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Sep 21, 2017

1:01 am - 15 Offensive Characters DC Wants You to Forget About (Screen Rant)

12:00 am - Superhero Bits: Jean Grey Returns to Marvel Comics, Power Pack Movie, The Defenders Ratings & More (Slashfilm)

Sep 20, 2017

8:32 pm - When Will Marvel Finally Show The Avengers: Infinity War Trailer? (Cinema Blend)

4:16 pm - The Colorful New Thor: Ragnarok IMAX Poster (Coming Soon)

4:05 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Gets Bigger & Badder in New IMAX Poster (CBR)

4:00 pm - Exclusive Thor: Ragnarok IMAX Poster: It’s Big and Colorful! (Screen Rant)

1:48 pm - Taika Waititi Is the Latest Director Considered for Live-Action 'Akira' Remake (Screen Crush)

1:13 pm - The Live Action Akira Movie May Have Finally Found Its New Director (Cinema Blend)

12:53 am - ‘Akira’ Finds New Life With ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Director Taika Waititi In Talks (Slashfilm)

12:38 am - Thor: Ragnarok Director in Talks for Akira Live-Action Film (Screen Rant)

12:24 am - Thor: Ragnarok’s Taika Waititi in Negotiations to Helm Akira (Coming Soon)

12:02 am - Thor: Ragnarok Director in Talks to Helm Akira Film (CBR)

Sep 19, 2017

11:47 pm - ‘Akira’ Back? ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Helmer Taika Waititi In Talks (Deadline|Hollywood)

Sep 18, 2017

9:07 pm - Of Course They Used 'Welcome to the Jungle' in The Rock's 'Jumanji' Trailer Teaser (Screen Crush)

8:16 pm - Thor: Ragnarok 1980s Trailer Returns to the Age of VHS (Screen Rant)

5:46 pm - Thor 3: Loki Is Responsible For Hela’s Arrival (Screen Rant)

Sep 17, 2017

6:19 pm - Avengers: Infinity War Casting 1960s Secretary & Engineer Extras (Screen Rant)

Sep 16, 2017

6:25 pm - Which Marvel Character Tom Hiddleston Can't Wait To Interact With In Thor: Ragnarok (Cinema Blend)

2:47 pm - Thor 3 Director Hilariously Reveals Korg Funko Pop (Screen Rant)

3:01 am - 16 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About The MCU (Screen Rant)

Sep 15, 2017

8:58 pm - Why Thor Is Funnier In Thor: Ragnarok, According To Taika Waititi (Cinema Blend)

4:35 pm - Thor: Ragnarok: Surtur’s Dragon Teased in Disneyland Ride Promo (CBR)

3:05 pm - See The First Look At Thor: Ragnarok's Fiery Dragon (Cinema Blend)

2:40 pm - Marvel Reveals First Look at Surtur's Dragon from 'Thor: Ragnarok' in 'Guardians' Disney Ride Update (Screen Crush)

Sep 14, 2017

9:50 pm - Surtur’s Fire Dragon Revealed from Guardians Ride and Thor: Ragnarok (Coming Soon)

Sep 13, 2017

7:00 pm - ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Interview: Tom Hiddleston Just Wants to Wear Pajamas on Set (Slashfilm)

Sep 12, 2017

9:44 pm - WGA Denies Thor: Ragnarok Co-Writer Credit Citing Guild Regulations (CBR)

7:40 pm - Taika Waititi Played Hulk for a Few Scenes in 'Thor: Ragnarok' (Screen Crush)

3:45 pm - Mark Ruffalo Praises Thor: Ragnarok’s ‘Powerful’ Female Leads (Screen Rant)

2:06 pm - How Thor: Ragnarok Makes INFINITY WAR Possible (Screen Rant)

1:35 pm - Why Wasn’t Thor in Civil War? He Was Hunting For Thanos (CBR)

12:00 am - Superhero Bits: Why Michael Keaton Left Batman, Zack Snyder Won’t Do Justice League Press & More (Slashfilm)

Sep 11, 2017

11:47 pm - Sebastian Stan Compares Bucky to Jon Snow in Avengers: Infinity War (Screen Rant)

9:20 pm - Thor: Ragnarok: Waititi, Cast Improvised Most of the Film’s Scenes (CBR)

9:00 pm - ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Interview: Chris Hemsworth Doesn’t Understand Infinity Stones Stuff Most of the Time (Slashfilm)

9:00 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Is Blowing Walt Simonson’s Mind (CBR)

8:17 pm - Jason Aaron’s Gorr Storyline Influenced Thor: Ragnarok (CBR)

6:34 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Director Taika Waititi Filled In For The Hulk (CBR)

3:36 pm - Thor: Ragnarok On Track For $100 Million US Opening (CBR)

1:20 pm - Will Ragnarok Make Thor King of Asgard? (Screen Rant)

Sep 10, 2017

1:42 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Will Address the Breakup with Jane Foster (CBR)

Sep 9, 2017

7:41 pm - How The Guardians Of The Galaxy Will Come Into Play In Thor: Ragnarok (Cinema Blend)

3:09 pm - The Stylish Thor: Ragnarok IMAX Poster Arrives Online (Coming Soon)

2:37 pm - Thor 3 Gets A Vibrant IMAX Poster (Screen Rant)

1:28 pm - Thor: Ragnarok IMAX Poster Stuns with Color (CBR)

12:19 am - Taika Waititi Explains How His 'Green Lantern' Role Prepared Him for 'Thor: Ragnarok' (Screen Crush)

12:00 am - Superhero Bits: Nick Fury May Be in Avengers 4, Erik Kilmonger’s Black Panther Suit & More (Slashfilm)

Sep 8, 2017

7:15 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Projected For Thor Franchise’s Best Opening (Screen Rant)

6:34 pm - What Thor’s Director Learned From DC’s GREEN LANTERN (Screen Rant)

6:12 pm - Making THOR 3 Fit The Larger MCU Wasn’t a Priority (Screen Rant)

5:48 pm - Ragnarok’s Final Battle Will Be Thor’s Best Yet (Screen Rant)

4:50 pm - Wait, Will Lady Sif Actually Be Addressed In Thor: Ragnarok? (Cinema Blend)

3:50 pm - Ragnarok Director Says It’s HIS Version of ‘Thor 1’ (Screen Rant)

3:40 pm - Thor: Ragnarok Reveals Fates of Sif & Warriors Three (CBR)

3:33 pm - Ragnarok Director: ‘Thor Should Be The Best Character’ in His Movies (Screen Rant)

3:00 pm - ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Director Taika Waititi May Have Figured Out What’s Wrong with Bad Superhero Movies [Interview] (Slashfilm)

1:30 pm - ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ TV Spot: Thor’s New Team Probably Doesn’t Need a Name (Slashfilm)

1:28 pm - 'Thor: Ragnarok' TV Spot: Thor Assembles a New Team (Screen Crush)

2:45 am - Thor: Ragnarok’s Latest TV Spot Assembles the Revengers (CBR)

2:33 am - New ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Trailer Debuts During First NFL Regular Season Game (Deadline|Hollywood)

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