragnarok Decision (Cinema Blend)

4:48 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Crosses the $500 Million Mark at the Global Box Office (Coming Soon)

4:26 pm - Taika Waititi Played Three Characters in 'Thor: Ragnarok,' Reveals Loki and Hulk Deleted Scene (Screen Crush)

3:54 pm - One Fan-Favorite Hulk Moment That Had To Get Cut From Thor: Ragnarok (Cinema Blend)

2:41 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Director Played Four Roles in the Film (CBR)

5:41 am - Thor: Ragnarok Director Played A Total of Four Roles (Screen Rant)

2:15 am - Taika Waititi Pitched Us An Amazing Opening For Thor 4 (Cinema Blend)

1:54 am - Thor: Ragnarok Mjolnir In Memoriam Video Hammers Home Thor’s Loss (CBR)

1:00 am - The 8 Best MCU Villains (And The 7 Worst) (CBR)

12:05 am - Thor: Ragnarok Cut Callback to The Avengers’ Hulk/Loki Scene (Screen Rant)

Nov 8, 2017

11:57 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Ruins Avengers: Age of Ultron’s Ending (Screen Rant)

11:30 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Nearly Depicted a Different Fate for Grandmaster (CBR)

11:30 pm - /Filmcast Ep. 441 – Thor: Ragnarok (Slashfilm)

11:06 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Cut a Callback Scene To Avengers’ Hulk/Thor Moment (CBR)

9:36 pm - Thor: Ragnarok’s Doctor Strange Scene Was Mostly Practical Effects (Screen Rant)

9:12 pm - How Star Wars Influenced THAT Thor: Ragnarok Reveal (CBR)

7:49 pm - Why Working The Hulk Into Thor: Ragnarok Was Really Tough, According To Eric Pearson (Cinema Blend)

6:49 pm - How Kevin Smith Inadvertently Convinced Thor To Go In A Different Direction (Cinema Blend)

6:30 pm - ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Deleted Post-Credit Scene Had an Alternate Fate for the Grandmaster (Slashfilm)

6:04 pm - Thor: Ragnarok to Top U.S. Box Office Again in Second Weekend (Screen Rant)

5:36 pm - Check Out Chris Hemsworth And His Adorable Kid On The Thor: Ragnarok Set (Cinema Blend)

5:18 pm - Here’s An Idea For Thor 4 After Avengers 4 (Screen Rant)

5:08 pm - Taika Waititi Reveals an Alternate Post-Credits Scene for the Grandmaster (Screen Crush)

4:30 pm - Universal's Dark Monster-verse Might Be Dead After Just One Movie (Screen Crush)

4:17 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Originally Had A Different Post-Credits Scene, Here's What It Would Have Been About (Cinema Blend)

4:01 pm - Check Out This Awesome Thor: Ragnarok Hela Concept Art (Screen Rant)

3:27 pm - Stan Lee Recreates Thor: Ragnarok Cameo With Todd McFarlane (Screen Rant)

1:19 pm - The Funniest Moments in Thor: Ragnarok (Screen Rant)

4:01 am - 15 Popular MCU Fan Theories That Make NO Sense (Screen Rant)

3:26 am - Chris Hemsworth Shares Heartwarming Thor: Ragnarok Set Photo (Screen Rant)

3:14 am - Thor: Ragnarok Had a Different Post-Credits Scene Planned (Screen Rant)

1:39 am - Thor: Ragnarok Almost Included Childhood Versions of Thor, Loki (CBR)

1:13 am - Stan Lee, Todd McFarlane Recreate Thor: Ragnarok’s Haircut Scene (CBR)

12:09 am - Andy Park Shares Moody Hela & Fenris Thor: Ragnarok Concept Art (CBR)

Nov 7, 2017

10:03 pm - Tessa Thompson Wants to Star in a Saga Comic Book Adaptation (Screen Rant)

9:24 pm - ‘Thor: Ragnarok’: How Taika Watiti, a Short Stuntman, and VFX Found a MCU with a Sense of Humor (Indiewire)

9:04 pm - Watch Ragnarok’s Thor vs. Hulk Fight Online (Screen Rant)

8:00 pm - How Thor: Ragnarok Emulates Classic Video Games (CBR)

6:08 pm - Tessa Thompson Wants Silver & Black Director for Valkyrie Movie (Screen Rant)

4:37 pm - What Marvel Should Do With Thor In Phase Four (Cinema Blend)

4:30 pm - Disney Needs to Chill Out Right Now (Slashfilm)

4:17 pm - Kevin Feige Explains The Leader’s Absence From MCU (Screen Rant)

4:10 pm - Crazy Comic Origins of Thor: Ragnarok’s New Characters (Screen Rant)

4:00 pm - After Thor: Ragnarok, What Happens to Asgard? (CBR)

3:48 pm - ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Continues To Make Thunder On Monday With $8.4M (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:46 am - Why Thor: Ragnarok’s Beta Ray Bill Cameo was Cut (CBR)

12:23 am - Thor: Ragnarok Makes a MAJOR Change to Hela’s Origin (Screen Rant)

Nov 6, 2017

11:22 pm - Why Thor: Ragnarok Included That Scene With The Infinity Gauntlet (Cinema Blend)

10:57 pm - Feige Explains How Thor: Ragnarok’s Cameos Came Together (CBR)

10:10 pm - Check Out Chris Hemsworth And More Surprising Fans At A Thor: Ragnarok Screening (Cinema Blend)

9:19 pm - Hela Originally Had Only One Costume in Thor: Ragnarok (Screen Rant)

8:43 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Didn’t Have As Much Improv As Most Comedies (Screen Rant)

8:32 pm - Ragnarok Almost Had Chubby Kid Thor Flashback (Screen Rant)

8:30 pm - ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Composer Mark Mothersbaugh Talks About Bringing Something New to the MCU [Interview] (Slashfilm)

8:09 pm - Why Thor: Ragnarok Doesn’t Need An Extended Cut (Cinema Blend)

7:40 pm - Marvel Studios’ Massive Infinity Gauntlet Retcon, Explained (CBR)

7:37 pm - ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Proves that Sex Is Sorely Missing from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Indiewire)

7:09 pm - Valkyrie Should Lead The Thor Franchise in Marvel Phase 4 (Screen Rant)

6:19 pm - Kevin Smith Is (Inadvertently) Responsible for Thor’s Haircut (CBR)

6:08 pm - Kevin Feige Explains Thor 3 Infinity Gauntlet Retcon (Screen Rant)

6:00 pm - ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Box Office: Yet Another Smash Hit For Marvel (Slashfilm)

5:53 pm - Stan Lee’s Thor: Ragnarok Cameo is Pretty Great (Screen Rant)

5:51 pm - Some of Bruce Banner “Leaked Out” In The Two Years He Was Hulk (Screen Rant)

5:26 pm - Chris Hemsworth Is Totally Into Filming A Thor/Spider-Man Movie (CBR)

5:07 pm - Ragnarok’s Composer Reveals How He Broke the Marvel Soundtrack Curse (Screen Rant)

5:04 pm - The Hilarious Thor: Ragnarok Moment That Ended Up On The Cutting Room Floor (Cinema Blend)

5:00 pm - Thor: Ragnarok’s Editor Reveals Best Joke He Cut (Screen Rant)

5:00 pm - Led Zeppelin Blocked Thor: Ragnarok Making A Change To Immigrant Song (Screen Rant)

3:39 pm - 'Thor: Ragnarok' Almost Had a Flashback Featuring Thor as a Chubby Kid (Screen Crush)

3:30 pm - ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Spoiler Review: Marvel’s Funniest Film is Surprisingly Forgettable (Slashfilm)

2:32 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Writer Was Intimidated Writing For Cate Blanchett (Screen Rant)

2:30 pm - Hems-Worthy: 7 Things We Loved About Thor: Ragnarok (And 8 We Hated) (CBR)

2:22 pm - How Thor: Ragnarok Compares To Thor And Planet Hulk Comics (Screen Rant)

2:00 pm - Listen to Jemaine Clement’s ‘Moana’ Song Performed in His Native Maori Language (Slashfilm)

1:00 pm - What Was Thor: Ragnarok’s Production Budget? (Screen Rant)

1:00 pm - The Morning Watch: ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Edition – Easter Eggs, Scene Breakdown & More (Slashfilm)

Nov 5, 2017

10:55 pm - Taika Waititi Is Planning to Follow ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ With a Nazi Comedy (Indiewire)

10:47 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Becomes Marvel's 17th Number One Movie In A Row (Cinema Blend)

9:44 pm - Thor: Your Guide to CBR’s Ragnarok Features (CBR)

9:35 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Box Office: The God Of Thunder's New Movie Crushes Its Predecessors (Cinema Blend)

6:17 pm - 8 Thor: Ragnarok Moments That Will Be Important In Infinity War (Cinema Blend)

6:00 pm - Where Does the Thor Franchise Go After Ragnarok? (CBR)

5:50 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Has Thunderous $121M Opening Stateside (CBR)

4:30 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Global Box Office Explodes to $427 Million (Coming Soon)

4:30 pm - 15 Funniest Moments In Thor: Ragnarok (Cinema Blend)

4:30 pm - 15 Funniest Moments In Thor: Ragnarok (Cinema Blend)

4:28 pm - ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ & Rolls To $427M WW, $306M Offshore With Record November China Start – International Box Office (Deadline|Hollywood)

3:25 pm - How Thor: Ragnarok’s Visually Stunning Valkyrie Flashbacks Were Created (Screen Rant)

6:43 am - Marvel Cinematic Universe Crosses $5 Billion Mark Domestically (Screen Rant)

2:37 am - ‘Thor: Ragnorok’s Taika Waititi: “It’s My Opening Weekend I Can Say Whatever The F*ck I Want” – The Contenders (Deadline|Hollywood)

2:24 am - Chris Hemsworth Confirms That Thor’s [Spoiler] Will Return for Infinity War (Screen Rant)

12:01 am - 15 Burning Questions We Have After Thor: Ragnarok (Screen Rant)

Nov 4, 2017

11:33 pm - Kevin Feige Says Beta Ray Bill Was Almost in Thor: Ragnarok (Screen Rant)

8:23 pm - Hot Topic, Her Universe Debut Loki-Inspired Clothing Line (CBR)

8:01 pm - Justice League Cast On How the Themes Apply to Real World Problems (Screen Rant)

6:42 pm - Sideshow Unleashing Limited Edition Hela Print for Thor: Ragnarok (Screen Rant)

5:00 pm - ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Almost Featured Fat Thor and Emo Loki (Slashfilm)

5:00 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Could Only Ever Be a Comedy (CBR)

4:50 pm - The Funny Reason There's A Shake Weight In Thor: Ragnarok (Cinema Blend)

4:00 pm - Eggs-Guardian: 15 Thor: Ragnarok Easter Eggs You Totally Missed (CBR)

3:54 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Scores $46 Million Friday; Weekend Total Estimates Increased (Screen Rant)

3:34 pm - How Thor: Ragnarok Scored One Of Its Biggest Cameos (Cinema Blend)

3:30 pm - Who (and What) Doesn’t Survive Thor: Ragnarok (CBR)

3:07 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Grosses $46.8 Million on Friday! (Coming Soon)

3:00 pm - Thor: Ragnarok’s Contest of Champions Comic Book Origin, Explained (CBR)

2:30 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Rakes In $46M from Friday Night Showings (CBR)

2:09 pm - Thor: Ragnarok’s Rachel House Is Taika Waititi’s Good Luck Charm (Screen Rant)

2:00 pm - All the Taika Waititi Trademarks in Thor: Ragnarok (Screen Rant)

1:33 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Wastes Bruce Banner (Screen Rant)

1:00 pm - Which Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Scenes WEREN’T in the Movie? (CBR)

4:41 am - Thor: Ragnarok Director Explains THAT Actor’s Cameo (Screen Rant)

2:24 am - Thor Ragnarok: Every Easter Egg & Secret You Missed (Screen Rant)

2:04 am - Jeff Goldblum Reviews Thor: Ragnarok In New TV Spot (Screen Rant)

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